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  1. Alright fine game, you win. I am truly lucky again for now. That Lyn-sized hole at blue tome armor has finally been filled....but not with Lyn of course. Oh, and Dozla showed up again instead of Norne or his liege lady (the latter I was trying to snipe for here): Also, there may or may not be a trend among my Halloween pulls:
  2. And? They've literally given out two bow cavaliers as TT units this year. Being colored (which probably makes him worse than a colorless one anyways) shouldn't stop him and that very meh kit from demoting.
  3. There's barely any females left to add from SoV's playable cast. With Silque's inclusion, only Tatiana is left and I imagine she got excluded here because they didn't want to add Camus's other alter ego alongside her so soon after Sirius.
  4. Was that word choice at the end there coincidental or intentional? If it was the latter, then allow me to be the first to go “boooooo”.
  5. While that first sentence is true, Thrasir's trailer was dropped on September 26th (also a Thursday for what that's worth) when the banner itself dropped on the 30th. Really, the trailer being today or tomorrow could easily go either way.
  6. Alright, I feel better now. He even got that +4 Atk asset (but with a slightly unfortunate Def flaw) too. Perhaps Ilyana and L'Arachel aren't as far out of reach as I thought though I'm also perfectly ready to get that proven wrong. I'm still a bit too beaten down by the gacha to believe that my luck has truly returned.
  7. Oh, how absolutely terrible. Actually getting a 5-star, and for nothing no less? If you're looking for sympathy, look elsewhere because you aren't getting any from me. Know why? If I didn't already make it obvious to everyone present, I've kinda fucking had it with the damn gacha lately. Only pulling three 5-stars (two of which where duplicates) since September 6th (when I got dancer Neph) will do that to you like it has me. That above post just happened to stoke my already present anger and salt even more. I did at least get Old Man Jenkins Bantu (+Res/-Spd) yesterday, but that still isn't nearly enough to make up for the still on-going 5-star drought.
  8. I guess it is, even though DST expires Nov. 3rd while the majority of this calendar is for before Nov. 3rd. As this calendar is, just a day to every date to get the actual dates these events are supposed to take place (like how the New Heroes banner will be a week from now, not next Sunday the 20th).
  9. Nope, that's the 16th (Wednesday). Tomorrow is the New Power banner.
  10. It’s OK. The first weapon my Celica was offered was...a refined Tomato Tome+ (and I think it was a +Def refine too). Either way, I don’t even use that shit on my summer Leo. Joint Hone Spd was also an option though, so you can probably imagine which one I picked.
  11. Eh, it actually kinda isn't when we're talking about 14 characters who, collectively, got.....only 839 votes in CYL3 (and only two of them topped 100 votes individually). Meanwhile, the top five non-sub 2nd Gen characters not in FEH (Larcei, Ced, Altena, Shannan, Tine) collectively got 9,138 votes. Yes, there are indeed people out there who like the substitutes. However, there are inevitably going to be many characters who never get into FEH before it dies. Among them, I'd say the 2nd Gen subs (minus Laylea) are at the top of that list along with Archanea's blank slate filler characters and perhaps up to 50% of Thracia's cast.
  12. Well, I suppose this counts as a turnaround after spending so much for so little on Splendid Soirée. First circle:
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