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  1. Has Roy ever been insecure? Even Eliwood had little insecurity in him. But it makes sense why Seliph and Leif would bear similarities, given that they are all Kaga's characters.
  2. Chapter 4, actually, when the Flame Emperor reports to Arundel about the Sword of the Creator.
  3. I doubt that she saw him as someone that was in any way useful. And now that the Knights of Seiros was on his trail, he was already a dead man. I doubt that she had any further use for him, so it makes no sense to even try to meet him to discuss what happened. If anything, that scene exists just as an excuse to say that Edelgard had ordered the attack for some purpose.
  4. Frankly, even being in Academy grounds to have a talk with the Agarthans is downright silly. Like, come on. They aren't even TRYING to keep things secret. It's about as dumb as Edelgard needing to put on the Flame Emperor disguise and go all the way to see Kostas when he's already marked for death. Why bother talking to the guy that you basically have no more need for?
  5. I mean, he wasn't exactly stopped, so even without Byleth, and Dimitri was about to make a move, the dagger would have been thrown and the trio would have left in the end. But the overall case is that they only made these types of scenes exclusive to the route you choose is... just that. To make these scenes exclusive. Apart from Edelgard, the other lords really don't get that much screen time in routes not dedicated about that. Edelgard maintains some presence even in BL and GD, cause she is the lead driving force of the plot. Dimitri and Claude don't appear in CF apart from the two mock battles. It's only in their given routes that they have the ability to really show some scenes that are about them. Like Claude reading up on the Immaculate One or revealing that he had come to Fodlan with an intent to steal the Sword of the Creator. Or Dimitri investigating Arundel or overhearing the talk between the Flame Emperor and Thales.
  6. How is it contradicted? The fact is, in BE and GD, the conversation is cut off when Thales says "All for a purpose..." whereas in BL, the conversation continues. Also, the line of dialogue being different between BL and non-BL is a case of how much Dimitri is willing to open up and divulge because of Byleth's presence in the story for their house. The same event of Dimitri being attacked by a dagger in non-BL routes can still happen, but we wouldn't know that unless we played BL.
  7. I'm of the mind that everything you see from the characters in Part 1 during their routes canonically happens. In that Dimitri overhears the conversation between Thales and the Flame Emperor on every route, as Claude reads up about the Immaculate One, and so on and so forth. Also, Dimitri isn't exactly sane in the head. Hell, even in gameplay, he has a bane in "Reason", so he's not exactly logical. Obviously he will convince himself that Edelgard was responsible for Duscur, no matter how illogical it might seem. I think the dumber thing is that no one bothers to even correct him in the game. Like, no one points out that there's no way that a 13-14 year old girl could have been behind Duscur.
  8. Least with Clarine, the incest is not so bad that people are sympathetic to it. It bothers me a lot at how the Oosawa manga makes you sympathize with Eldigan and Lachesis's incestuous feelings, and makes Eldigan's wife into an unsympathetic person, because she's angry that Eldigan has obvious feelings for his half-sister.
  9. Perhaps, but at the same time, this would hurt Rhea and the Church's reputation, because this can be used to make people believe that the Church actually conspired with the Empire to assassinate Lambert. The Church executed several nobles under the pretense of executing the people that conspired for Lambert's death. If Dimitri ultimately declares that the Empire was the true mastermind behind it, the Church will thus be seen with mistrust, as that might mean that the Church lied to them.
  10. And I'm saying that Dimitri would actually grow to want revenge so badly that he would start to use any means necessary to get his revenge, including getting the Church to back him up on this. And as I said, the Church got involved with the Tragedy of Duscur, meaning that the Church now has an obligation to support the Kingdom on this.
  11. Dimitri does exactly that in CF. He entered the war with the Empire by allying himself with the Church. He used the Church as a means to get his revenge. Even tried to use the Church as bait in the Tailtean Plains so that he could flank the Empire, which only got thwarted because of the rain. CF Dimitri proves that he can hold onto his obsessive desire for revenge and madness, without being particularly open about it. He learned to hide it better under false pretenses. Basically a much more advanced form of how Dimitri acted in Part 1, pretending to be a nice guy, when secretly masking the desire to get revenge.
  12. Actually, do they not? It was THEM that took over the investigation of Duscur and executed various nobles of Faerghus. So by all accounts, the Church is now involved with the matter and can't just back out when there's a link of the Tragedy of Duscur to the Empire.
  13. For there to be an avoidance of war, Dimitri needs to get over his revenge (so post-Gronder AM Dimitri), Claude needs to trust others more (VW development), Rhea needs to let go of her mother (5 year imprisonment in non-CF routes), and Edelgard needs to overall regain her "heart" (CF development). Overall, everyone needs the development that they only get in Part 2 of their general respective routes. It's impossible, therefore.
  14. While that is true, the Knights of Seiros are still a large enough force that are pretty powerful. And overall, they don't even need to be the strongest military. The Church's political influence basically allows them to employ the other nations to fight alongside with them. The Kingdom being basically subservient to the Church means that most of the Kingdom would, by default, aid them. That's kind of the importance of the Church holding sway over the masses and having political influence over nations and the nobility.
  15. Wow, you actually made a fanmade game that covers overall 3 days? That's how long it took for Thabes to fall. Is this fanhack made with accordance to what we learn from the Valentian Accordion?
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