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  1. Yeah that too of course, but I was just referring to Tibarn and Nailah because Sal was just referring to them in his post that I quoted.
  2. They also use their Prfs in Heroic Ordeals (assuming the trial was released after their Prf was). I.e. Subaki doesn’t have his Golden Naginata in Bantu’s trial but does in legendary Celica’s trial.
  3. Yeah, I suppose that is what happens when you don’t have either Sturdy Impact or Distant Counter + Null C-Disrupt.
  4. Sure friend, we'll see about that: Hey, this still counts towards my whole "Cordelia bias without actually voting Cordelia" theme when her last name is still Cordelia in Japanese, right? And yes, Lys is getting those last two votes as well.
  5. ....No, it was not. My apologies @XRay for taking my snark a bit too far.
  6. Good job, you’ve just provided credence to my suggestion that the lot who vote for that type of character really are just shallow and have no sense of loyalty.
  7. I think the TMS update added enough space for banners (8 to be exact) that the VG banner is the last one of that 8. To be specific: Or to make a long story short, no I don’t think the next update and datamine needs to come early like the TMS one did due to the Tap Battle.
  8. Yeah, the bunny alt might also have something to do with it (and the same can kinda be applied to the also absent Bruno too). I suppose this just shows that the FEH OC voters are shamelessly shallow Loki lacks staying power because Tharja is still hanging in there despite the TH takeover.
  9. Yeah, and to the point where it seems most have jumped ship from voting Loki given that Loki is nowhere to be found this time.
  10. Blame this: And if you ever wondered why Brave Alm has dong armor, that was from his original art as well.
  11. Lysithea with Thyrsus is a conceivable option if she does truly win. But other than her yeah, it's fairly unlikely that any of the other potential winners will get a staff aside from Marth if they forgo the stupid pantless design have him mimic Elice.
  12. I never said it should be a disqualifying factor. I’d just prefer for the new blood to get alts over the characters who’ve already gotten plenty of love. And for me personally, it’s not hypocritical for me to be against this now as I’ve never voted for a character with multiple alts (no, not even Camilla) and never plan to.
  13. Because they’re under the delusion that Marth and/or Eirika automatically deserve the honor for one reason or another even if they don’t actually earn it. Yeah, no freaking thanks. Those two only have three alts each already compared to the 0 the House Leaders + F!Byleth have (or not being in the game at all in the case of Lysithea and Bernadetta).
  14. Well then, it looks like after I give Severa a second vote I will now dump the remaining three votes on best Golden Deer girl XJ-129 Lysithea. She could use that Brave alt way more than a certain other female who already has three alts.
  15. Corrin's pops also most certainly wasn't a cav unit. I'm also pretty sure Celica's dad was far too hedonistic to ever step foot on a battlefield at all.
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