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  1. At least Cao Cao had a justification. China is divided by petty warlords after Dong Zhuo's defeat. He at least managed to restore order by beating every warlord and barbarian and united northern china. Edelgard decided to unleash a war that saw many people dead by her actions despite having many options to avoid or reduce collateral damage in her goal to overthrow the Church
  2. Edelgard is one hell of a drug, that is true. Whether she's justified or not regarding her actions, she's quite the compelling character.
  3. She admits early on in her prologue that her empire has seen better-days and she regards the other two kingdoms as pale offshoots. She may have a well-intentioned goal but the above statement she makes also gives her rather selfish goal in addition.
  4. Not me, I like her because she's one of the most interesting characters that IS has done in recent times, she can be seen as both a hero and a villain and a protagonist and an antagonist yet she's quite the tragic figure. She's gone way overboard regarding her methods and the death toll she directly or indirectly creates is high but going by her backstory and how personality is shaped by it, it makes sense why she thinks she's justified in her actions and why she'd do it in the first place. She basically rivals Arvis in how tragic she is. The only problem with her character is that her utterly ruthless actions and decisions end of up biting her in the ass. At worst, she's basically a well-intentioned pawn for the Those Who Slither in the Dark.
  5. I see her rejection of Dmitri's offer more like a Suicide by Cop rather than rejecting his offer of forgiveness. Think about it, she's sacrificed everything including her morality and the lives of countless innocents that have died due to her starting a war and she's earned with nothing but bitter defeat at the end. Add to how her crest experimentations have left her with no future but an early death due to a limited lifespan and no wonder she decided to just die at Dmitri's hands instead.
  6. Someone made a good analogy that describes her methods in a nutshell. "she brings down the hammer where a scalpel might be better"
  7. If Lysithea's situation applies to her. She might not even have enough time to even sire an heir. Not to mention that she believes that she must change the corrupt status quo now or there will be more people who will experience what she had endured. It's no wonder she desires death in the other routes, her plans have failed and she's wasted what limited life she has.
  8. I'm honestly surprised no one mentioned that her lifespan is shortened due to being forced to wield two crests. No wonder she's too willing to perform utterly ruthless and even immoral actions, she wants to achieve her goals as fast as possible because she knows she doesn't have enough years left to live. Not only she's experienced a horrible childhood in her past, she's denied of a happy future due to said past. No wonder she goes off the deep end in the other routes without Byleth putting her on a leash.
  9. If Echoes:Jugdral is going inherit the battlalion system from 3:H, I'd prefer if the battlalions are more than just an ability with minor stat boosts to equip(maybe a separate hp from the leader or even a Langrisser/Advance Wars thing in which they are a generic seperate unit).
  10. Eating the same bread everyday would be boring, even if it is your favorite because you'll soon grow sick of it. Also, just because a game isn't focused on politics doesn't mean it can't be mature. Sacred Stones and the Archanea Series are proof of that.
  11. While I truly like how the current translation has done great amount of polish to the story, there's one change that I don't find it good for it's characters and the story. At the endgame, Tia and Richard are separated from their armies by Gwenchaos' trap. Then he promises Richard the Kingdom of Leda in exchange for disarming and capturing her. He agrees and Tia is utterly shocked at this betrayal, asking for his reason why. The reason why he is willing to throw everything he and his Alliance has fought up until now is because Tia didn't immediately accept his marriage proposal as King and Queen. A ridiculously petty motive that even Gwenchaos finds it unfitting as the Lion of Marl. Then Tia is then prepared as a sacrifice alongside the other shamans. As the other 3 are killed and Tia is about to receive the knife, Richard and Alfred arrive just in time. It is from here that the translator drastically changes the Richard's motivation for rescuing Tia. In the original, Richard realises that he still truly loves Tia and he realizes what an utter fool he was betraying her like that. The translation has him saying that his betrayal was a plan that he and Tia made to attack Gwenchaos by surprise. Now, the original makes him an utter fool for accepting Gwenchaos' proposal in the first place. It isn't the fact Gerxel was going to destroy the continent that makes him a fool. The people of Leda and even the Alliance would never let accept him betraying their rightful princess and ally respectively. Throughout his appearances in Tear Ring Saga, Richard has been an arrogant asshole for the most petty reasons. He utterly mocked Runan and considered him a naive fool despite his abilities. He considered Holmes a coward for abandoning his father despite doing the same and unlike with Runan, he didn't want an alliance with him just because Holmes insulted him and would have gladly left him and party to die at the hands of the cult if it weren't for Sennet. Him betraying Tia is in-character for a someone like Richard. his petty arrogance makes him perform drastic actions. His sudden change in the endgame is also in-character for him. While the guy reaped the benefits of having the Princess of Leda at his side, he truly loved her and wanted to rule the continent with her. After betraying Tia like that, he may have cooled down a bit and realized he still loved her and that what a terrible idea that was and rushes to the altar to rescue her. By the time he and Alfred arrive to the altar, Enteh, Katri and Neyfa are dead and Tia is about to be killed, he then realizes what an utter fool he was for letting things escalate that far and asks Alfred to warp him to the altair in an attempt to rescue her. The revised translation however makes him, Tia and Alfred look like callous idiots.Their grand plan was let to Tia get captured by Gwenchaos and let the three shamans die by the time Richard arrives and didn't even realize how powerful Gwenchaos was that such sneak attack was useless? It would have been better for Tia and Richard to trash Gwenchaos right then and there since Tia's holy weapon is shown later to counter Gwenchaos' immobilizing Zahak spell. Also, If Richard's irrational actions were false, why didn't he and Alfred arrive sooner to save all the three shamans?
  12. Is it strange to consider that the opinion that the original SNES game is better than the DS remake? For starters, the 2d graphics and animations are charming when compared to the ugly Shadow Dragon 3d. Not to mention Kris' very existence turns me off from playing the remake, I don't want to be forced to play a self-insert bluntly forced into the original plot. I also don't miss the missing characters like Davos that were added for some reason in the DS remake.
  13. The only thing that would improve Knights is give them only a -1 point of difference to their movement when compared to the other foot units like the mercenary. This also applies to "Armor" cavalry as well.
  14. Few Fire Emblem games has explored the moral dilemma of the humanizing the many soldiers the protagonist army spends killing. So what about giving every generic enemy unit a human face? 1. Unique Portraits. -This one is a much tougher task but it done well, it gives a whole new level of uniqueness to a story. 2. A full biography. Every enemy unit has a biography that humanizes them. Much easier since it's just text. Tactics Ogre gives their enemies randomly generated names and some generic enemies are given unique backstories in the in-game encyclopedia. Ex: 1. Chelsea. Gender: Female Class: Diviner Allegiance: Hoshido A staff officer in the magic unit. Good at fortune telling, and sometimes foretells tactics. Frank and gives good advice, but is indecisive when it comes to her life. 2. Chad Gender:Male Class: Lancer Fighter Allegiance: Hoshido “Always fights at the forefront, supposedly to forget familial troubles. Sometimes screams his wife's name while hacking at his enemies.” 3. Fully voiced unit quotes. Similar to how RTS games function. Why not give them a voice and it changes depending on certain situations? For example: Female Nohrian Soldier under Camillia Movement Quotes: Soldiers of Nohr! GO!! Attack Quotes: How dare you break Princess Camillia's heart!! Damage Quote: Damn you, traitor!! Death Quote: I-i-i'm...sorry.. Princess...
  15. Is this supposed to be some-kind of shocking truth? Fire Emblem has always had these uncomfortable types of relationships even as early as Genealogy and I'm quite surprised to see some people shocked about this.
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