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  1. So I just faced a team comprised of Brave Veronica, Rein, and all four bird laguz. Sounds threatening, right? Too bad this particular player chose to box all of them in and as such left all of them open to get picked off one by one (which they did). Like, what’s even the point of using cavs and the bird laguz if you completely neuter one of their greatest assets (their mobility)? But hey, if this mode wants to continue to go easy on me I won’t complain. I just found that defense team laughably bad for one that’s actually trying to be a defense team (unlike mine).
  2. Oh hey, actual 5* pulls. I’d nearly forgotten what those look like. Snark and lingering bitterness aside, they’re both +Spd as well (-Def for Lilina, -Res for Ursula). Though being the glutton for punishment I am, I’m still going to hang around on this banner and try to snipe Lyn I’d do the same for Wolt too if I remotely cared about him.
  3. Yeah, that's precisely how I dealt with her there but with Sakura instead. If evil bab Tiki could actually inherit Null C-Disrupt, then I'd be well and truly fucked.
  4. While my AR matches today were all surprisingly easy, I drew this in my first Arena match of the week: Edit: And then a couple matches later, I get this:
  5. In the meantime, the currently selected game and Mario Maker 2 will continue to serve me well for the next week and a half.
  6. Keep this shit up, Heroes, and I may well just drop you permanently. Yeah, I'm kinda not in a very good place with this game right now. My interest in it was seriously waning lately as is, and now after this I'm officially out of patience with it. I can't even get myself to care about the upcoming Three Houses content because, you know, I'll actually be playing Three Houses instead of this game.
  7. Yeah, I'll agree that Fiora's English voice is far deeper than it probably should be they clearly should've just had Kayli Mills voice her in addition to Thea but I'll take an ill-fitting voice over an outright annoying one. Fiora's little sister is very much guilty of the latter and is probably in my top five least favorite performances in this game. In fact (possible unpopular opinion), I don't particularly like any of Julie Kliewer's / Julie Maddalena's work in general in this game.
  8. I ran into a Seliph with everything you mentioned plus the QR seal in AR the other day. Yeah, he really is one mean son of a bitch even though I was able to (barely) do him in without suffering a casualty (though he also had no one left to back him up). I don’t even want to think about how awful a full Seliph defense team is.
  9. Close Def has four candidates: Sigurd, Sumia, CYL Ephraim and Velouria. Savage Blow only has three: Camilla, Leo and Rhajat.
  10. The remaining three bonus units are Young Lion Roy, Etrurian General Cecilia, and Gwendolyn. So, get ready for another banner of nothing but 3*-4* units.
  11. I already have a 3.75% rate on the second summer banner. Between that and getting freaking nothing from last week’s Weekly Revival, I’m really getting fed up with this game’s shit again but on the plus side, this gives me all the more reason to continue to mostly blow it off in favor of CTR and/or Mario Maker 2. At least I should get a free M!Byleth later this month now that I got Three Houses pre-downloaded on my Switch.
  12. What are you talking about? She's clearly Tawna Bandicoot....as well as a polar bear cub and a tiger cub. Gee, I wonder which game I've been playing a lot more than FEH lately.
  13. Maybe if I'm lucky, I've have that by this time next year too. Though really, congrats! I'm still waiting about 200 more grails to get Haar's 9th merge, and then I get to wait until about October for his final merge. Fun times.
  14. If it hasn't been stated here already, the other three bonus heroes for the TT are [DATAMINE]:
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