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  1. Yeah, and look where that has gotten the already mentioned Florina. Florina: HP 42, Atk 29, Spd 27, Def 25, Res 34 Sigrun: HP 37, Atk 32, Spd 36, Def 28, Res 34 Though, I suppose Florina was doomed from the very beginning with that awful combination of 29 Atk and 27 Spd. That stat line of hers really is just painful to look at, even without factoring in the powercreep (Sigrun's BST is 10 points higher than Florina's).
  2. That was exactly what that banner gave me too (and only a 3* one at that) because this game really loves giving me nothing to work with lately. I suppose while I’m here, I should mention that I did finally pull a Three Houses character.....too bad it was both the probable demote (Mercedes) and she got garbage IVs (+Def/-Spd). As much as I’ve grown to like Mercedes, not even that pull could excite me.
  3. Uh, no there’s not. My catalog is only showing five ?s.
  4. Ash’s original English voice actor was a woman as Mercakete said, Veronica Taylor to be specific. Aside from Micaiah in FEH, Taylor is now also Manuela in Three Houses.
  5. Honestly, Mercie’s AR skill isn’t a good enough reason to not demote her as far as I’m concerned when her stats are barely different from Brady’s. Yeah Kjelle, who also had an AR skill, didn’t demote but I’d assume that had more to do with her having Bold Fighter and the fact that she’d make Effie completely obsolete if Kjelle did demote. Hubert, for his part, now holds the highest base Atk among all mages yes, I know Lilina probably outperforms him anyways. That, and they’ve let far more unimpressive mages hi, Leo than him stay as 5-star exclusives.
  6. I'd imagine no one else bothered to mention it because it was practically a given no one on that banner was going to demote (M!Byleth, predictably, also didn't demote post-Sothis banner). Personally, I didn't bother to bring attention to it because I was too preoccupied with being pissed that I couldn't pull any of them. Truly, the biggest surprise of all...except not.
  7. This was all I got out of a 4.50% rate on the first Three Houses banner, with a duplicate Maribelle being the only other 5* I managed to get from this banner. Words cannot describe how pissed I am at this game right now.
  8. Eh, this one had nothing of particular interest to me which isn’t good when the game is rapidly losing my interest as is. No, not even CYL3 because its thunder was always doomed to be stolen by the release of Three Houses (which is precisely what happened with myself in particular).
  9. Oh cool, zero VG banners instead of two. Way to keep me interested, Heroes. Given that I know I won’t be invested in this VG at all (I’ll pick Lyn I guess), I’ll just give a moment of silence in advance to both Hellboy and Wolt. Those poor saps were already hosed regardless of which girls they drew. Truly tragic or maybe not.
  10. For me, it'll be: Blue Lions (Run 1): Ingrid Black Eagles (Run 2): Bernadetta Golden Deer (Run 3): Lysithea
  11. Meanwhile as everyone else and their mother is pulling Edelgard, I haven’t gotten a single green in four entire circles. It really doesn’t want me to get her apparently. What I did get was Brady:
  12. Hey look, IS finally fixed a thing: Though seriously, the original botched dialogue was giving me a moderate case of OCD so I’m glad they finally noticed it and fixed it.
  13. Eh, I guess this is to compensate for the base versions of both Robins and both Corrins all being on the under-powered side speaking of which, give F!Corrin a Prf already IS. Though, another part of Surtr’s problem is that his stats are min-maxed to basically perfection so I’m personally reserving judgment on Byleth until I see their stats later tonight.
  14. He is right, though. Byleth certainly isn't free if you have to pay the price of a full-price Switch game to get him without having to roll for him. It's kinda like the New Year's Fjorm and New Year's Laevatein packs only a much better deal naturally.
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