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  1. Brave Lysithea does have a tome in her chibi sprite, it can just be hard to see because it blends in with her outfit. Plus, she’s very clearly holding a tome in her art (whereas Legendary Celica’s art has no tome).
  2. Yup, it’s way better and easier to just make fun of this shit rather than take it seriously. And for what it’s worth, I rank Fafnir above Surtr just for this face: Plus, neither of those two are even the worst villain since they’re at least good at chewing the scenery. That honor goes to Hel, who wasn’t even entertaining when going on about how evil she is Oh and if anyone wants an easy way to never take Fafnir seriously again, his English VA was also Spitz the cat in WarioWare Gold. Coincidentally, the English VAs for both Otr and Dagr were also in that game (which IS developed alongside Nintendo EPD).
  3. Hmm, true. Also, the fact that someone like Stahl isn't in on this either despite being in Askr from the very beginning would further support that theory.
  4. I can confirm that Alfonse, Sharena unless Peony counts, Anna and the brick wall are all nowhere to be found in this Forging Bonds. And wouldn't you know it, this Three Houses edition is much better off because of that. My only gripe is a petty one: how in the Hel has Raphael not caught wind of the Heavy Plate Corps by now? I was honestly kinda disappointed when that last person who showed up in Ingrid's support line wasn't him.
  5. After 34 pulls, I did not get Ingrid (which doesn't surprise me). No, instead I just got all of this: Nailah [Free Pull]: +HP/-Def Sonya: +HP/-Atk Dorcas: +Def/-Atk Genny: +Def/-HP 4* Linhardt [New]: +Def/-Spd Nina: +Def/-HP Marianne [New]: +Atk/-Res Karla: +Spd/-HP Sumia: +HP/-Atk; gets the honor of being the first 4* Special that I've gotten twice Needless to say, this is the biggest haul I've had in quite a while. Plus, I also got Marianne who I wanted as well (Ingrid was just my higher priority).
  6. I've got three of those left (Tanith, pega Nino, spring Palla)....but only 200 codes. So sadly, those aren't an option at this point especially since I haven't even touched the Radiance line or the Blades / Sacred Stones line at all.
  7. I'm thinking either that, or kill this 5* Shanna that I gave Swift Sparrow 2 to for some reason a long time ago. She's easily my most expendable 5* that has Swift Sparrow 2, but I'd still feel kinda bad about sacking her. That, or the gacha can be nice and give me like a 4* Special Katarina or Brave Lyn when I go to summon on the Three Houses banner.
  8. Yeah, my Cordelia will at least love that Spd/Def Rein and Swift Sparrow 3. Only problem is, I now have to find some poor shmuck that can give her Swift Sparrow 2 first.
  9. Yay, I get fodder instead of a new unit. Thank you ever so much for this gift, IS. I've never sent feedback up to this point, but I'm strongly considering doing so here to tell them to never use the fucking Voting Gauntlet again (I was already unhappy enough that they didn't drop this dumbass formula after last year) to determine anything this important or significant.
  10. That, and Shinon can and will show up in PvE (and he's particularly awful to deal with in Mjolnir's Strike) while legendary Claude (or brave Claude for that matter) cannot.
  11. Yes, he does have high Atk...but not quite as much as either Lysithea, Kiria or Fallen Julia (and they all get a super asset in Atk while Hubert does not). And given that he lacks a Prf and has shitty skill fodder, Hubert just feels severely lacking as a 5* exclusive unit compared to those girls (and Azelle too for that matter).
  12. Ingrid being a cavalier instead of a flier actually makes sense when you think about it. Aside from the fact that she is proficient in riding, Pegasus Knight is an Intermediate level class in Three Houses while Falcon Knight is two class tiers later (Master). So then, what is the easiest Advanced class for Ingrid (hint: she's also proficient in swords in addition to lances) to advance into?
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