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  1. Personally, the Hero class is one of the best classes, because they hit hard, can tank pretty well, and are fast. They also have access to 1-2 range since they get access to axes, making them utterly fantastic. Also, Dark Flier gets a particular mention here for allowing access to arguably the most broken skill in the series, Galeforce (even though their stats are inferior to any other promoted magic or melee class). EDIT: Also, Druid class is just so cool, especially because Canas.
  2. I really like this idea. Now if there was a way to rewrite/expand the 3DS games... FE8 is probably my 3rd favourite game in the franchise (only behind Echoes and Blazing Sword), so a rewrite to make things even more interesting would be freaking great.
  3. Garon and Mikoto - I have no problem with the premise of Fates' story/stories. It's the execution of it that annoys me. I think Garon should have been more like Rudolf, as in he genuinely cares about his children. (Not saying who Rudolf's offspring is in case you haven't played Echoes yet. If you haven't, go pick up a copy... please.) I really think Garon could have been a good villian. I also think Mikoto shouldn't have been written off as early as she was in vanilla Fates. Mikoto should have been another villain, IMO, instead of being Japanese Emmeryn. Peri - I could do an entire rewrite of her, because she COULD have had potential. However, that would take too long for this one little thread. So I will link it in my signature once I'm done with it. Echoes stuff: Does expansion count as rewriting? Well, I hope it does, because I'm putting it here anyways. I do say I like all of characters present in Echoes, and I do feel like a lot of them have distinct and enjoyable personalities which are quite easy to detect even after only a few seconds of them being on screen. However, a few don't really get enough screen time to actually flourish. Some prime examples for me are Kliff and Tatiana. Also spoilers ahead, possibly. I'll just put the whole thing in a spoilers tab just in case.
  4. Normal Mode + Promoted + Support Bonuses. Guess that didn't help, did it? Well, Anna isn't COMPLETELY heartless. I mean, she'd probably raise me to inherit her vast conglomerate mercantile empire. That or I get a SMALL loan of one million gold.
  5. I'd have the Holy Blood of RNGesus... which is most definitely NOT me. Trust me the last time I've gotten a 5* in Heroes is more than 30 summons ago. 89 orbs and 3 free summons gone... oh well. Could be worse. I could be dead. Or not have my 5* Effie. I also missed a 99% in Fates. It was Arthur. Of course. I ALSO lost Lance in Chapter 4 of Binding Blade due to a 2 percent crit from the boss.
  6. I have quite a few but I'll just start with these: Hellbent Theme: Chandelure Banette Gengar Jellicent Dusknoir Spiritomb Oliver Approves Theme: Primarina Gardevoir Milotic Roserade Mienshao Bellossom
  7. I assume this to be along the lines of what Joshua would wear. Don't know what the actual name is, but I found it in Google Images under army hat.
  8. Anna is my mom... pretty sweet, although the fact that my aunts would look exactly the same would be confusing. Also I'd be stinking rich from inheritance.
  9. I don't have any screenshots of this, but during Pent's Chapter... When I finished the chapter, the game glitched out and reset, and all of my progress on all of my save files were gone. Is this supposed to happen? I know I was using a loaded Gameshark Snapshot save, so I suppose this could have been that. But it's still rather severe. Also, some of the bonus content causes the game to crash, and the save file is lost because it saves right before the content loads and crashes. The only aversion to this is by using save states to rewind. Overall, this game (yes, I call EN its own game) is very nearly as good as Vanilla Blazing Sword and it's even better than Binding Blade. But there are a still few bugs to fix.
  10. Fujin Yumi gives Pineapple instant Acrobat skill and is overall a good unit. Also, I find Tomato to be a very good unit, and easily the best mage in Conquest from my experience (apart from Ophelia when you pair Samurai Odin with Elise but since you have to use Odin at all to get her she suffers in availability.)
  11. I do not want vampires in FE, sorry. They should draw the line at the Nosferatu spell, which is named after a vampire. Also, siding with the bad guys? No. Conquest ruined that idea for me. If this is a leak, I hope it's false.
  12. Lucy Heartfilia Mae's really good. I also like Gray's voice acting too. Overall, it was a solid performance by everyone in the cast.
  13. I can't predict anything, but maybe Alm will replace Corrin or even Ike. I want the shield throw crit as his final smash, too. NO SUBSTITUTES!
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