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  1. Shadow Dragon/New Mystery: Marth Nyna Gaiden/SOV: Tobin Mae Genealogy Gen 1: Sigurd Lachesis Genealogy Gen 2: Lewyn Ishtar Thracia 776: Finn Mareeta Binding Blade: Lilina Zephiel Blazing Sword: Lyn Hector Sacred Stones: Eirika Seth Path of Radiance: Elincia Ike Radiant Dawn: Micaiah Zelgius Awakening Gen 1: Male Robin Lucina Awakening Gen 2: Morgan/Owain Owain Female Morgan Fates Gen 1: Laslow Azura Fates Gen 2: Ophelia Shiro Three Houses: Edelgard Ferdinand Heroes OCs: Lif Eir
  2. So basically an FEH-style Groundhogs Day.
  3. BTW, these are the number of male OCs in Heroes: Alfonse Bruno Gustav Surtur Helbindi Hrid Lif Maybe that guy white haired person is a guy, so that'd make the 8th male OC. Meanwhile, we have 10 female OCs, and 3 more arriving. As for the time loop, this time its in the dream world, so not necessarily time travel, but rather reliving the same dream over and over again.
  4. Seriously, three OC characters and not a single one is male. Geez man... I think the plot is gonna involve a time loop. The ending scene shows Alfonse waking up in the same position as he did earlier and being found.
  5. That is so adorable. XD Now I legit want to have a base that has Bantu with as many Tikis as possible.
  6. I'm not making an argument. All I'm doing is just explaining things. Though it can be seen as one, especially with this.
  7. Well, your experience was... extreme. But honestly, what exactly would saying "sorry" do? One issue I have with Dimitri is that quite a few people think that him apologizing makes all the things he did back then okay, when really, that's not how it works. Since some have not played Crimson Flower, I will keep it in spoilers.
  8. I would have liked him a lot more had the story not treated him and his race as pointless.
  9. It might be because of how his entire arc was handled, and how Edelgard was treated in his route.
  10. Of course she does. Crests are part of a person's power. It's a power they have automatically. Your argument about how she cannot wield the Sword of the Creator is kind of missing an important detail. The reason she's not able to is because the Sword of the Creator itself cannot be used by anyone by Byleth, cause Byleth has the Crest Stone inside his body. Keep in mind that Arundel stated that a Relic cannot function without the Crest Stone. So if Byleth gave Edelgard the Sword of the Creator, she would just have a weapon that lacks a Crest Stone. It's rather obvious that Arundel wanted Edelgard to have the Sword of the Creator so that Edelgard would be Nemesis 2.0. The main reason people tend to undersell Edelgard is that Edelgard doesn't like to show off. She doesn't show off her power, which is something that Dimitri doesn't do so much, since he is raised to fight often.
  11. Keep in mind that Rhea actually was able to best Nemesis, who had the Crest of Flames from Sothis AND the Sword of the Creator, and was able to best him in single combat. Also, she was able to "kill" Byleth in the end of Crimson Flower's Part 1 that resulted in him needing to sleep for five years, and this is despite Byleth having merged with Sothis and had the power of the progenitor god. Rhea states that she was also bestowed a blessing from Sothis, hence why she has the "Sacred Power" skill, which Byleth can learn from mastering his Enlightened One class, which indicates that she did get Sothis's blessing, which might very well be why she could best Nemesis and battle Byleth. And let's not ignore the fact that Rhea actually tanked several nukes to the face in two routes. She was hurt, sure, but she didn't outright die. Also, those who slither in the dark absolutely needed Edelgard to bear the Crest of Flames before they would put any effort into challenging Rhea in a war. If you need the Crest of the progenitor god herself to fight Rhea, that says a LOT about Rhea's power. So I would actually put Rhea at a 10 or even at an 11.
  12. Hey, can we take a moment to actually consider something? How exactly does Edelgard feel about her mother? In the Goddess Tower, she says that she wants to believe that her parents did love each other, despite how she knows that her father had many lovers because of the Crest System needing him to have an heir with a Crest. But Edelgard knows for a fact that her mother married Lambert and Dimitri is her step brother. Edelgard wants to believe that her mother loved her and her father, but does this not imply that she might also hold the fear that her mother never really loved her and her father and instead loved Dimitri more?
  13. Still hoping that they do get the supports in Wave 4.
  14. C Support: Manuela: I found you, Death Knight! Jeritza: You are… Manuela: Forgot about me already, did you? Well, I certainly haven’t. I’m Manuela, you know, the woman who you stabbed five years ago after you had kidnapped Flayn! Jeritza: I see… I remember. You had found my mask and confronted me, before I… Manuela: That’s right, buster! I didn’t think I’d run into you here. Well, you aren’t going to get away from me this time. Jeritza: *bows* I am deeply sorry for my actions back then. Manuela: I… What? Jeritza: I know that my words cannot mean much...but they are all I can express for my terrible actions. Manuela: … Jeritza: I can hope that we may be able to fight alongside one another despite our past, now that we are allies. Manuela: R-right. I can’t say that I’ve forgiven you, but… nonetheless, we are comrades now. So it wouldn’t do well for us to fight… But… Jeritza: Thank you. Now… I must take my leave. *walks away* Manuela: … What is with him? He acted completely different when he stabbed me back then. Is that how the Death Knight really is? Or… --- B Support: Manuela: Where did Jeritza run off to? We’ve already been called back… I hope he hasn’t gotten into any trouble… Wait, is that…? *runs toward a direction* Jeritza: Not enough… you are hardly entertainment for my blade… Knight of Seiros 1: Gah...you...you monster… Knight of Seiros 2: Please...have mercy... Jeritza: There is no mercy. Either you kill me or die… Now, fight and quench my thirst with blood... Manuela: Jeritza, stop this at once! *Manuela approaches* Jeritza: Hmm? Do you dare to meddle in my pleasure? Manuela: Your pleasure? Are you out of your mind? These men have long since lost the will to fight. To kill them is nothing more than senseless murder! Jeritza: There is nothing to battle but to kill or be killed. If you dare stand in my way, then shall- ???: That will be enough. Stand down, Death Knight. *Edelgard approaches with Imperial soldiers* Jeritza: … Edelgard: Professor Manuela, please help take our prisoners. They are in need of treatment. As for you, Death Knight, return to base immediately. Jeritza: Yes… My emperor… *Jeritza leaves* Manuela: Edelgard, what… just what happened to Jeritza? He was… Edelgard: I’m sorry, I know you have questions, but right now, we have to treat these people. Manuela: Y-yes. Right, of course… --- B+ Support: Manuela: I thought I might find you here, Jeritza. Perchance, might you be free to converse with me? Jeritza: I would prefer to be alone. Leave me, I have no words to exchange with you... Manuela: Has no one ever taught you that it’s rude to treat a lady in such a manner? Besides, I’ve brought you a little gift. *passes a plate of cake to him* Jeritza: Why did you…? Manuela: I heard that you seem to have a bit of a sweet tooth. Good to see that it was true. So would you mind if we speak now? Jeritza: *sighs* Very well… What is it that you wish to know? There should not be much to learn since surely you must have spoken to the emperor. Manuela: Actually, I haven’t. Or rather, I asked Edelgard not to tell me. I wanted to hear from you if what I’ve come to understand is the truth. Better to learn from the source. Jeritza: … Manuela: You and the Death Knight, your personalities are far too different. Such a radical change in behavior is not natural. I’ve been thinking about this for some time now, and it’s the only explanation I could come up with… That being that you two are entirely different people, but simply sharing the same body… Am I close? Jeritza: … Indeed. The Death Knight is indeed me, yet not me at the same time… Manuela: So I was right… How did it happen? When? Jeritza: The same day that I had murdered that worthless excuse of a father… Manuela: You… but why? Jeritza: There is no need for me to answer that. Leave me. I have grown tired of this conversation… Manuela: I… Alright. I’m sorry to bother you. Jeritza: … --- A Support: (Read while Playing this. You're welcome.) Manuela: Hmm… Jeritza: Manuela… Manuela: Oh, Jeritza. I’m glad you came. Have a seat. I’ve prepared some delightful sweets for you. Jeritza: Thank you, but…why did you ask the emperor to have me come to you? If you wish to speak more of my past, I re- Manuela: Jeritza, I know that you are trying to hold back a lot, but… I wish to ask you a simple question, and I would like an honest answer. Jeritza: A...question? Manuela: Yes… Tell me. Do you have any plans when the fighting is all over? Jeritza: Plans? Manuela: I’m sure that Edelgard is doing her best to keep you from hurting innocent people by directing the Death Knight, but...once the fighting is over and peace is set, the Death Knight won’t have that many enemies to fight. Jeritza: Yes… I know this. However, I was promised that once the fighting was over, the one that I wish to truly clash blades will be free for me to be challenged… The Death Knight grows eager for that day, when he may kill the one he desires...or to be killed. Manuela: You mean the professor? But all you’re asking is to fight more and hopefully die. Whether you win or lose, the killing won’t stop, will it? You’ll only hurt more innocents, won’t you? Jeritza: No… I will not allow that. I will ensure that I am far away from anyone and will vanish from the eyes of all. Manuela: Then you will only just live a life of solitude, never to have relations with anyone. Is this truly what you yearn for? It’s just another death. Or is it that you only believe that death to be your only cure? Jeritza: … If that is all that needs to remain, then I shall gladly choose it. It is the only thing that can stop the Death Knight…to stop me… Manuela: … What if I, or rather, what if we were to work together to find a way to cure you of the Death Knight? To have you no longer bound by him? Would you be able to live freely then? Jeritza: Wh-what?! C-cure?! The Death Knight?! Manuela: Mm-hmm. I’ve been reading a lot of history books, biographies, journal entries, anything I can get my hands on in regards to anything I can to learn more about your condition. Jeritza: Impossible. There cannot be such things within the texts. You cannot possibly discover anything that can cure me. Manuela: Please allow me to finish, Jeritza. Jeritza: … Manuela: As you know, I’m a physician. I learned much about medicine, and also learned about the healing arts with magic. But one thing I’ve come to understand is that, no matter how much we’ve done to treat people injured in the body, I’ve seen from all those entries of people who suffered in the mind. People who suffered trauma from their living conditions, circumstances or events, and most importantly, how people suffered in times of war. They’ve all suffered an “illness of the mind” that no medicine could ever treat them, and how they fell to madness. But there are records of how some people were able to heal with time or some who used herbs that helped keep them docile, and some who simply never got better. Jeritza: What...what is the point of all this? Manuela: What I mean to say is this. You are one of many people throughout history who have suffered from an illness of the mind. And there may be countless more people out there or even here, who have suffered from their own traumas that they have not yet healed from. Watching you, I realize that we need to learn to advance medicine and treatment to go beyond treating simply the body. We have to learn ways of understanding a patient’s mind, how it works, and how we can help them. I believe with time and effort, even you can be helped, and more people beyond can be saved as well. Would you not like that? A world where we can even help others from being victims of tragedies? Jeritza: A world where there is no Death Knight, nor will there ever be another… Manuela: Jeritza. Will you let me help you? Jeritza: I… I do not know… I have never considered such a time where I may be free and live a life of joy… M-may I have time? Until this war ends, allow me to consider your words… Manuela: Of course, Jeritza. I’ll always be here for you. --- Ending: After those who slither in the dark had been defeated, Manuela dedicated herself to studying ways to help Jeritza, who had himself imprisoned in Enbarr to prevent himself from harming others. The struggle was long and arduous, yet Manuela refused to give up on Jeritza, eventually creating a breakthrough after many years. Free from the Death Knight, at last, Jeritza managed to attain joy as he and Manuela later married. Manuela's research would be the foundation in medicine for treating the mind as well as the body, which would continue to improve for many generations to come. --- Hope you guys enjoyed this. I put a lot of thought and effort into writing this. Writing this was a challenge, but I knew exactly what I had wanted from this. For the C support, it was simple, really. In Chapter 14 of Crimson Flower, if you have Jeritza recruited, Manuela does not in any way mention the apology that she had gotten from Jeritza, so I decided to go ahead and have their C support be the apology. Apart from also bringing in with how the Death Knight can be controlled by Edelgard to an extent, I wanted to go about how Manuela overall decided to take her physician self out. Being the only character that ever went on about how medicine and healing magic worked, it was a good idea to have her even start to delve into how regardless of either of these things, they don't truly treat the mind for the mentally ill patients. So overall, through Jeritza, Manuela brings about the foundation of therapy and psychology, which the ending brings about. After all, a running joke that the fandom agrees is how legit everyone just needed some serious therapy. So... tah-dah! Manuela invents therapy!
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