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  1. Oh yeah, we're definitely dead over here on Team Annette. But damn, Michalis is really about to steal a second one. What an absolute mad chad.
  2. Well, I made a couple of attempts to YOLO pull Mareeta and it, um, actually worked: So, I guess I'll be ready to join her VG team if she takes out Annette (which will probably happen).
  3. Thanks! And yeah, I have had banners like that this year like the Genealogy one that ended with a 5* Echidna and zero focus units pulled. That one was pure misery.
  4. Do you mean in terms of each match in general? If so, then: Michalis < Altena (he got the last multiplier because it had to screw over someone this round) Alfonse > Xander Mareeta > Lloyd Ross < Annette
  5. Tuesday: *vented about my shit luck* Yesterday (Wednesday):
  6. I know Annette and Michalis both won. I'm pretty sure Alfonse beat Xander but I haven't found any confirmation on that.
  7. Just because they can do something stupid and asinine doesn't mean they should. But hey, I suppose it is their call if they want to completely defeat the point of Book III just for the sake of fan service.
  8. Well don't worry, it isn't much better in that regard on Team Annette (at least in my experience). I know I've rolled an all-green team at least once myself.
  9. Nope, and there's a good chance that she'll never get one against Lloyd. At least, she isn't getting one anytime soon as she is still outscoring Lloyd per hour. Oh and speaking of mistakes, how many red units have you gotten from the rando slot?
  10. Yeah, but for me at least it was to be expected. My luck had been really good from the picnic tickets until now including on the Mirabilis banner, which I would’ve entirely skipped if it didn’t have tickets, naturally. It’s still frustrating, but I’ve gotten through dry spells before.
  11. In case anyone was wondering why I’ve been silent about my pulls: And if that wasn’t enough, I also had this on my two month old side account: So yeah, I kinda despise this banner at this point.
  12. @Landmaster I've got a potential new profile pic for you if you're already getting tired of Mirabilis: Jakob, Garon, Xander, and Silas also now have pages in addition to Legendary Seliph's page going up. So now, I guess they'll start back with Archanea next month? All of the Three Houses and TMS characters have pages, after all.
  13. Change it to “dead dad” (which sometimes overlaps like with Michalis, Zephiel, and Hubert), then yes. While daddy issues are also common, it isn’t to same ridiculous extent as dead dads.
  14. Huh, I'm honestly not sure what I'm going to do with myself after finishing off what little is now left of my HM feather backlog. Oh and of course, several of the characters pictured above are ones that are no longer in my possession so there is even less left than it looks. I probably don't need to point out which characters fall under that category.
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