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  1. Flapple will get a Grass move in just two more levels if you haven't already gotten it to 32 by now. You can get TRs by buying them with Watts from a Watt Trader (there's one at the Meetup Spot, Dappled Grove, East Lake Axewell, Giant's Seat, Bridge Field, Giant's Cap, and Hammerlocke Hills). Each of their stocks rotates daily I believe. You can also typically get a couple TRs (2 to 4) from beating Max Raids and the TRs are usually of the same type as the Pokemon you fought. If you're interested, I can trade you a spare Grass Knot TR along with a Shield exclusive (or some other Pokemon you're interested in) of your choosing. All I'd want in return is a Passimian (it's found in the Glimwood Tangle if you haven't caught it already) specifically as it's one of the last two I need to complete the dex (the other one is something you couldn't provide me yet).
  2. Yeah, that gym makes a lot more sense in Shield where it actually is an Ice-type gym (where it's instead run by Gordie's mother). Though even if you fought her, you might've still had problems since her ace is a G-Max Lapras that packs both Surf and Ice Beam while its special G-Max move essentially sets up both Reflect and Light Screen. And even before that, there's her Zen Mode Galarian Darmanitan that'll become a complete terror if you knock it below 50% HP but don't one-shot it (it only has 160 base Atk coupled with 135 base Spd....and it becomes an Ice/Fire type). But anyways as for Gordie, yeah be sure to either bring a competent Grass-type next time or see if you can get one of your pre-existing team members to learn a decent enough Grass-type move (for one, Thievul can learn Grass Knot if you can find a TR for it). With either of those, that Barbaracle shouldn't live nearly long enough to cause any destruction. Though, be warned that a Grass-type isn't going to help you much against Gordie's ace (I wouldn't say what it is unless you want me to).
  3. Alternatively, they could go for the worst timeline and make her a lance flier and a GHB. ...Sorry, after Haar I’ve defaulted to expecting the worst.
  4. While I don’t give a shit about the story, I’m just going to pop in here to point out that Adrift would’ve been a perfect banner to release during this book. Though I suppose if they want to get me to care about this book at all, they could always bring smol Azura back in a bit part or something. Too bad that they won’t, though.
  5. A bit late to this, but I suppose I get a new pick for R now that Ross is in. The rest of my list remains unchanged from my last post (which is also on this page). R: Ross -> Raphael
  6. Yeah, I did fodder all of them with my +10 Sakura probably being the biggest beneficiary (Windfire Balm+, C Duel Infantry, Dazzling Staff). I even used the Helbindi to give Nino his Duel skill now if only my lazy ass can get to +10ing Nino like I keep saying I will.
  7. Yeah, that's fine. I can respect that. Lyn was foddered out of bitterness of not having bride Cordelia (at that time) while I felt I had to give brave Lyn that Firesweep Bow+ (plus I've never liked Faye anyways).
  8. And to add another random fact: apparently Eyvel's English VA did work on Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged (specifically as Mai Valentine). Personally, I find that one kinda hilarious. Essentially Narcian just a little bit before Narcian.
  9. I only chose to bring attention to it this time because the person I was addressing happened to be MIA on SF for a pretty good while so they likely weren't in the know. That, and I suppose to show them they're dealing with a guy who has already sacked Fjorm, Gunnthra, brave Veronica, Eir, etc. so I'm probably not bluffing about sacking the newbie OC. Takumi is there because I desired Close Counter on picnic Leo more than Takumi. It wasn't anything personal for once not that anyone will believe that. I still have all three of his other versions around even. Lyon, aside from the fact that I never particularly liked him anyways, is there because of a VG-related grudge that I refuse to let go of.
  10. Yeah.....too bad she isn't going to last very long in my barracks before I pawn her off to Ripto so that he can feed her to Gulp *ahem* dispose of her. I kinda have an....extreme policy when it comes to the FEH OCs.
  11. Hey, guess what? I failed to get Altina (or Julia), but I was at least able to pull a +Atk Tiki in addition to Sothis. That aside, I'm super stoked that I have to wait until the end of March to try for Altina again. Yup, definitely.
  12. Well, good to know that they still have zero faith in Thracia's ability to sell that they not only include a character already present in FEH on the banner, but also awkwardly shove in the latest flavor of the year OC too for good measure. The new mode isn't doing anything for me, mostly because I'm freaking sick of them adding new modes instead of improving the pre-existing ones. Oh, and wake me up when we get more Three Houses or Farfetched the Third (if that's even happening) because Thracia interests me about as much the Sacred Stones and Binding Blade that preceded it.
  13. So, my Pokedex still has three holes left to fill (Flapple, Passimian, and of course Zacian) and I'd kinda like that Shiny Charm. If anyone who owns Sword and/or a complete dex is willing to provide me those three, I'd be very grateful. If you also happen to need their counterparts for your dex (Appletun, Oranguru, Zamazenta), then I'd be happy to trade you those as well. With the box legends at least, we'd only briefly exchange them before sending them back for obvious reasons.
  14. I told myself going into the mythic banner that if I couldn't get Altina, I'd at least be content with Sothis I'd also try seriously going after Julia or Duma as well if I wasn't terrified by the prospect of pulling Fjorm or Gunnthra. With that said:
  15. Mordecai is also out, as are Barst and Hawkeye too if I’ve heard right. So in other words, the multiplier was 0 for 4 this round.
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