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  1. No, they're a Duo. When their stats were shown, you can see the Duo icon to the left of the stats. Besides, they've never made a distinction between Fates's different versions in FEH itself (like for Limited Hero Battles or Resonant Battles).
  2. She got in before any of those names because she has a certain thing going for her that none of those guys have: she's not only a laguz but a flying one. FEH's roster was in need of more of those, and there aren't very many pre-existing ones to choose from and she's the only girl one aside from Leanne. If ninjas also gets an encore, it'll be in November. Next month is reserved for the dancing / ballroom theme.
  3. Stat wise, Lifis who I thought was Claude at first glance is Ninja Hana but with rearranged bulk, so's he great if you didn't invest in her too bad a lot of people, including me, already invested in Hana: 47/36/40/30/23/176 [Lifis] 42/36/40/28/30/176 [Hana] And assuming her weapon is giving +3 Res, this would be Vika's stats: 41/34/40/17/40/172 Hinoka + Camilla might also have adaptive damage on their weapon since they've got Def/Res Rein and a Spd/Res Trace skill.
  4. Nifl was also preemptively banned from randomly appearing in PvE, so she is technically about as rare as Larum for catalog completion. I say technically because you are much more likely to run into Nifl in PvE (especially in Aether Raids). Plus, Nifl was the boss of the previous Tempest Trials+ (but you had to fight her after the update for Dawning Reality & Nifl to get Nifl in the catalog, which was a fairly short window timewise). And for a related fact, Tatiana was allowed to randomly appear in PvE after the usual one month after debut. Previous units that debuted as quest rewards (Kaze, Emmeryn, Knoll) could not appear in PvE until 05/07/2021 (the debut of the Forces of Will banner).
  5. Out of the (so far) eight GHB units we've gotten in Book V, five of them have Glacies as their default special. Four of them also happened in a row (Veld -> Dithorba -> Solon -> Sonia). Merlinus is still the latest Dagger unit to be added to the game. He was added on 11/17/2020. Before Nifl, the previous Heroes original character(s) to be added to the standard summoning pool were Ylgr and Surtr on 11/21/2018. And after Nifl, Heroes has just eight characters in the standard summoning pool (out of their 57 units, Caeda + Plumeria included, on the roster). Shadows of Valentia and Radiant Dawn are the only games to have zero axe units available in the standard summoning pool. Shadows of Valentia also only has two axe units total (one of which is a Harmonic that is shared with Binding Blade). Radiant Dawn just has one (Haar the horribly shafted GHB).
  6. So, final hour and of course my team (Hilda & Marianne) is the only one in real danger of an upset. Go on you damn mode, you know you want to do it again but just make it quick please. Meanwhile, Ashe is probably dead while Ogma and Freyr are both definitely dead.
  7. To date (07/31/2021), these are the five most common unit types for Grail units and they're exactly the ones you think they are: 1. Tome Infantry: 17 [9/6/2/0] GHBs: F!Robin [G], Arvis [R], Oliver , Lyon [R], Saias , Julius [R], Gharnef [R], Fallen Delthea , Iago [R], Veld [R], Solon [R], Sonia (12) TTs: Canas [R], Adrift Azura [G], Ballroom Rinea , Brunnya , Summer Lorenz [R] (5) 2. Sword Infantry: 11 GHBs: Navarre, Lloyd, Rutger, Astram, Nemesis (5) TTs: Masked Marth, Tobin, Joshua, Marisa, Itsuki, Spring Bartre (6) 3. Lance Cavalry: 10 GHBs: Camus, Berkut, Death Knight, Conrad, Petrine, Orson, Fernand (7) TTs: Clive, Finn, New Year's Laegjarn (3) 4. Lance Flying: 9 GHBs: Valter, Cynthia, Cormag, Travant, Heath, Galle, Dithorba (7) and none of them (including the two TT ones) except Valter currently has a Prf weapon TTs: Sigrun, Ballroom Eldigan (2) 5. Axe Infantry: 7 GHBs: Legion, Linus, Caellach (3) TTs: Summer Ylgr, Groom Hinata, Pirate Darros, Ninja Hana (4)
  8. As of this post, there are only 31 characters (3 of which are currently NPCs) that do not share a voice actor in either Japanese or English. They are:
  9. He's there because he can get Flame Siegmund, and Flame Siegmund hasn't gotten a refine yet.
  10. So, we can expect the following in the not-too-distant future [DATAMINE SPOILERS]: And in regards to the upcoming Fortress skills banner, the following unit will be on that banner [DATAMINE SPOILERS]:
  11. To be more specific, these are the next five characters, for each color, in line for a Double Special Heroes re-run: Red: Kaden [4*], Dorothea & Lene, Henriette, Lif & Thrasir, Severa Blue: Velouria, Katarina, Minerva [4*], Tana, Lyon [4*] Green: Tharja, Alfonse [4*], Gustav, Inigo, Catria & Thea Colorless: Plumeria, Raphael [4*], Myrrh & Nah, L'Arachel, Saul So, the next Double Special Heroes will probably look something like this: Red: Dorothea & Lene, Lif & Thrasir Blue: Velouria, Katarina Green: Tharja, Alfonse [4*] Colorless: Plumeria, Raphael [4*] Meanwhile, I'm over here getting nauseous at the prospect that there's pretty much no chance that Tana won't share blue with a 4-Star Focus.
  12. Yeah, he (Rokuro Naya) passed away before Fates was even released in Japan. He was also Gunter, but they apparently got around that in Heroes by just reusing the voice lines they already had from Fates.
  13. Yeah, this further validates my choice to stop trying to predict Mythics. That said, this is a pleasant curveball. Also, obligatory "Freyr found dead in Miami but actually was in Miami this time". They also really like pretending that Medeus and Anankos don't exist, either. Alternate title to the alternate title: "Sorry about no Brigid on that last Genealogy banner, have this to tide you over" Nah, the typical OC is about as nuanced and developed as a lore character from a past game. Which is to say, they kinda aren't at all.
  14. Honestly at this point I feel like no matter who I choose, they’ll just get screwed over by the multiplier anyways (see: Erinys and Palla in the last VG). But whatever, it’ll be Hilda & Marianne for me to start with. The only team I won’t ever pick is Freyr but that’s just because I don’t have him (otherwise, Ashe would actually be my last pick).
  15. Me: "Hey FEH, I can get base Fjorm back?" FEH: Also, this was the free pull on the opening blue-less set: Then today, I got this free pull off of the Weekly Revival that goes great with the above one thematically:
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