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  1. Eliwood is still fairly popular and won the CYL last year. Being not as popular as Lyn or Hector didn't change that as a main lord, he was still fairly popular. Edelgard is no different. She's still going to be very popular, especially since she's got a powerful presence throughout the entire game. The game is literally driven by her.
  2. Okay. I'm obviously not denying that Edelgard also did well. This actually just proves the case that Edelgard is even popular among girls as well. And yeah, I know that the Heroes poll does not reflect the entire fanbase. It'd be silly to say that it does. I'm just calling it for what it up. Feel free to call m a hypocrite, cause I don't deny I have had my own moments of hypocrisy.
  3. Sorry about that. I get into it. Overall, RD just has quite a lot of issues in regards to the story because it tries to tell 1 story in multiple view points that overall converge. But personally, I find this to possible be the strongest form of storytelling for Fire Emblem, and should be something that future FE games should try to really hone.
  4. This is the major flaw in RD's writing. We get hardly any time with Micaiah following Part 1 and when she is back, she's in the war and just in on the action and just doing everything she can to fight against the Laguz Alliance. Personally, I blame more Part 2 because of how it's filler. It doesn't play any role for the plot since nothing about it is involved with the plot. Least Part 1 establishes how the Blood Contract ultimately happened. Keep in mind that Ike makes it a point that the Greil Mercenaries chooses their clients when a Begnion major tries to offer more money to Ike. In the end, Ike chose while knowing the dangers, and that very much makes him part of the problem. The Laguz Alliance had a choice to not go into war. Hell, Dheginsea CONSTANTLY tells them not to go to war, but the other laguz never bother to actually listen. They just insist on going on their own way. Yes, Begnion Senate were pricks that even killed the messengers, so by all rights, that is starting a war. Along with the genocide of the heron laguz. But the Laguz Alliance still were very well aware of what war would bring about. Nope. Which separates him from Edelgard. Edelgard isn't naive enough to believe that the other nations would absolutely not join in on the war. She went to war strictly against the Church of Seiros, but is aware that with their influence over the other nations, the other nations would find one reason or another to join the Church and fight against Edelgard. She's not naive enough to believe that her war would not escalate into the worst possible scenario. And that's just it. Ike and the Laguz Alliance knew the dangers, but still did it. But so few ever actually call Ike and the Laguz out on this, because the Begnion Senate were just racist evil pricks that deserved to die.
  5. It's very contradictory, and that's the problem. First she's just seeming to loyally serve Pelleas, but then it gets weird in how she's resorting to extreme tactics for little given reason and how she's just not questioning things. Could have done a thing where Micaiah is literally foreseeing the future where Daein is in ruins if she chose not to fight or something. Of course, personally, I fail to see why oil and fire is so horrific when magic has us setting people on fire on a regular basis, really. Ike believing what is the right thing does not change that he's with the group that is starting a war, while fully knowing that war can very well cause Lehran's Medallion to go out of control. But very few ever actually call him out on it. Saying that he tries to prevent as many deaths as possible is actually not that different from Edelgard, who doesn't seek to make the war be as bloody as possible, least in regards to Crimson Flower. But in the end, because the Laguz Alliance started their war, the Senate pulled the Blood Contract onto Daein, and thus got them into the war, and the chaos resulted in needing to sing the Galdr of Release. It's by literal plot convenience that Ashera's Judgment was petrification and not instant death. Otherwise, it makes the entire war utterly pointless. Then Ike and the Laguz Alliance would be downright condemned forever for starting the war in the first place and causing a massive genocide of all races.
  6. From my perspective, moral grey is where no side is absolutely right and wrong. The stories in FE generally forgoes the morally grey and tends to actually be more black and white morality. Lopto Sect suffered persecution? Well, they worship an evil god that likes to perform child hunts. No moral grey, but just moral black there, so anyone that would kill them all is the morally white side. Hence why Seliph can just slaughter them all and get away with it, cause they are the obvious evil. Medeus's kind were persecuted? Who cares, because the story don't. They only explain it only in the sequel, where Medeus is not even a factor. Even the first story he was hardly a factor. If anything, Medeus was presented as this personification of evil. Micaiah was morally grey as well, but it's undermined by the fact that she's forced to do things as a result of the the Blood Contract, which is something almost everyone hated. Of course, Ike is willing to side with the Laguz Alliance, starting a war with Begnion that nearly destroys all life on the continent, ie. Lehran's Medallion, but the Alliance were trying to oppose the genocidal Begnion Senate, who are racist pricks that should all be killed, so I don't tend to see people really call Ike out on how he's actually on the aggressor's side overall in the war and nearly got everyone killed, and instead, Micaiah is the one that gets called out on more often. Dimitri is plenty morally grey because of how atrocious and horrific his behavior was, where he wanted to slaughter anyone that he viewed as an enemy, and would butcher people and torture them just to prove some sick point. But because he's insane and then regains his sanity in AM, it's almost like people would separate the two people as if they are not the same person. But he's still very much guilty of the things he did and had done. I mean, saying sorry and being pitiful does not change the things he did. Yet for some reason, he's on the morally white side still, with just shades of grey. Claude, due to not being insane or go off on the deep end, ends up being morally grey only in regards to some of his scheming, but still is morally white due to how he just wanted to end racism, and it's not like he started the war. Apparently people don't realize that capitalizing on war is still pretty messed up and horrible, and the fact that his goals still involved uniting the continent. But since he did not start the war, he's apparently clean. Or cleaner. Edelgard is morally grey, but viewed more on the moral black scale, because she started a war and works with the obvious evils. Despite the many legit reasons and the goals she seeks for herself that would help, the fact that she does these two things already have plenty of people hating on her. I don't see anyone ever going on about how Edelgard's done nothing wrong, because even fans of her know that she's not doing the morally right thing. She starts a war. But I have to wonder. If she started a war, and the Church was the obvious evil, would she get called out nearly as much? Or if she was the only route?
  7. It's always bothered me how people took those Dream poll results a little too seriously. Believe it or not, Dimitri and most of the BL males are what someone would call "otome" bait, being characters in otome games. They are designed to be liked by the female audience. Those Dream poll results had a gender ratio where the males were very much outnumbered by the females. So obviously, Dimitri was going to top those polls. But that does not mean that those polls reflect the overall fanbase. The Voting Gauntlet actually proved how there is very much a difference in regards to that. And this Choose Your Legends is no different. In fact, Edelgard being the top just proves how many people love her.
  8. In regards to Flayn's Blood, I think it's very much likely that her blood was for the creation of the Crest Beasts. I mean, through her blood, we got Remire Village with Solon's experiments. Then Kronya made her own experiments with students. Then by the end, we basically have the Crest Beasts be modified. The gameplay even indicates how the Crest Beasts are "Dragon" types, which is what Flayn is.
  9. You are comparing mobile game characters with characters from a full on game. I would hardly consider them to even be on same league, especially when you factor in the amount of popularity that 3H has gotten.
  10. I'm hoping that 3H characters will NOT be a part of the CYL. If they invite the 3H characters, despite how a full year has not yet passed, I feel that the odds are that they'll win in a landslide. I plan on voting for Marth, and hopefully, he does NOT get screwed over for the 3rd year in a row.
  11. Asinine garbage, eh? I don't know, have I ever once called someone Mary Sue/Gary Stu? Nope. Because I have plenty of arguments or criticisms. But never once have I used such terms. So, no. I'd say I'm in every position to actually talk. As someone that does make criticisms and arguments, the fact that I never use such terms is why I can call someone out on it.
  12. No. It's NEVER a valid argument. You wanna criticize Dimitri and talking about how the story bends over backwards for him, fine. But leave such terms out of the discussion. It just makes the argument dull, pointless, and just silly. You have arguments? You have criticism? Make them. Just don't use the term, because it's not either one of those.
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