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  1. If anyone wants a peek at the story (either the Life & Death part or the typical TT story part) here’s the link: It should without saying that you shouldn’t click the link if you don’t want SPOILERS, which includes:
  2. Yup, as soon as I saw that Valter was probably getting the last three multiplier hours I knew it was over for Jill (and my second team) These VGs causing me mild disappointment is still all too predictable.
  3. Last year's lineup had: Hilda + Marianne (Staff Fly, Duo) / Ashe (Lance Cav) / Mercedes (R Tome Cav) / Caspar (Axe Inf, 4* Focus) / Leonie (C Bow Cav, TT) Caeda + Plumeria (Axe Cav, Harmonic) / Freyja (C Beast Cav) / Freyr (R Beast Cav) / Ogma (Lance Inf, 4* Focus) / Norne (Lance Inf, TT) Out of those units, the ones without Prf weapons were Mercedes, Caspar, Leonie, Ogma and Norne. Hilda + Marianne are pretty support based (they grant +6 Atk and +1 Special cooldown charge per foe's attack to any allies within 2 spaces) and can inflict a -7 Atk debuff and Isolation with their Duo Skill while Caeda + Plumeria has Canto (2) mixed with effective damage against swords, lances, axes, colorless bows and armors, and they can refresh a Heroes or Archanean character with their Harmonized Skill.
  4. Even when they finally give him an alt, IS still sent Seth out to die by making him a freebie axe cav after four straight premium axe cavs. And speaking of being sent out to die, Summer Lyon has got to be one of the most dead on arrival 4* seasonals of all time. He's literally just meant to be fodder. But if you can put the excessive male shafting aside, this banner looks great but at the same time significantly less impressive than the previous Summer banner (and that'll probably be reflected in the sales numbers).
  5. With the second summer banner on the cusp of being revealed, I just got Summer Micaiah (+Res/-Spd) from the first one: My other recent pulls: Summer Selena (New): free pull from the Summer Passing revival Ascended Florina (New): sparked from Letizia and More, where I wasn't able to pull Sain (I did leave a 4.75% pity rate behind though) 4* Summer Claude x2 (New): it took until pull #31 to get the first one, and they both got shit Asset/Flaw combos too (something like +Res/-Spd and +Def/-Atk if I remember correctly) Eitri: second pull from Legendary Xander's banner and could've been my free pull (actual free pull was a 4* Arthur) CYL Micaiah: 4* Special pull from Legendary Xander's banner
  6. I'd assume that they would just lump any Three Hopes additions into the Three Houses categorization and rename the categorization to "Three Houses / Three Hopes" (like Shadow Dragon / (New) Mystery). While the game does have some entirely new characters (like Shahid and Shez's mercenary buddies), most of the new characters in Three Hopes are just characters from Three Houses who never showed up onscreen anyways (like real Monica and Holst). As for any of the original characters from the first FE Warriors, the only way they get in at this point is if the first FE Warriors gets a definitive edition and IS markets it in FEH like they did with TMS Encore. So in simpler words, their odds of getting in are next to none.
  7. Just goes to show how there isn't a single canonical male wyvern rider not named Claude (and even his latest alt is a four star focus) that is five star locked. Also, the five grail units in this VG isn't even the most all time. That would go to the Masked VG back in 2020 which had six (Legion, Conrad, Black Knight, Masked Marth, Gerome, Death Knight).
  8. Man, all this VG does for me is remind me that we're still (at least) three updates away from Haar getting a Prf weapon. And yeah, I'll be starting with Haar in this one despite the fact that I never use him anymore because of his aforementioned lack of Prf and refine.
  9. We’ve had four Harmonics since the New Year’s banner and one of them is red (Edelgard & Altina). That correction aside, yeah they could stand to cool it with the reds and greens and make more blue Harmonics specifically.
  10. Because I don’t have much to say about Resplendent Karla (besides replacing Kita Senri art was always going to be a losing battle), I’ll just point this out. We’re now a month away from the previous Sacred Stones Resplendent (Amelia) becoming a year old and IS is still giving the same games multiple (and sometimes back-to-back like this case) Resplendents.
  11. Grinding out the Tempest Trials orbs paid off for me this time: Summer Dimitri: +HP/-Atk.....which I trait changed to +Spd/-Res. It's amazing how terrible my IV luck is with Dimitri (my first copy of every version was either -Atk or -Spd, except Boar Dimitri but that was because I sparked him) Summer Edelgard & Altina: +HP/-Res So since I'm just missing Micaiah and 4* Focus Claude combined with the fact that this banner is sticking around until August 9th, I'm actually going to go back and finish things up on Letizia & More (spark counter at 28/40, 4% pity rate) and hopefully get both of A!Florina and Sain. Speaking of which, here's a summary of my 5* / new pulls over the last month (because I've being slacking again and didn't post them here):
  12. The story in the 2018 Halloween Tempest Trials kinda contradicts what you just said because both Dorcas and Mia recognize “Marth” from the Farfetched Heroes TT. Halloween Mia is even labeled as being from Radiant Dawn while base Mia is from Path of Radiance. That, and the entire basis of Mia and “Marth” being a Harmonized duo is because they met in Askr (because otherwise, Mia and Lucina don’t have any particular major commonalities besides a very basic “they’re both swordswomen”) The different versions of a given character can be from different times but at the same time still retain memories they made in Askr previously.
  13. Given that they're characters from the most obscure main line game and that FEH is now at 820 different playable units, I'd say no not really.
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