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  1. Well, we only just started and I already have the question the intelligence of the (presumed) big bad. Sure mate, send your pure hearted squirrel child, who previously spent her life healing people, to go assassinate someone in cold blood. She’ll definitely get that job done. Maybe I’m the dumb one and getting Ratatoskr to work with the Order of Heroes is actually part of his plan. But until we learn his full intentions, I’m judging this at face value and it sure isn’t a great start for the antagonist.
  2. Nergal still has Jedah, Manfroy and Thales for company. And since we just recently got banners for each of their respective games (except for Three Houses), those guys will stay out of FEH together for longer still.
  3. Hey, we can at least get two 5* copies of Inigo for free. Lapis also got inexplicably left off of the banner upon her debut, and IS didn't even have the decency to offer her for free.
  4. I had the intention of saving orbs for Winter Cordelia & Severa's re-run this month. Ignoring the fact that I already failed to stick to that intention anyways, I suppose I was always going to fail that intention. Me getting Severa ASAP is completely nonnegotiable. I can (try) to start saving for merges for the seasonal Cordelias (all three of Bride, Summer and Winter) after I get Severa and Rearmed Lucina. He's the 4* for the banner while Inigo (as a Sword Infantry) is a quest reward. However, Laurent is a Prf-les colorless tome unit (only the second one, with Niime being the first). So, "enjoy" having very limited tome options (just Vulture or Deer, the latter is what he starts with) for him.
  5. Oh man, it's gonna be great when Kvasir / Eitr loses to whoever in the final round. Anyways, I'll do everyone who dislikes FEH OCs by default a solid and curse Team Gullveig with my presence. The team I pick first never wins in the end except in literally the previous VG, after all.
  6. Base Camilla is still missing for some reason, so no. Adrift Camilla is there, but not base Camilla.
  7. Njordr was straight up erased from existence. He was not only never going to appear here, but we won't get him in any form ever. The main takeaway about Gullveig specifically is that no one should even try anymore during Anima seasons in Aether Raids. If you still insist on doing so, you are somehow more of a masochist than I am.
  8. Honestly, we didn’t need another Ljosalfheimr Resplendent either. IS has two themes (Ymir and Vanaheimr) they could be using for females instead of the -alfar ones, yet they continue to not use them.
  9. I guess Sanaki Dev and Nino Dev cornered the market for this month's loli content. Oh yeah, and we should be getting Kvasir next week. There really was no room for Young Tiki this month.
  10. Ah, of course IS would drop a character people (myself included) actually wanted after Azama. For those keeping score, this is the fifth straight 3-4 star Resplendent and we got a Grail Resplendent (Ursula) right before that streak started. I get that there’s a lot more demote characters, but it’s nonetheless strange that we’ve gone this long without a 5 star exclusive Resplendent.
  11. Just want to point out that you start with six characters in Chapter 1 of Binding Blade and aside from Roy, only Wolt is in FEH at this point.....and even then Wolt only has a Summer alt from 2019.
  12. Yup, she exists too and also has 43 Spd (complete with a super asset). I chose not to mention Dorothy just to avoid making Wil look even worse.
  13. That's the same Atk as Etie, who got released near the start of the Book. And despite that ten month gap, Etie somehow also has six more points of Spd than Wil. Wil does get a super asset in Atk (while Etie does not), but I don't think that ends up mattering much when Etie can go to +10 Dragonflowers while Wil can only go to +5.
  14. Fargus either forgot or didn't care about the memo that the last GHB of each book is supposed to suck (like Matthis, Bertram or Galle). So in his place, Wil is the complete meme here instead. That stat line is among the worst we've seen in quite some time.
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