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  1. Yeah, hard to measure intelligence when the MOST we can assume of his intelligence is that he managed to drag out a war against Seiros for over half a century before finally dying.
  2. I mean, you see that Nemesis was clearly going for Claude multiple times, but Byleth constantly placed himself right between Nemesis and Claude. Nemesis can't defend himself at close range if he's using his whip sword.
  3. This is how Hel always should be. She's not meant to be cruel, she's not meant to seek people's deaths or kill anyone. She IS death, so she merely needs to wait until they meet the inevitable. Sure, Book 3 remains my favorite, but Hel honestly should never have been this evil villain there. It doesn't work for her.
  4. After seeing Hel call out Fallen Dimitri in his Forging Bonds, I learned to appreciate how Hel just has no hesitation to put down anyone's arrogance.
  5. Yeah, but given that she smothers the people so much, even if she felt it was wrong, she wouldn't have personally made efforts to correct that behavior. Indeed. But they couldn't do anything. Not so long as the pact remained. The only reason the pact was broken was when Duma gave Rudolf Falchion in order to seal Mila away. Without Falchion, opposing Mila was foolhardy.
  6. Yeah, this line here basically justifies Rigel invading Zofia. I believe that Rigel had sent in Conrad's mother to be one of Lima's concubines, and in return, Rigel would be provided food. And Lima backed out on the deal after getting what he wants. Under normal circumstances, Rigel would have invaded Zofia immediately for that. However, they couldn't because of the pact made by Duma and Mila. Lima literally hid behind Mila and used her to get away with his horrible actions.
  7. One thing I found shocking is the fact that Camus actually DID choose to learn about the future. Repeatedly characters that consider telling their past self about their future, they accept that it is better not to do that. Yet here we have Camus choosing to want to learn, though he does state that the future he knows is not set in stone.
  8. Yeah. Honestly, too bad the Black Knight cheats with his enchanted armor. Camus is one of the strongest characters in Fire Emblem history. Dude fought a battalion over 200 strong and a dragon, and even Medeus likened Camus' strength to that of Anri, who also performed some insane feats.
  9. Not quite. The thing is, it's hard to verify whether there are no more Fellbloods out there, but based on Naga's words, indicating that Grima WILL come back in the future, it's possible that there are other Fellbloods out there. Robin became the only candidate that could inherit Grima's power, but even if he dies childless, there are possibly other children out there still that can, even in diluted bloodline.
  10. Maybe cause I also played Dragalia Lost, when Alfonse and Veronica got along. First when Veronica momentarily lost her memories, and then they put aside their differences because in that world, they aren't the prince and princess of their respective nations there. Overall, when they aren't trying to kill each other, they get along well.
  11. I disagree in this case. Just because the fighting wasn't directly here does not mean that it was perfectly safe. Once you leave the castle, there can be anything that can be dangerous as you travel through. Random bandits could come from anywhere, or spies and the likes. You shouldn't just go out alone when there're battles happening. It's a huge thing to always be wary of in times of war. Leaving all alone without any form of defense for yourself is tantamount to suicide. Deirdre oughta have known this as she traveled with Sigurd. Nameless mooks could at least hold Manfroy off long enough for Deirdre to escape. Manfroy specifically waited for when Deirdre went out all alone, which, in itself, shows that he needed Deirdre to be all alone and defenseless. Had she an armed escort, she could have escaped long enough to return to the castle, in which would be fortified and have more troops there to stop Manfroy. Even with all his power, Manfroy wouldn't be foolish enough to go at a fort all by himself. Let's not account to the case of "plot warping", as such a case is never used beyond just warping for the sake of plot convenience.
  12. I'll play devil's advocate and agree to a certain expect. What Deirdre did was not exactly the most responsible thing. Instead of having faith in her husband, she left the safety of the castle and only got kidnapped, which was a horrible mistake. Didn't even leave with an armed escort.
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