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  1. I do think its a bit silly to underplay the Awakening children. They went through literal hell against Grima's forces for years, when they were actual children. Lorewise, they should be incredibly strong themselves by this point.
  2. I do admit that this is perhaps the weaker ones, but still better than the player worshipping ones. Honestly, I would have preferred if Yarne's story actually had him interact with Reyson or something (ironic since herons eat bunnies IRL, I SAW A VIDEO OF THAT! THAT POOR BUNNY!!! T_T) where Reyson and Yarne talk about how they are pretty much the last of their kind. Could also be a unique thing of how taguel are like laguz, but unlike laguz mating with beorcs, a taguel mating with a human still produces a hybrid, whereas the laguz and beorc would produce a Branded that might also skip generations. And the laguz that mated with a human won't lose their powers.
  3. Least now we know the drawings are Sharena's too. She can draw chibis!
  4. Both gameplay and story seem very promising. I am genuinely looking forward to it.
  5. Also, anyone realize that they canonized the "About Heroes" feature in this FB? Sharena literally shows it to Brady.
  6. And then there's Claude actually shouting the "power of friendship", but it was pretty epic how he said it. XD
  7. Indeed. And even when Forging Bonds arrived, it took I think 9 sessions before they finally changed the style of writing. Heroes deserve the criticisms it gets. But we shouldn't overlook the efforts they are in trying to amend it. So we shouldn't overlook the new things and still judge them so harshly based on past actions.
  8. This game is hype as hell. Please don't screw up like Fates did. This game has the potential to be the best Fire Emblem game!
  9. Looks like some of the leaks are true. But whether they are all true remains to be seen.
  10. In less than a minute, the new Three Houses trailer just exploded the hype. Like, WOW!
  11. To be fair, Dragalia was written and designed so that every new character has a story to tell. Heroes only installed Forging Bonds after a long while, which is sad, since this would have been great to have in the very beginning, but at the very least, there is progress. And Fjorm has gotten development in FB.
  12. I always hated Kjelle in how she acts in her supports, being so rude and arrogant that she would mock others so much. Thankfully the DLC gave her much nicer supports, even has her admit that she doesn't actually think the others weak.
  13. Kjelle has a thing for armors and strong warriors, so the Black Knight is literally both at once. She was a huge fan of Ike when she met him in the DLC:
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