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  1. Maybe cause I also played Dragalia Lost, when Alfonse and Veronica got along. First when Veronica momentarily lost her memories, and then they put aside their differences because in that world, they aren't the prince and princess of their respective nations there. Overall, when they aren't trying to kill each other, they get along well.
  2. I disagree in this case. Just because the fighting wasn't directly here does not mean that it was perfectly safe. Once you leave the castle, there can be anything that can be dangerous as you travel through. Random bandits could come from anywhere, or spies and the likes. You shouldn't just go out alone when there're battles happening. It's a huge thing to always be wary of in times of war. Leaving all alone without any form of defense for yourself is tantamount to suicide. Deirdre oughta have known this as she traveled with Sigurd. Nameless mooks could at least hold Manfroy off long enough for Deirdre to escape. Manfroy specifically waited for when Deirdre went out all alone, which, in itself, shows that he needed Deirdre to be all alone and defenseless. Had she an armed escort, she could have escaped long enough to return to the castle, in which would be fortified and have more troops there to stop Manfroy. Even with all his power, Manfroy wouldn't be foolish enough to go at a fort all by himself. Let's not account to the case of "plot warping", as such a case is never used beyond just warping for the sake of plot convenience.
  3. I'll play devil's advocate and agree to a certain expect. What Deirdre did was not exactly the most responsible thing. Instead of having faith in her husband, she left the safety of the castle and only got kidnapped, which was a horrible mistake. Didn't even leave with an armed escort.
  4. Ironically, while I ship Lif and Thrasir, that does not actually extend to Alfonse and Veronica. Mostly cause Veronica looks like a kid.
  5. Wait, pretty sure it was stated that Veld never made the Deadlords. That was Manfroy lending him some. Not sure, exactly. But Veld does turn people into stone, so relation to Medusa sort of, despite how Medusa is the creature that Nuibaba made a pact with in Valentia, if we simply go by the case of Medusa's lore, then it still fits with gods.
  6. Avatars are always a controversial thing. It's a hit or miss. But Kris's issue is that he is an avatar that is in an existing game. He took lines and is praised too much by characters. There's too much player worship. Yes, FE7 has that, but FE7 is it's own game. The player worship in a game that already existed hurts Kris's standing.
  7. They definitely should have had a Jake in 3H. If Anna has zero supports and thus cannot be made into a waifu, then just let her be in a relationship with Jake. At least have him mentioned.
  8. I mean, Anankos called him his last true friend. So it's likely that the rest of the members weren't as close. Nope, Shigure gives a whole lore dump about how the rest of the kids were each individually from a Birthright or Conquest route, while he came from a Revelations route where everyone came together to fight Anankos, but the Omega Yato broke and Anankos won, with Azura only being able to save Shigure to her dying breath using her song. After that, Anankos began an invasion of the other worlds, attacking the worlds of each of the kids.
  9. Basically a failed Revelations route that later attacks other Birthright/Conquest worlds.
  10. You fight them in one of the Heirs of Fate chapters.
  11. Would have been neat if someone pointed it out to Anankos and he just kept denying it and saying that he was the one that was betrayed first, and delude himself into saying that he did nothing wrong. Though in Heirs of Fate, he had Sumeragi, Arete, and Mikoto back. Unless they are other world versions.
  12. You could consider that killing Azura's father is something that Anankos hates himself. His madness is the belief that humans are evil creatures. Killing Azura's father, the man that reached out to him, is something that Anankos would rather pretend didn't happen, because it clashes with his belief that humans are evil.
  13. No, because Anankos only went insane after killing Azura's father. Valla was only brought to ruin upon Azura;s generation.
  14. I think it's because his death was the trigger to his complete madness, so Anankos doesn't want to see him. He doesn't want to see the person that he murdered when the person only tried to reach out to him.
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