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  1. I feel the opposite, to me the spirit of the game is to SAVE as many students as possible in other words, all of them that are not route exclusives
  2. sorry, but I can't support Edelgard's meritocracy, at all
  3. I think vanguard meant the writers tried to shill her, and that was not a good play I don't like Edelgard as a character, I can't support her plans and actions, but she IS a well-written character, and I respect for it, but she is my least favorite lord and character in FE history, but I do understand her and her motives, but that just makes her even more unforgivable, she is well-written character, and a good villain but I can't like her, our ideologies are too different for it
  4. Robin x Panne Chorm x Sumia Severa x Tsubaki Erika x Saleh
  5. at least post-cinderd shadows AM dimitri knows about TWSITD thanks to Hapi
  6. they are step-siblings it does not count
  7. I can see Maculi giving his crest to the house Vestra, since they are magically inclined
  8. agreed also, give Raphael the Storm dragon Sign (crest of the beast) and watch him destroy maps with his gauntlets
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