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  1. So far, it looks like a port. Might get it if it has something new.
  2. Neat, a blue unit. She's weak to Edelgard. XD
  3. Men: 1) Marth 2) Robin Women: 1) Awakening Tiki 2) Katarina
  4. Silence isn't what made the scene. It was the fact that Byleth, who has actively been almost emotionless the entire time and only recently started showing emotion, to cry at Jeralt dying is the thing about this scene. Should Jeralt have gotten more development? Sure. But the scene isn't bad because the effects are still felt, especially in the aftermath, where everyone is affected and Byleth is in a slump the entire time.
  5. This reminds me of that one Naruto filler episode of trying to learn Kakashi's face. And when they jsut asked at the end, Kakashi revealed that "Behind this mask... is another mask."
  6. Would have made the characters interact more and actually give the tragedy of the three going to war more depth.
  7. As someone that ships Edelgard and Claude, I very much approve quite a lot of this. XD
  8. To be honest, even then you don't really get it since we've been going on about what seemed to be a general good vs. evil story at first. It's only when it happens that you really get what's happening.
  9. Even Claude fans aren't free from this, but this is probably made worse due to what Joe said about Edelgard, which sparked some fans to also join the same page as Rhea/Dimitri fans.
  10. Didn't we have a Mortal Kombat movie recently with Scorpion trying to get revenge?
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