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  1. Same hack Ethan working on?
  2. Perhaps adding screenshots in the main post will likely show people that you're not fooling them and will stop these "give me an evidence" sort of posts.
  3. Potentially this would be amusing, perhaps there are "coming out of nowhere" hacks along, too. >:)
  4. Okay you made my day, my year and my life. Can't wait for this!!
  5. Yay eggs battle! ♡
  6. Good luck hope you get some help soon, are you making a hack?
  7. I like this piece of work, Lyon is the protagonist? if so, I love this piece of work. Sorry for being too lazy not to read everything but are there any story changes? I don't want to see Lyon treated as Eirika.
  8. oh, yeah. Turn 23, the game resets by itself in enemy's turn. restarted the chapter several times but didn't change anything.
  9. The story? A story about The Reed Brothers? You're a god damn genius! go for it I'll be cheering for you!
  10. I've never played any FE game that came before the GBA series, so I'm kinda appreciating what you're doing with this hack. Although it would be more exciting if you can change the plot to what it should be, I mean, that's the main reason why I'm here. To be honest I'm no Hacker so I have no idea how difficult it is to make a FE hack, but I'll be cheering for ya, thanks for the good work!
  11. WASSUP PPL! finished this one lately and I wanna make a statement before uploading the final team with some comments (and actually giving my opinion on this hack *smirk*) Statement: O'BOY I LOVED IT [End] Well, here's the squad: [More content coming soon lol]
  12. Hello? I found your comment on the FE7if thread (which I outrageously revived it from the dead) and you claimed to have the patch (or ROM idk), you said you can help me to get it so.. can you tell me which website would you use to upload it? or link me to it? I really appreciate your help mate.

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    2. Warlock


      no no it's fine, I use Outlook and Gmail so choose any of them or if you have another type of social website that you prefer to use, I wouldn't mind.

      This is my e-mail: [email protected]

    3. Kruggov


      I've sent it. Enjoy :)

    4. Warlock


      Thanks mate! :D

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