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  1. Yeah, and it could double as a convenient way to reuse popular females for games that are running out of females (both popular or not) in general. I could see them doing lineups like these: Valentia Banner: Ascended Celica (post Act 3 / using her Princess class), Kamui, Atlas, Mycen Binding Blade Banner: Ascended Idunn (post good ending), Gonzalez, Cath, Hugh Blazing Blade Banner: Ascended Lyn (post Lyn Mode, uses Mani Katti), Sain, Kent, Wil Awakening Banner: Ascended Lucina (post Future Past), Severa, Inigo, Laurent
  2. So if the next Special Heroes banner is ninja themed again, there's an increased chance of Deen (the SoV one, not the Thracia one) being on that banner because Sedgar has his Japanese voice actor (Tsuguo Mogami, was also Massena in SoV yo ninja Massena let's go) and this voice actor was not already in the cast. Deen being on that banner would also fit with the first one which included two fellow Navarre archetype characters (Navarre himself and Zihark). Other voice actor tidbits concerning this latest group of characters include: Wolf: both of his voice actors are pretty obscure, especially his English one Sedgar: in addition to the Deen thing, he shares with Kempf and Kurthnaga (Brandon Winckler) in English so Sedgar is another GHB unit where they recycled a voice actor Vyland: shares with Balthus (Subaru Kimura) in Japanese, his English voice actor (Matt Shipman) is not related to Megan Shipman (Reginn, Dithorba) as far as I know Roshea: shares with Linhardt (Shun Horie) in Japanese, which may or may not suggest a seasonal Linhardt alt sometime soon Malice: shares with baby Lyon (Mutsumi Tamura) in Japanese
  3. So, Nott was apparently so pointless that she had to die but Mirabilis got to live through her book? IS can't even pick the right filler characters to kill off now. Also, let it now be stated that being a FEH OC and an eldest sister means you're going to die (and may or may not be revived like Laegjarn or Triandra), and it may or may not have a point or meaning.
  4. So, uh, anyone know the context to this? Until I'm told otherwise, I'm just going to assume she's talking about Kris. Also, Malice joins Lifis in Askr's newly formed "Sailor's Mouth" club. Though seriously, I'm still not used to seeing "jackass" used in a Fire Emblem game.
  5. So, three of my free summon sets had a green while two did not. I only really wanted new Fjorm and couldn’t care less about the other three. Naturally, this and this happened: Good to know my luck was wasted on a banner I had no intentions of spending orbs on rather than, I dunno, the Halloween 2021 one where I have gotten no focus units after at least 100 orbs spent.
  6. Update is up, and so is the next Hall of Forms lineup [SPOILERS]: Also, go do a run of the Tempest Trial if you want to get Ascended Fjorm's silhouette in your catalog.
  7. The spread of red/blue/green bows is currently 6/9/9, so red is indeed behind. All of the red bows except bride Shanna are infantry as well and the first red bow (Igrene) wasn't released until November 2019 (when colored bows as a concept debuted with Legendary Lyn on May 1st, 2018).
  8. How about, just don't have a FEH OC on literally every New Heroes banner? Save the OCs only for the banners (like this one) that would've been doomed to bomb if it had to stand on its on. That sounds like a reasonable and sound idea to me. Like, Muspell absolutely did not need to be on the Ashen Wolves banner from a sales standpoint. Yuri and friends would've made bank just as easily on their own. That last Fates banner also would've been just fine without Nifl. Constantly shoehorning in FEH OCs is only going to cause people to become more and more tired of them (even people like me who tolerate them). You know, like what happened to Awakening and Fates near the beginning of this game's lifespan (and Awakening in particular is still being punished for that early seasonal spam to this day).
  9. That revenant isn’t even a FEH original. It’s the design from Shadows of Valentia. But yeah sure, have a FEH OC on every New Heroes banner just to have a FEH OC. That’s definitely the reason IS is doing this and I can’t possibly see how this idea might piss people off if it’s taken to absurd levels.
  10. I don't think anyone's acknowledged this yet: Vyland's kit: Unbound Axe+, Smite, -, Atk/Def Push 3, Atk/Def Link 3, - Like with Tatiana, there'll be two 5* copies of him to get via quests. Vyland won't be available to regularly summon until the November Special Heroes banner.
  11. For those keeping score on this (so no one but me), this is the eight month out of ten this year where we got a unit with Atk/Spd Push 4. And if one useless fun fact wasn't enough for you, there still isn't a single male unit with Atk/Spd Push 4 (or 3 for that matter) despite the constant spam of it.
  12. Yeah, Vyland is probably an instant demote (and may or may not be given out for free like Balthus was).
  13. Speaking as someone who isn't even a fan of the Archanean games, what the actual fuck is this lineup? They really bothered to add the entire Wolf Guard (Vyland is visible at about the 2:04 mark, he's an axe cav) before Elice, Nyna and, oh yeah, coyote Hardin himself. They definitely needed the FEH OC for this one, because this one would've bombed so hard if it was just Wolf/Malice/Vyland/Roshea.
  14. Yeah, and the Fates Selena we do have is borderline unusable because her Atk is so bad. Even though I +10’d that Selena, I still might not use her as my bonus unit in the upcoming Arena season. Spider Sophia at least has Atk to kill shit with and an inheritable weapon that’s better than Selena’s Prf weapon.
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