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  1. Her Cipher art shows her having dark blue hair so i guess she's in As for reclassing. I think its fine if you allow it
  2. There's no Warp in Lunatic ? Wich mage is the best for Lunatic. Linde is kinda squishy so i think its Either Katarina or Etzel I'm aware or RNG and that stuff. I think my team would be. Marth, MU, Palla, Luke, Catria, Sirius, Mallesia, Feena, Caeda, and maybe one of the mages but not sure wich one
  3. So...i'll be completing Maniac of FE12 in a few days and i want to head towards Lunatic after this. So i would like to know exactly what i'm getting into Judging by the stats of the enemies on Maniac i can only imagine the enemies will probably be capped or close to that. Most of them will have Forged weapons or something like that. So exactly. How hard is it ? I won't be using the Growth Drop or Rainbow Potion
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