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  1. sorry to break it to you but IS confirmed Revelatuions is the canon route
  2. I tought that too, just rename them, some thing like *region name here* lord: exemple: Edelgard: Adastria lord: Axes, Armor, autority, sword and Reason Dimitri: Fargos Lord: Calvary, Lance autority, and swords Claude: Leicester Lord/Almayra prince (eigther one works) Bows, Axes, Flying and autority Yuri: Abyss Lord: Swords, Faith, Reason and Autoriy Byleth: Fódlan Lord: Swords, Brwaling, Faith and Autority
  3. in the japanese fire emblem twitter it's confirmed on yuri's bio he is the leader of the Ashen Wolves, and about the DLC classes let's awit until they are realised on the game
  4. I don't think waht Eldegard is doing is good, I mean she started a war that sed to much innocent blood (like any other war), this is why i see it as a "Evil" route, and lets end here
  5. only in the one route I will never play, I don't like playing the "Evil" routes like conquest and crimson flower, my favorites are Revelaitons, due it being the Canon one, and Verdent Wind due it beint the closest to a good ending the game have
  6. thank you, the blue lion are pretty clear on their speach parters, and very in character, specialy miss sugary malice, Mercedes herself (when annoyed) but I'm looking fowards to the Golden Deers, they are a very mixed group, they will be a nice soup of leanguges
  7. even tough I still don't like Edelgard and won't ever play Crimson flower, I do respect it more then Silver Snow
  8. I meant that even Crimson Flower, the Last one to be made was better writen and more original then Silver Snow, who was plans from the get go, and seems like a reskining of Verdant Wind, it was not meant as an insult to Crimson flower, but to Silver snow, I should have phrased it better, sorry
  9. with the irony being, Crimson flower being the last route to be conceived
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