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  1. Yeah, but that's still only three times if one counts that. If that is all it takes for one character to completely revolve around another character, than I guess that means a lot of characters in this game are also guilty of that. Again, Faye (in both of versions actually) mentions Alm at least twelves times. That is an actual example of a character who entirely revolves around a different character and barely anything else.
  2. I looked at all of his lines, and he literally only mentions Corrin by name twice. He is not a Faye who, in her festival alt, mentions Alm at least twelve times across all of her lines.
  3. Well, time to see how many copies of Forrest I can get during this banner's run. I'll even try to keep a pull-by-pull log the entire way: Summon Count: 22 Meanwhile, I got a Blarraven+ as my free protagonist because Tsubasa would've been a bit too cool.
  4. Huh, funny that you mentioned those two since that happened to be one of my pairings in my current re-play of Genealogy. I'm not sure if I have ever had a Delmud / Diarmuid / Dermott because no one can decide on a name for him as stacked as this one so far (Lvl. 18, 41/22/2/19/20/14/17/4).
  5. Dimitri and Felix for me (both academy phase), because I felt like shit posting today for some reason. Felix better be on the next TH banner, IS.
  6. It isn't like regular Distant Counter. It only works if the enemy is a physical weapon user (sword, lance, axe, bow, dagger or beast).
  7. Kiragi still doesn't crack the top 10 of missing Fates characters based on total CYL votes: He's done decently enough (at least compared to the rest of the male kids sans Dwyer), but not spectacularly well either. I'm sorry, what was that? You hate Iago? Huh, thank goodness that isn't something you've made plainly clear by now.
  8. Well, I've got no flags left and have put up 3,322,110 points (about half of my overall total) just in this final round so it's safe to say I've done all I could for the Team Palla cause. Now, to just wait to see how this one ends.
  9. Yeah, but too bad it's still the same general stat line that sunk Summer Leo into obscurity about five minutes after he was released even back in 2017. Anyways, here's all the stats since no one else has posted them yet [DATAMINE]:
  10. Just in case anyone else thought that Forrest's stat line looked familiar: Oh well, I'm still going all-in on colorless to work towards that +10 for Forrest.
  11. While I won't go that far, I will say that Iago at least has more of a reason to exist compared to Berkut.
  12. Sure, but there has also been several users in this very topic who expressed happiness towards Iago's inclusion (spaghettibrat, Ice Dragon, Diovani) and several more who are OK with it (which includes myself who also prefers Iago over dudes like Lyon or Berkut). Don't ever assume a loud, negative opinion is also the majority opinion a message from Queen Camilla of Nohr.
  13. And yet, Iago still has more votes across all four CYLs (1,969) than mostly just the majority of the missing male kids: Iago also beats plenty of non-Fates characters present in Heroes such as Altina and Bramimond by default with that total (mostly Archanea, Valentia, and Jugdral characters) and within Fates's cast also beats his own boss (1,746), Gunter (1,532), and Siegbert (1,040). If you want someone actually universally reviled, Hans is the better fit as he only beats Ignatius and Fuga but just barely (551).
  14. I picked Cordelia, as I am ever the willing slave to my character biases. Though really, I’d imagine she would do well as a teacher.
  15. And I thank you both for that. While I won't say any names, the reds I have been getting from my friend list are Itsuki and Laslow.
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