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  1. And we're also getting dangerously close to going a full calendar year without any Valentia content (Harvest Duma & Mila were released on 10/06/22). I get that Shigure has the same JP VA as M!Robin (CYL alt in August) and M!Morgan (Resplendent in August), but Clair is still right over there with the same JP VA as F!Alear (Legendary alt in August).
  2. It's pretty evident at this point that Book VII's sole reason of existence was just to pump out more waifus. This Book introduced a single male, and he stands a very high chance of not even getting the consolation prize of a New Year's alt. Njordr sure as hell isn't showing up on the November 8% banner at this point. With this latest story chapter, that banner is all but guaranteed to feature Gullveig and Kvasir.
  3. In regards to Tibarn, there is still the question of his JP voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki (who also voices Alfonse, Berkut and Ranulf). I am aware that Suzuki's whole affair and hospitalization have been over for a while now and that he returned from his hiatus, but IS has still seemingly avoided using any of his characters (which again includes Alfonse, FEH's main lord) since February 2021 (when Alfonse got his Day of Devotion alt). It'll be interesting to see if IS decides to keep him on in those roles or if they recast those roles. At any rate, it's something IS has to make a choice on eventually given the characters who are involved.
  4. As Ice Dragon said, Micaiah got hers quite some time ago. There hasn’t, however, been another Tellius Legendary or Mythic since Micaiah. Anyways on a totally unrelated note, next month will mark three straight years of Dheginsea being trapped in a vampire outfit.
  5. As someone who really likes Summer Cordelia, this doesn’t even benefit me since I already got her as a Forma the first time. As for the botter, I’d like to think they’re the same one who got Halloween Nowi (who conveniently is on this Forma lineup) a ridiculous amount of home screen taps. Perhaps if IS would just give Nowi a new alt, we wouldn’t be dealing with nonsense like this.
  6. The Japanese voice actors for Febail and Fee are Junya Enoki (Yuri) and Ai Kayano (Gunnthra) respectively. So if Yuri and/or Gunnthra show up on a Special Heroes banner sometime in the not-too-distant future, it won't be a surprise especially if it's Yuri because Fodlan is inevitable.
  7. Yeah, I don't disagree with what you're saying about Patty. However, if we aren't getting another Genealogy Gen 2 banner until like 2025, then adding Patty now seems reasonable to me if the alternative was shelving her for years.
  8. https://guide.fire-emblem-heroes.com/en-US/03057002001000-2/ Patty actually is a direct demote (and maybe a quest reward, like Emmeryn was). I guess I can put the copium away, then.
  9. Emmeryn went completely unmentioned back in the Mirabilis & More trailer. Surely, this is the same scenario and Patty is the (at the time of writing this) unannounced instant demote.........right? ........I'll just go get some copium for all of us to share, just in case.
  10. I can’t believe IS allowed this to happen. All they had to do was assign Sacred Stones (which got skipped two months ago to make room for Engage and hasn’t turned up since then) to Fallen Linus. If they had done that, then Engage would’ve been assigned to Berkut instead. That said, it’s up to you decide if Binding Blade only for Gotoh & Fomortiis would’ve been that much better. FE6 at least has dancers and staff units available.
  11. Nah, Male Shez. We can't possibly get only one Fodlan unit this month.
  12. Her base stat total is 168 (while CYL Gullveig has 178), so Rearmed Plumeria should get Sweet Dreams (or some buffed version of it) as a summonable unit.
  13. I'll take this shot now and say that Marianne (specifically Three Hopes Marianne) will be on the Winter seasonal banner this year. Given that the only Winter seasonal banners without any Fodlan characters were the ones (2017 and 2018) that predated the release of Three Houses, I'm at least expecting a minimum of two Fodlan characters on this year's banner. So hopefully, we end up with Marianne instead of an Edelgard with a buffed Raging Storm.
  14. Lloyd in CYL7: 148th Rebecca in CYL7: 185th Ursula in CYL7: 247th Yeah, I'm pretty sure there's an Ursula dev in addition to Kagero dev. That's almost a 100 place difference between Lloyd and Ursula. However, it is worth noting that Ursula shares her Japanese VA with Eirika which might explain some of this. And, we've notably not had any Eirika content yet this year not that she really needs another alt or a Resplendent for her mage alt.
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