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  1. +1 Gigz +1 LunartailSteffi Hey everyone, congrats to those of you who have received your B22 boxes, and best of luck to those still waiting on the mail! I've updated my have/want lists and added a ton of old Rs to my wants, so please let me know if you want to work out a trade! I'm also open to buying cards on my high/medium priority list. I'm located in USA and would prefer to only trade domestically due to covid and mail slowdown. For trade: Want List:
  2. +1 LunartailSteffi +1 AllStarKnight Thank you both so much! ❤
  3. I recommend checking Redbubble, Etsy, and @FEMerchs on Twitter for fanart prints and stickers. When it's safe to attend conventions again, Artist Alley would be another great resource. If you really want to jazz up your decorative pages, you could also get some fun scrapbook paper to mount the stickers and prints on. Your local craft store should have an aisle of loose-leaf colorful paper for this purpose.
  4. +1 LunartailSteffi +1 Zenakku +1 OdinsGrimoire +1 Agery Thank you! Would be happy to make deals again with y'all in the future.
  5. Got my boxes for set 21 today. 🙂 Was lucky enough to pull a Dimitri B21-001SR+. I would prefer to trade him, but open to selling him too. Edit: Sold! I'm located in USA and would prefer not to ship internationally given the circumstances. Update: As B17-078SR Zephial is now the only Elibe legendary weapon card I'm missing, please hit me up if you are looking to trade or sell him! For trade: Want List:
  6. +1 LunartailSteffi Great communication, super polite, and excellent packaging! Thanks again!
  7. My B13 boxes arrived today! :D Anyone want to trade my secret Laevatein card for secret Ninian? Located in GA, USA. For trade: I'm looking for:
  8. My box came today! :D Shipping from USA. For trade: Series 7 Series 9 Looking for: Series 7 Series 8 Series 9
  9. Pikappa93 and Unique, thank you both so much!! These will help a ton.
  10. Hello! I'm new, been meaning to make an account here for a while to look for the Elibe cards I'm missing. :) Located in USA. Have: x1 B07-017R - Serra x1 B07-022R - Lucius x1 B07-054SR Hinoka x1 B07-056SR Takumi x1 B07-058SR Sakura x2 B07-060R Saizo x1 B07-060R+ Saizo x2 B07-062R Kagero x1 B07-064R Setsuna x1 B07-068R Hana x1 B07-072R Jakob x1 B07-076R Silas x1 B07-084R Shiro x1 B07-093R Sumeragi x1 B07-097SR Anakos x1 P07-001PR Chrom x1 P07-002PR Seliph x1 Christmas Camilla insert card 2 booster boxes worth of Hoshidan N and HN cards Want: B07-001SR+ Eliwood B07-004SR+ Hector B07-007SR Lyn B07-015R+ Florina B07-017R+ Serra B07-024R+ Rebecca B07-044SR Lloyd P07-003PR Athos P07-005PR Hector P07-006PR Nino P07-009PR Lyn
  11. Apologies if this is the wrong thread to ask in, but I'm trying to avoid spoilers. :) Are there any screenshots, sprite models, or other other visuals of Palla's back and side view available yet? Screenshots of her fighting would work too. I adore her new artwork and want to cosplay her, but I can't quite figure out what her pauldrons and back of the breastplate look like.
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