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  1. That would make sense. I was a bit skeptical about it being actually skyscrapers. Fire Emblem has generally always steered clear of things like modern technology. Though Awakening was very close to being set in modern times before they decided that they oughta stick to the medieval era, just so that it fits with Fire Emblem.
  2. For Fire Emblem, definitely. But I mentioned the buildings more because of how people are saying it looks like this weird symbol that oughta be censored. Cause I don't see the resemblance.
  3. In regards to the skyscrapers thing, do you mean this:
  4. That is true. Then again, we do have a case of how despite this being a battlefield, the entire army stops fighting and just watches their battle. And how Edelgard needs to be saved from a bandit that she clearly sees coming and is preparing to counter him that somehow needs Byleth to take the hit and use the Divine Pulse.
  5. Seriously. I wanna see how Anri fought Medeus when he was a dragon. Also, this scene kind of paints a vivid picture of what will happen in Three Houses. Not just the fact that there will be war or such, but that even one that seemed pure and calm like Seiros ends up showing that she will fight and kill someone in her anger. There's a paralogue by Sothis that has you apparently visit the Red Canyon. Perhaps that's where Sothis was "killed" by Nemesis.
  6. You know, the way that Seiros fought, I can actually even imagine Marth fighting like that when he has the Binding Shield. And so epic with how Seiros just did that palm strike on Nemesis to knock him down.
  7. Agreed. Probably because we are a lot more emotionally invested in this war.
  8. Every FE game is serious. Some are just more often than not being more lighthearted in spite of the serious stuff. Who knows. One thing is for certain. There has to be some connection between Seiros and Sothis. The fact that Seiros holds the sword up to her face and mentions her mother, it definitely seems like there's a connection there.
  9. IS really loves to prank us. In the beginning, we originally saw Seiros hold that sword up with no blood. Now we see that there was indeed blood. That also means that one image of Dimitri with those black marks will must also be blood and we will see it be blood in the actual game.
  10. The opening shows blood. We actually have BLOOD shown in Fire Emblem. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Not only that, but the animation and fight scene was absolutely amazing! And the fact you actually HEAR the stabbing sounds... my god...
  11. Huh, didn't expect Wolt to reference his support with Sue, and Lyn to actually reference her own bride alt.
  12. This seems to happen every time the site goes through some maintenance. 😕 Ninian is meant to be dead by FE6, but the others, not so much. More questionable on Lilina's mom. Yup. Only Merric is Marth's only known friend.
  13. The only mother of Roy's that is stated will die is Ninian. But did she die at childbirth? I don't think so. Actually, even in the remake, Marth and Gordin aren't that close still. At best, still just acquaintances (in the sense of lord and knight) as 1 and 3. Very likely. Even I didn't understand it much either back in Zatch Bell when Zeno mentions what he heard from his "milk mother".
  14. Anyone wanna point out that Ursula is showing more fanservice than even Camilla? Cause she is. And that is saying something. So is Fiora the GHB unit or Tempest Trial unit? And Wolt made his debut at last.
  15. So Fiora is gonna be a GHB or Tempest Trial unit? And Wolt has now made his official debut.
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