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  1. It isn't like they didn't try to invade the outer world. They did try to make an invasion of Dagda, and got subsequently ass kicked back to Fodlan. It's likely that they developed a fear of the outside world, and decided to remain in Fodlan, where the Goddess once lived in. And I doubt that the Church would promote that, given that it's Rhea that controls the Church. And Rhea also likes to focus only on Fodlan, and just keep it closed off.
  2. And it's after the war that Seteth finally realizes that the way the Church works has to change and finally made the changes where his ending has the Church start to respect the other cultures and religions.
  3. Oh, there is a canon explanation. According to Lorenz, the Seiros tenants states that they shouldn't make peace with outsiders. The Church's doctrine and religion itself keeps the people of Fodlan closeminded.
  4. It really just goes to show regardless of the Empire's grievances against Faerghus or Leicester, even the Empire dislikes the invaders from outside even more. Possibly since all the trouble first began with the First Mach War when Dagda invaded.
  5. The Empire has many reason to hate the other nations, with how Faerghus and Leicester basically were traitors that rebelled against them and such, but even then, the Empire helped Leicester when Almyra first invaded. It's rather weird how despite Leicester having Relics, and the Empire having little to no Relics, the Empire was the one that helped drive the Almyrans off.
  6. It's funny how that was my first thought when I saw this banner. XD
  7. Yet another case of how Fodlan's Locket was nothing more than just some band-aid to the problem. It doesn't fix anything, but just delays the problem. In fact, the fact that they built that wall instead of forming neighborly relationships, it made Almyrans look down on the people of Fodlan as cowards. It's why Edelgard beating Nader not once, but twice, is so significant. It shows to Almyrans that even one of their most famous generals cannot beat Fodlan, and that the people of Fodlan are not weaklings. Hell, Nader is even scared of Edelgard. It's why Edelgard would be able to forge relations with Almyra, since they wouldn't look down on her.
  8. Ferdinand explains it in the case of Dagda, that the Empire only repelled the Dagdans due to having a home field advantage. Even if Dagdans had better gear, those would do little to help them when they are invading unknown territory. This is another reason why in war, information is key to victory. You're giving FE too much credit when it comes to dark cults. FE4 tries to preach some false sense of sympathy on the Loptr Church about how they were persecuted, but they end up never showing us anything that deserves sympathy, where they are all so generically evil that they get sadistic pleasure from child hunts and sacrificing them to a dark god. Awakening doesn't even try to make sympathetic dark cult, where Grima and the Grimleal are just evil, and Aversa went from a potentially sympathetic villain to just a brainwashed victim. In fact, simply the fact that they are a dark cult is already a screw up in writing.
  9. Add in the mistranslations where people think that the Empire destroyed Dagda based on Shamir's Support with Byleth, when in actuality, the Empire defeated the Dagdan forces that Shamir was left stranded on Fodlan.
  10. 3H is very ambitious, but it really should not have everything be done in a single game. Truth be told, there would have been far more benefit if this was a game made with sequels in mind. It's why the Tellius Series got so much worldbuilding done. Path of Radiance laid the groundwork, and Radiant Dawn worked from there. Honestly, the entirety of Part 1 of 3H could have been its own game, and then a sequel that contains different routes.
  11. It... really doesn't. Just cause VW addresses that there's a racism problem doesn't mean much when you have several people actually saying that there's no real racism. Like saying that because Garreg Mach takes foreigners means that racism isn't that bad. Or dancing around the fact that Faerghus committed genocide on Duscur, or just saying that that wasn't Faerghus's fault, but the Agarthans. This game doesn't actually double down on racism, because this game really just says its there, but doesn't really drive home with it. We're SUPPOSED learn that there is, but because we don't see it much, people tune themselves out of it. Honestly, you hear more racist talks against Edelgard about how she's against the Nabateans, and wants to commit genocide on them. But that's a whole different issue.
  12. Yeah, that's pretty much the problem. Because Hilda is not expressing hostility toward Almyrans or such, or the fact that it was stated in the very beginning I believe before the game came out that Ingrid has hostility towards those of Duscur, few thinks of Hilda as a racist. It's easy to say that you aren't racist if you aren't openly hostile or cruel toward another race. People think no action is the same as good action. But Hilda is someone that is a slave owner. Doesn't matter if Almyrans are invaders, that doesn't justify people that oughta be prisoners of war to basically be stripped of human rights and be turned into slaves. Rhea only saved Cyril cause he was a child. But what about the other Almyran slaves? This game really turned a blind eye toward racism, because I guess after Tellius, no one had the guts to play the racism card to its full extent.
  13. And people call Ingrid the CEO of racism, for hating the people of Duscur, when she has more legitimate reason to be racist since her fiance died in the Tragedy of Duscur. Hilda even makes some pretty racist remarks too, talking about Almyrans based on what she heard, which only pushes to show that she's very racist. But no one bothers to call Hilda out on her racism, either in game or out. It's one thing to pledge yourself in the heat of the moment. But Dedue had several years to try and realize there's more to life. He had four years to think about things and what to do. But Dedue still insists taht there's nothing to live for but Dimitri. So he basically abandoned his people high and dry.
  14. 3H really couldn't go all in on expressing how bad racism is. Let it be known. House Goneril has ALMYRAN SLAVES! Hilda is a SLAVE OWNER!
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