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  1. Reinhardt in Tharcia looked like this. Keep in mind, every main stat except HP caps at 20 in this game and Magic also doubles as Resistance: HP 48, Str 13, Mag 20, Skl 15, Spd 14, Lck 18, Def 12, Build 15, Mov 9, Leadership Stars 5, Movement Stars 5 Weapons: Dire Thunder, Meisterschwert Skills: Adept, Vantage, Charge, Pavise The chapter he's fought in (22 out of 25) is also probably the hardest map in the game if you don't cheese it with Warp.
  2. Yeah, I have no clue how they decide who to include in CYL either. I particularly "loved" how they added Gatekeeper and Abysskeeper in CYL5, but didn't add Fleche (you know, someone who played a pivotal role in Azure Moon's plot). Amazing priorities there, IS. Oh, and when they also didn't remove Flame Emperor from the ballot when they did remove Masked Marth. Because that sure is fair.
  3. These were Annand's and Dithorba's ranks in CYL5: Annand: 407th (103 votes) Dithorba: 464th (41 votes) While the remaining Gen 1 males got: Higher than Annand Dew: 316th (208 votes) Chulainn: 328th (195 votes) Naoise: 351st (167 votes) Midir: 388th (122 votes) Higher than Dithorba Beowolf: 426th (81 votes) Claud: 434th (72 votes) RIP Alec Alec: 469th (36 votes)
  4. Why yes thank you, I do indeed enjoy not using my Summer Leo or any of my other old Fates seasonals because of how hopelessly outclassed they are. All I want (as a regular FEH Pass subscriber, mind you) is for each game to get a fair share, and Fates has yet to get one Resplendent this year while several games have gotten multiple Resplendents. That shouldn’t be too much to ask for.
  5. The artist for Resplendent Raven is Niji Hayashi, who has previously done Ballroom Eldigan, Resplendent Elincia and Summer Hilda & Marianne. So, another job well done by them. Meanwhile, Fates is still starving for its next Resplendent. They've been so generous with 3*-4* Resplendents lately, yet still don't want to touch Camilla (a CYL winner) or F!Corrin (11th in CYL5). This is honestly getting kinda ridiculous.
  6. Misha is Dithorba's daughter. They even made sure Dithorba mentioned her by name a couple times in Heroes.
  7. I'm going to have to hard disagree with you there. Outside of being Anna's boyfriend (which, along with Jake himself, got dropped from Awakening and beyond anyways) and showing up in just two other games as a minor NPC (and most people will not find him in Genealogy), he's about as inconsequential as guys like Caesar and Warren. You mean the crossover that has Jake, but not guys like Jorge, Rudolf, Bandit Kempf, Duessel, Caellach, and Orson? No thanks, I'll trade Jake for either Duessel or Caellach without hesitation.
  8. In catalog order (Last Update: 05/13/2021), bold = new Heroes [5 Additions] Shadow Dragon, (New) Mystery [3 Additions] Shadows of Valentia [6 Additions] Genealogy of the Holy War [1 Addition] Thracia 776 [2 Additions] Binding Blade [4 Additions] Blazing Blade [0 Additions] Sacred Stones [1 Addition] Path of Radiance [0 Additions] Radiant Dawn [0 Additions] Awakening [2 Additions] Fates [6 Additions] Three Houses [7 Additions] Tokyo Mirage Sessions [0 Additions] Total: 541 -> 578 Total New Additions: 37
  9. No, but on the basis that she had no official art from Fates. The most she had prior to this was two Cipher cards (one of which was used as the basis for Legendary Azura's outfit).
  10. So after sparking on Dawning Reality, this was my haul: Siegbert: +Atk/-Spd 4* Orochi [New]: +Spd/-Def Lewyn [New]: +Def/-Spd given her nature and the IVs she got, I'm choosing to blame Orochi for these IVs Nyx [New]: +Def/-Res Nifl [New]: +Res/-Atk 4* Orochi: +HP/-Def Charlotte [New]: neutral The only thing missing was a Benny, but that's fine. He'll show up when he wants to. Back on the Goddess's Servants re-run, I initially only redeemed my five free pulls (and got a CYL Claude with the last one), but then went back to try for Flayn and did end up getting her. CYL Claude: now a manual Maribelle: used for a merge (now +3) Innes: used for a merge (now +1) Flayn [New]: neutral And to end off, recently I also pulled Eldigan, Sigurd and Igrene. The first two were both free pulls and were used for merges (now Sigurd and Eldigan are both +5). Igrene showed up when I tried to snipe a Summer Freyr. And in entirely unrelated news (yup, definitely), my +10 Lilina now has Life and Death 7, Special Spiral 3 and 75/46 offense.
  11. I knew I missed someone. Yeah, Xane is certainly worthy of a New Heroes slot too though is a bit less of a priority (since he is at least in the game as himself and as his own unit) compared to the characters I named. Going off of CYL5, Yuliya is the 17th placed 16th if you don't want to count Anna (11th) missing Archanean character at 380th (133 votes). Xane and Hardin were included in those rankings (because for the latter, his normal and Emperor versions are not separate options on the ballot). Personally, I wouldn't consider that particularly amazing though she does funnily enough tie with Lorenz not Hellman Gloucester. Jubelo, meanwhile, is all the way down at 472nd (32 votes), which ties him with the likes of Riev and Durban. I suppose that should speak for itself.
  12. I was referring to the length of time between Valentia's banners (October 2019 - June 2021), not their percentage of characters. As for Archanea, yes it is missing a lot of characters. And unfortunately for Archanea, a good chunk of those characters will likely never make it into Heroes because they're either blatant filler characters with little to no characterization or are just too unpopular even if they do have some elements going for them. In my opinion, the following characters are the only ones left that absolutely should be added: Elice, Nyna, good guy Hardin, Medeus, Gotoh There are a couple others that are either borderline important enough and/or popular enough (like Lorenz, Midia, Wolf, Malice and Etzel) but everyone else after that are varying degrees of expendable.
  13. According to the datamine, this is the lineup for the Legendary Remix banner [SPOILERS]: Also, the lineup for the Hero with Solo Skills banner is [SPOILERS]: And in regards to the Voting Gauntlet [SPOILERS]: Oh and most importantly, you guys actually try in Aether AIDS?
  14. The last Archanean banner was a year ago (July 2020), while the previous Fates banner was in April 2020. Archanea isn’t exactly starving like Valentia was until last month.
  15. And as a general PSA to anyone: if you want Nifl's silhouette to show up in the Catalog, go do a quick Tempest Trials run now that the update dropped.
  16. No, because Fates still has enough material for two banners. Echoes is just one New Heroes banner away from complete retirement and even that last banner is going to need another FEH OC to prop it up because Est absolutely cannot carry a banner.
  17. Yeah and in fact, almost of the prior Book V New Hero banners had a 2/2 split (Sacred Stones is the other exception): Thracia: Asbel, Ronan - Miranda, Sara Genealogy: Azelle, Lex - Erinys, Annand Three Houses: Dedue, Linhardt - Marianne, Ingrid Blazing Blade: Pent, Erk - Farina, Louise Fallen Heroes: Dimitri, M!Morgan - Edelgard, F!Morgan Valentia: Zeke, Luthier - Nott, Palla Even the two summer banners this year both had a 2/2 split, but most of the other more recent Special Hero banners were 1/3 (except Valentine's, which was actually 3/1).
  18. Yeah, and what a lot of good that early bias did for Nohr and Awakening & Fates in general. It might’ve been good for them at the time, but now all it gave them were (barring an exception here and there) units that are now completely outclassed and aren’t worth pulling for (especially the seasonals). Even if they had gave Hoshido entire banners instead of Nohr back then, they’d still be units that never get used these days and would just to bloat out Fates’s roster. In other words, next to nothing would change.
  19. Just for the people complaining about Nohr bias and/or female bias, these were the highest placing Fates characters in CYL5 that were still absent at that point: Charlotte: 72nd Nyx: 88th Dwyer: 110th Orochi: 143rd Scarlet: 146th Mozu: 148th Anankos: 177th Mitama: 179th Shura: 203rd Benny: 221st So don't get mad at IS, they were just (mostly) following what the people wanted. And even if Dwyer was in, he'd still contribute to the Nohr bias by virtue of being Nohrian by birth (though not always Nohrian in affiliation of course).
  20. While that does make sense, IS has seem to have gone completely off the rails and thus sense has no meaning to them. Though, I feel that a lineup like Dwyer, Caeldori, Kiragi and Mitama would be sufficient enough for the next Fates banner. Mitama was already decently high enough in CYL5 (179th) and her placement will only go up in 6 if she's still absent by then.
  21. Well, I'm done trying to make sense of IS's decisions with this game. I'll just take my sparkable Charlotte and be happy. Also, RIP Dwyer. They couldn't even bother to add him as the Forrest of 2021. That was never going to happen when Orochi was nearly 200 places ahead of Hayato in CYL5 (143rd to 338th).
  22. You said this an hour too early. If it doesn't show up at the top of the next hour, then we can get mad at IS.
  23. Well, this one fell to ruin in hurry. Poor Eliwood ended up being one of the easiest Limited Hero Battles in quite a while. Clear Team Essentially, F!Grima took out the left side while her son handled the right. Man, were they both ridiculous. Halloween F!Grima and F!Morgan mostly just spectated (though the former did provide support for F!Grima). Three Houses vs. Gangrel Clear Team Why yes, I did go with an actual theme team (Summer Lions) instead of just the usual "unga bunga, F!Edelgard" route. Sometimes even I surprise myself. Tellius vs. Fae & Idunn Clear Team Those poor durgun girls never stood a chance against this much firepower. Micaiah even one-shot Idunn on Infernal. Archanea vs. Eremiya Clear Team Pretty much my standard Archanea team, except now I have two pseudo-dancers. Eat your heart out, Phina. Sacred Stones vs. Sigurd & Lewyn Clear Team I wasted no time in putting Mr. Demon King to work, and he served me well by tanking Lewyn and the archer. Also, having Candy Cane+ on Tana finally paid off as it blocked Sigurd from using Miracle.
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