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  1. I'm not mocking him nor dislike him. I simply just don't understand the appeal. Though if you were specifically referring to me calling him Reinhardt food, look I'm sorry. It's just fact that he's going to die a lot so Memegic Man can ascend even further. There's just no getting around that.
  2. Nah, regular Leonie will be a lance cavalier because Captain Jeralt.
  3. It might've been because of the Kippu art (they also did Summer Linde and Summer Gunnthra), but I initially thought that Mercedes was our obligatory swimsuit dagger cav. And on a related note, it's now been seven months since IS added a dagger unit period (and that last one was freaking Memelinus too). As for this lineup, I'll try my best to nab Hilda + Marianne and Mercedes, get the 4* focus (Caspar this time) as usual, and will not particularly give a shit about Ashe who is about to die for approximately 1 million +10 Reinhardts anyways despite my Blue Lion bias. I really don't understand why he's as popular as he is.
  4. Reminder that Saleh has Caspar’s Japanese VA in case the right silhouette isn’t convincing enough on its own. My first thought for the left is Soleil, but there’s probably some personal preference talking there.
  5. You see Miranda, you made the mistake of playing / being in Fire Emblem Heroes going to Wrys for help. You should've instead gone to Bruce "I'm always angry" Banner in order to truly solve your temper problems. Also, who was the moron who put Felicia on kitchen duty anyways?
  6. Thracia's top ten in CYL4 looked like this: 1. Reinhardt: 37th 2. Leif: 90th 3. Finn: 100th 4. Ced: 194th 5. Mareeta: 228th 6. Sara: 246th 7. Asbel: 290th 8. Ronan: 299th 9. Galzus: 338th 10. Olwen: 341st So yeah, the last Thracia banner mostly followed popularity. Miranda was 13th (Linoan and Carrion were 11th and 12th respectively) while Veld (dead last among the Thracia cast and only placed higher than six characters in general) got in because of his final boss status.
  7. Here's my usual way (using CYL) to help determine which missing playable characters are more likely to get added: Shadow Dragon / (New) Mystery Shadows of Valentia Genealogy of the Holy War Thracia 776 The Binding Blade The Blazing Blade The Sacred Stones Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn Awakening Fates Three Houses Tokyo Mirage Sessions spoilers: it's Touma then Yashiro by both metrics
  8. So, what's the reason for the following characters being in red when they're all clearly in the game and not as alts? Michalis Shanna Karla Sanaki Oliver Kaze
  9. It might've been better this way for Tatiana given how 3*-4* staff units tend to fare even worse in regards to their treatment. Speaking of which, IS did give us one of those in this exact slot last year so that might've also played a part in Tatiana being assigned a tome instead. Poor Emmeryn got screwed so hard and for the sake of propping up Book IV's worst OC at that that most people probably forgot about her not even a week after her addition (and her absence from PvE until recently didn't help in that regard). I'm not even sure if I've ever seen a +10 Emmeryn anywhere (some probably exist, but I sure haven't seen them).
  10. Yeah, but their reasoning there could've been the fact that they both start as Clerics and thus aren't as good at fighting (stuck with 60% Nosferatu and all). Tatiana, on the other hand, starts as a Saint and is better at fighting because she has the more accurate and more powerful Seraphim. Look, I'm just trying to provide possible reasons for IS's choices. I don't either entirely agree or disagree with them making Tatiana a tome unit. At most times, IS just does whatever the hell they want in this game regardless of whether it makes sense or not. In this case, I can at least see some rationale in the choice of giving Tatiana a tome even if that wouldn't have been my first choice either especially when they gave her a gross "first combat only" tome. You can blame that on IS not having Light tomes (yes, I know they're functionally identical to Thunder tomes) exist in FEH until they added Micaiah. That's probably the same reason why Julia and Deirdre were both green tomes in their base versions.
  11. Her having Ardent Sacrifice actually makes her more accurate to how healers worked in Gaiden / SoV, because they always had to give up HP to heal (or use any spell except Nosferatu). That, and I guess staves didn't actually exist as equipment in Gaiden / SoV unlike Three Houses (which also used White Magic / Faith magic for healing instead of staves).
  12. Nah, it took like ten minutes after the reset for it to update on my end and I was on the English site. I guess an intern-kun was late in flicking the switch or something.
  13. It could have some Archanea, but it can't be all Archanea because [datamine related SPOILERS]:
  14. IS, probably: "Camilla outdated, Edelgard activated." Even though that started as a joke, there might actually be something to that since the last alt IS gave Camilla (Hot Spring in January 2019) was before Three Houses released. The only problem with that comparison is that Pent was actually a popular request and genuinely did deserve more than one mediocre alt. Juno absolutely isn't capable of carrying a banner, while her husband tied with Barthe for 3rd to last place FE6 character in CYL5 (those two also shared company with four Fates capturable bosses, Tatarrah, and Lord Arundel). If that's truly the best FE6 has left to offer for New Heroes, then IS should probably steer clear (at least, in regards to a full FE6 banner) if they want to avoid potential financial disasters.
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