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  1. IS literally did this in April 2020. They had no excuse for leaving Flame Emperor alone last year.
  2. Ullr was not added to the ballot as far as I can tell probably because IS themselves forgot they added her into FEH. And also as I far as I can tell, the only additions to the ballot this time were FEH OCs (specifically Ash, Dagr, Eitri, Elm, Letizia, Muspell, Nifl, Nott, and Thorr).
  3. The pictured stats are the raw stats of each unit. It does not include stuff like weapon's might or any of their innate skills that boost their stats (like Fury 4 on Azura & Leanne).
  4. They're probably saving Seteth and Flayn for Halloween since apparently only dragons or dragon adjacents are allowed on that banner now. They'd also make sense as a follow up to Sothis and Rhea being there last year. Rodrigue is also an option for Valentine's. He did place surprisingly high (135th, only four places behind Jeralt) in CYL5. He's just as worth considering as the guy (Jeralt) who shares his Japanese voice actor with the dead dad we truly deserve for Valentine's Garon of all characters.
  5. My line of thinking was that there's not that many beast shifters to pull from the main series games, so unless they introduce new ones in Heroes itself (like Ash and Elm) they're going to have to keep reusing the same characters if they want to keep adding to beast roster (Hatari Nailah is only the 33rd beast unit in FEH). But yeah, it is also good for cutting costs by reusing beast sprites instead of making new ones.
  6. Regarding the Tempest Trials, Atk/Spd Form and Chill Spd/Res are the Sacred Seals this time. Deen's kit Bone Carver+: Atk/Spd+5 during combat if HP is greater than or equal to 25%, deals 7 damage to target and foes within 2 spaces of foe after combat where unit attacked, [Dagger 7] Swap - - Spd/Def Snag 3 Odd Spd Wave 3
  7. Yeah, but on the flip side the fact that she's the latest Edelgard already ensured her a spot even if she was completely irrelevant in the meta. We got academy Edelgard in the 2020 VG bracket, after all.
  8. That's fair, plus I am prone to being dead wrong. Though, Legendary Azura made it to 19th last time and was in the VG bracket in 2020 (both despite already being featured in the Find and Vote travesty of 2019). And yeah, the Adrestian Abomination is definitely guaranteed a spot because the Edeglard simps are legitimately hopeless. We very nearly got Legendary Edelgard in the VG bracket last time in addition to CYL Edelgard.
  9. Oh boy, a unit that's an Azura alt and a Tellius character. So much for getting New Year's Fafnir because now I have to go for the spark here (plus Karla and Nailah are cool too). Why they used Xane as the 4* focus again (and made him less interesting than last time), I'll never know. Also for those who don't want to watch the trailer, Deen is a colorless dagger cav and is the Valentian swordsman rather than the Thracian dracoknight. It doesn't matter if she's popular. They're going to have to keep recycling the same beast shifters if they want to keep adding to the beast roster. They could've had Volug here too, but for some reason they wanted to use Xane again in the exact same role as his previous seasonal appearance (a colorless 4* Focus unit). She and Leanne are also an instant contender to win A Hero Rises 2022. At the very least, there's no way they don't make it into the Voting Gauntlet stage.
  10. Personally, I can’t unsee the left silhouette just being Halloween M!Grima again. I know that definitely isn’t the correct answer, but I don’t have any better ideas as to who either of these characters are.
  11. Yes, it's bugged for everyone and IS apparently can't fix the issue mid-event. So, they just rescheduled this Grand Conquests for the 24th and will provide 10 compensation orbs then as well.
  12. Since no one mentioned it yet, the current Grand Conquests is simply going to be rescheduled (to the 24th, pre-registration starts on the 22nd) and they’ll give us 10 orbs on the 24th.
  13. Yes, there are definitely people who are fans of "Gatekeeper the character" rather than "Gatekeeper the meme" like you. There is no way he wins CYL5 without all the people voting for "Gatekeeper the meme", and he sure as hell wouldn't have gotten more than twice as many votes as Chrom without those people. He will be remembered for being a meme above everything else, even if that's not the reason why you or others personally like him.
  14. Yeah, I feel they'll be more likely to jump to whatever ends up being the flavor of the month meme this time (which may or may not be a Three Houses character like Abysskeeper or Flame Emperor, assuming IS is incompetent enough to let the latter remain on the ballot again). But I suppose regardless whether the former Gatekeeper voters go with a Three Houses character or the meme pick, they're very likely to get in the way of Chrom winning either way.
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