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  1. Here it is with the unit placements and the boss's stats and skills (only posted on Reddit 10 minutes ago by Xanek):
  2. I'm not sure if the final map with the unit placements has been posted anywhere, but I can provide the raw image of what is presumably the final map: Oh, and while we're on the topic of the TT, the other three bonus units are:
  3. That's better than me. It only took me like five seconds to go "Nope" and promptly replace it with Spyro music. I just couldn't do it.
  4. Yeah, except that only applies on Hard. You probably should've also mentioned that to avoid scaring people. Though yes, those stages on Hard are unreasonably long but at least we can mute the J-Pop and play something else over it. I certainly did.
  5. While I’m more or less neutral about the Byleth inclusion, I can confirm that the Smash board on Gamefaqs is (predictably) more or less in a state of complete anarchy and chaos. My personal favorite from what I’ve seen so far is this one guy who made a topic encouraging toxicity towards FE fans, then after that topic got rightfully nuked by a mod he made another topic complaining that FE fans can’t handle criticism. I subject myself to that unholy cesspool so that none of the rest of you have to. That, and I kinda enjoy observing the abomination.
  6. The popularity and reception of both games is irrelevant when TMS is getting a new release this week while Warriors is not. Without Encore, TMS would still be in FEH purgatory with Warriors.
  7. Yeah, even as someone who played FE Warriors its original characters really have nothing interesting to offer compared to the TMS characters. That, and I was always under the impression that Rowan at least was never particularly well-liked.
  8. Nope, that Mythic is now almost certainly [DATAMINE SPOILERS]: That and to be perfectly honest, young Tiki also being a Mythic would be freaking stupid.
  9. Even if I had the interest, I certainly don't have the money for it currently. That, and any money I did have would go to PMD: Rescue Team DX in March instead. Yeah and like Adrift, we're only getting a Paralogue with this one (but we at least still get a new Chain Challenge). So, I imagine this even upsets the people who want to see where Book IV's story is going. That's fine, so long as you promise to go watch the world burn with the Joker.
  10. That, and this is almost definitely a no-demote banner. Altena better be demoting if that is the case.
  11. *obligatory "Boo, not Three Houses!"* I wasn't interested in TMS on Wii U, and I'm not interested in it on Switch either. I guess TMS is a game that needs it, but this is still one of the most blatant shill jobs I've seen in a while. Between this and having a pretty good clue who the next Mythic is, I guess I'm going all-in on the Genealogy banner because this one does nothing for me. I'm not angry, just incredibly apathetic.
  12. Well, here's another one I decided to do spontaneously a couple of days ago, plus my Cordelia again but with some new swag: Yeah, another waifu. Shocking, I know but Tailtiu more than most characters deserves love. Maybe someday I'll stop being sexist against my own kind (only two males among now thirteen +10 5*s). Too bad I'm still 684 grails away from that day and a +10 picnic Leo from arriving.
  13. Nintendo of America as a whole is based in Redmond, Washington so yeah.
  14. Yeah, that was precisely what I was getting at but I do admit I forgot to consider the inclusion of a Duo unit. Though because I alluded to it earlier, I suppose I'll post the DB's CYL3 results for reference: The fact that most of them performed as if they were from one of the non-localized games isn't very encouraging at all. Yeah, I know Radiant Dawn didn't do that well and is stupidly hard to get a physical copy of nowadays, but still.
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