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  1. Next Hall of Forms lineup is [SPOILERS]: And regarding Fafnir [SPOILERS]:
  2. Stats and skill kits for Balthus and our meme GHB unit [SPOILERS]:
  3. Nah, I can't quite say that when our latest TT unit is a flying staff (and is the only non-premium one out of the seven that exist). While the selection of TT units this Book hasn't been particularly exceptional either (mostly because of there being three axe cavs), it's still way better than the selection of Book V GHB units. Out of the current 10, half of them are red tome units while three more are lance units.
  4. Yup, and just two months ago. And I already mentioned this, but Pelleas shares his Japanese voice actor with Aelfric too. They seriously aren't even trying with these GHB units lately in any capacity.
  5. The Meet the Hero pages are up, and (stop me if you've seen this before) Aelfric is an infantry red tome with no Prf. He even just has Raudrrabbit+ too from the looks of it, just for an extra dose of unoriginality. https://guide.fire-emblem-heroes.com/en-US/12005005000711-2/ Also, here's Balthus's page if you want to see his art in full: https://guide.fire-emblem-heroes.com/en-US/12005004000710-2/
  6. M!Byleth was in June, while Sigurd was the April Legendary this year. April 2020 did have a Three Houses Legendary though (Edelgard).
  7. You aren't accounting for the fact that they could just sell the students again, but in their war phase designs (aside from the house leaders, Lysithea and Marianne). There's certainly a few students who would like the second chance (like Hubert). Actually on second thought, scratch Marianne because her CYL version was denied Blutgang just so Marth could have his own Sword Infantry team.
  8. They’ll stop making TH banners when they stop selling well. And given that the chances they’ve given to the less popular games have often fallen flat financially (namely the latest PoR, Binding Blade, Genealogy and Thracia banners), I can’t exactly blame them for falling back on Three Houses.
  9. Oh boy, our (likely) fourth red tome infantry GHB of this Book and third straight red tome GHB. They even just used Aelfric's Japanese voice actor for Pelleas as well. The midpoint movie is about to happen next. As in, he becomes a mecha Demonic Beast "thanks" to Eitri.
  10. Stat spreads in writing: Yuri: 40/39/43/26/29/177 Constance: 39/42/40/17/29/167 Hapi: 40/42/26/16/39/163 Muspell: 41/41/16/40/35/173 [based on his NPC stat spread]
  11. That, and Merlinus was the literal last dagger unit added before Yuri. A shame too, they're were about two months short of going an entire year without adding a new dagger unit. Nope, that's probably just Instant Axe+. I would like to be wrong about that, of course.
  12. Nah, it looks like he's the one introducing Instant Axe+. It could be a Prf, but it also looks similar enough to Instant Lance+.
  13. I'm just going to take a moment to appreciate how I ended up being both horribly wrong yet horribly right at the same time here. Also, I know Balthus was well behind the other Wolves in CYL5 but yeeting him from his own banner (on top of denying him his gauntlets) is a bit sad.
  14. One, that article appears to be talking about the February 2021 direct. If a Direct was actually announced, I’d be hearing about it on the Gamefaqs boards by now. Two, no to ever expecting anything FEH related in any Nintendo Direct. Feh Channels exist for a reason.
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