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  1. Thracia was independent from the empire, so saving him was a power play to get them on his side
  2. yes, Arion being playable is something I really want, he could be a good Gotoh archetype, the other two I feel like they should be there, Saias to bunr manfroy down with valflame and Sara to have her clousure
  3. you can use the fortune teller in Abyss to make sure Lysthela ends together with Heenmon, or Lindhart
  4. I will give all itnes to beylath, expet for the shoe, so i can recruit everyone in one file, withou a new game plus, the shoes will go to Flyn, my dencer and beylath's wifu
  5. Yes, Thales is sick enough to do this kind of stuff, I think Kronya is dead, and her life IS what fueled the spell
  6. to me: 1st: Verdant Wind 2nd: Azure Moon 3rd: Cindered Shadows 4th: Silver Snow 5th: Crimson Flower
  7. in the website there a lot of good things said about trickster Sylvain, also Dark flyer Ingrid, and Flyan are pretty good, also Valkyrie Marriane is good to prep her to Holy Knight, also Trickter Ignataz, to prep him to Mortal Savant
  8. Byleth and Flyan have twins that their Grandpa Seteth and step-grandma Manuela love and spoil Holst have mixed feelings about Claude marrying Hilda, with she becoming Almyra's second Demon Queen Yuri's children with Bernadetta helped her overcoming the trauma her father instaled on her, and reconciled with her mother, Dedue rebuilds Duscar with Byleth's blessings, and his firstborn is Named Dimitri Petra and Caspar are a very happy couple and their child is the first person in Bridigd to bare a Crest Mercedes, Sylvain, Constance and Ferdinand became a very close after their double marriage (Mercedes and Sylvain, Constance and Ferdinad) Balthus was both Hilda's and Lysitia's best man Balthus and Hapi's children were known pranksters during their time at the Officer's Accademy Lhysitia married Lhindhart, and made sure to treat his chronic fatigue Lorenz married Marianne, and she helped him clear his father name about the death of Claude's uncle Ingrid ans Ashe had a couple children, their first son was Named Cristophe Glen
  9. which make sense, given what Thales did to her, Thales is pretty high on my List of Video game Villains I love to beat the c**p out, seriously, he as one of the most depraved villains in FE history (and that is saying a lot)
  10. If i remember correctly, they talk before the battle, they agree it's too late to change things, and she dies because the wounds she sustains are to much, she dies asking to not be alone and regretting Byealth not siding with her (my memory is a bit faulty right now, I just woke up from an afternoon nap)
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