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  1. Going through revelations lunatic right now and I don't know what I'd do without my rallybot laslow. He is crazy good. And it also stacks with azuras sing skills!
  2. So this thread is dead now? Anyways if anyone is still there: i would really appreciate a nyx with any useful skills.
  3. I've been wondering why do the Serenes look like angels? Is there any specific reason to it or did intsys just thought "hey let's let them look like angels just for the lulz"? (Also I'm at chapter 1-6 so please no spoilers) Thanks in advance for the answers. This is bugging me since Rafiel was introduced in the game.
  4. Recently started a birthright hard run so here's my adress: region: europe 01486-33199-61058-53382 my only special skill is orochi with aptitude btw.
  5. Does anyone have Azura with hoshidan unity? I'm looking for this skill on azura forever
  6. Does anyone have mitama with hoshidian unity?
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