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  1. Not sure what's worse, that or the Nino (was equipped with Gronnblade) with Ignis that I got in one my recent gauntlet matches. What made that even better was that Nino still had her innate Resistance +3, I myself was using my better Nino and that there was a Fury/Vantage Ryoma among the enemy team.
  2. I already have it in my signature, but I haven't posted my code in this topic yet so here it is for anyone who has signatures hidden and/or only browses SF on mobile devices. 0085075948 Name: Tybrosion Lead: Ninian Nino I'm on Team Leo (soon to be Team Tharja) for reference. Feel free to add me whether you're Team Leo or not. If you are Team Leo, I also have units such as Vantage Ryoma, Ninian and buff bot Ephraim (Rally Defense, Fortify Res) that I can use as my lead just to name a few.
  3. Yeah, I'm also refusing to use any flags unless we have the multiplier but at this point I don't think we're ever going to get it again in this round. I was able to dump 400 flags when Leo had the multiplier at one point yesterday but those have been the only flags I've spent so far for a score of 124,100 (#2,851).
  4. Leo: 1,532,130,169 Henry: 1,459,798,655 No multiplier in play at this point.
  5. Leo: 891,325,781 Henry: 799,110,508 Multiplier is in effect for Henry. Also, I saw a 5* Donny with a Carrot Lance fighting for Team Henry.
  6. I honestly don't know myself. Apparently a gap of about 35,000,000 points isn't enough to trigger it. Maybe the gap needs to be at least 50,000,000 points but again I have no clue.
  7. Leo: 783,917,065 Henry: 748,159,049 Still no multiplier.
  8. Leo: 753,622,483 Henry: 732,482,996 Still no multiplier in play.
  9. Leo: 723,983,547 Henry: 714,707,867 No one has the multiplier.
  10. Leo: 690,178,835 Henry: 595,579,809 Henry has the multiplier again.
  11. Leo: 477,921,648 Henry: 417,862,282 Henry now has the x3 multiplier active.
  12. Leo: 440,164,287 Henry: 400,164,730 Also, nothing like getting stuck with three red mages (my Tharja plus two Leos) against an Azura that they can only deal 1 damage to. -_-
  13. Leo vs. Henry Update Leo: 397,307,313 Henry: 383,333,466
  14. First update for Leo vs. Henry Leo: 8,985,987 Henry: 5,446,833
  15. If it was, then Ephraim and Minerva would've crushed Lucina and Camilla instead of the reserve happening. At least, I didn't see more than a few people on SF backing Lucina and Camilla during their respective gauntlets. Though my perception may be skewed due to the Ephraim and Minerva supporters on here being quite vocal, especially compared to the Lucina and Camilla supporters that were present here.
  16. I meant to say that each Blazing and Growing AoE has no more than 2 units tied to it, my mistake. I know that each Rising AoE has more than 2 units tied to it.
  17. I don't know if this means anything, but each AoE special has two units tied to it at this point except Blazing Flame (Jeorge) and Growing Thunder (Ursula). If he ends up with an AoE, I would wager it would be Blazing Flame because I'm pretty sure they haven't used any skill twice for a GHB unit aside from base ones like Retribution (Narican, Zephiel) and Rising Thunder (Ursula, Michalis).
  18. While I've promoted both Zephiel and Xander to 5*, I have no immediate interest or reason to promote Lloyd myself. I promoted Zephiel for the sake of having a 5* armored unit and Xander for that sweet built-in Distant Counter on a horse action along with the fact that I quite like Xander. Along with those two, I have six other 5* sword units which includes Ryoma and two Falchion users (Chrom and Alm) so unless if Lloyd has anything particularly interesting in his kit I would rather spend my feathers elsewhere for now.
  19. @Cute Chao I've actually gotten Eldigan twice so if I could, I would be willing to unmerge my +1 Eldigan and give you the second one. Too bad trading will almost certainly never be a thing in this game but eh, what can you do.
  20. Because this month has been really good to me so far, I get to update my list yet again only this time I'll group them by banner. Legendary Heroes / Deep Devotion: Catria (+RES, -DEF), Roy (+SPD, -HP) Family Bonds: Ephraim (+SPD, -DEF) Sibling Bonds: Eldigan (+HP, -DEF), Klein x2 (+ATK, -RES, the other was merged into the first) Blazing Shadows: Eldigan (merged into the first), Ninian (neutral), Chrom (+SPD, -HP), Seliph (+ATK, -DEF) Spring Festival: Ryoma (+SPD, -DEF) World of Shadows: Alm (+HP, -RES), Lukas (+HP, -RES) World of Radiance: Effie (+RES, -HP), Soren (+RES, -HP) Hero Fest: Tharja (+HP, -RES), Hawkeye (+ATK, -HP) Female Mages: Sanaki (+SPD, -HP) Promoted: Nino (+ATK, -RES), Camilla (+ATK, -HP), Zephiel, Xander Current Total: 20
  21. It's okay. If my first choice (Leo) loses in either of the first two rounds, you''ll at least have me and my recently obtained 5* Tharja joining you on the dark side Team Tharja for whatever that's worth to you at any rate.
  22. For me, It's Lachesis who won't come home to her brother. Excluding Corrin F, Ryoma has yet to get visits from any of his siblings while Leo and Elise are avoiding their older siblings. Julia is still standing up her half-brother as well while Hector is choosing to neglect his daughter. Karel, Corrin M and Minerva have also refused to meet up with their relatives at my castle (though in Karel's case I currently only have Fir). It's like you said, family bonds apparently mean nothing these days despite the fact that we had two consecutive banners that basically focused on them.
  23. My score of 4,806 currently has me at rank 686 in Tier 14 with one defense win (574). Hopefully I'll be able to stay in the top 5% by the end of the season so I can get bumped up to Tier 17. Team (Offense) 5* Zephiel: Eckesachs, Pivot, Bonfire, HP +5, Wary Fighter 3, Hone Atk 3, HP +3 5* Eldigan, +1 (+HP, -DEF): Mystletainn, Reposition, Moonbow, Fury 3, Brash Assault 2, Hone Spd 3, Attack +1 5* Nino (+ATK, -RES): Gronnblade+, Draw Back, Draconic Aura, Fury 3, Desperation 3, Hone Atk 3, Speed +1 5* Ephraim (+SPD, -DEF): Siegmund, Rally Defense, Moonbow, Attack +3, Seal Def 3, Fortify Res 3 Brash Assault on Eldigan is just a placeholder until I decide on something better. The same goes for Seal Def on Ephraim and to a lesser extent Attack +3. My defense team also uses Zephiel and Nino in addition to Ninian (Neutral; Light Breath+, Dance, New Moon, Defiant Atk 2, Escape Route 3, Fortify Def 2) and 5* Klein, +1 (+ATK, -RES; Brave Bow+, Draw Back, Luna, Death Blow 3, Wings of Mercy 2, Threaten Def 3). Yes, I know I've been lazy about working on Ninian's skill set please don't judge me. Though Defiant Atk is also just a placeholder.
  24. After getting the defense map orbs and buying 23 orbs, I made two pulls from World of Radiance on Tuesday in vain hopes of getting Ike not that I have a huge need for him what with having Ryoma and 5* Xander but Ike is still one of favorites. First Pull: 3* Gaius, 4* Virion, 3* Donnel, 4* Jakob, 4* Roy Triangle Adept fodder Second Pull: 3* Sully Swordbreaker fodder, 4* Arthur, 4* Cherche, 4* Olivia, 3* Draug I swear at times it really feels like I only get Gaius and Virion from colorless stones yes I know I also got a Jakob but these two will seriously not leave me alone. The Roy, which was first one pulled since my 5* back during the first banners, was immediately handed over to Soren for that sweet Triangle Adept. I also quite liked getting a replacement 4* Olivia (+ATK, -DEF) for the one I sacked for Hone Atk shortly after getting my Ninian. Cherche was fed to Ephraim to give him Attack +3 as well as Fortify Def 1 and 2 and the Sully will provide Swordbreaker to a certain someone I got from pulling from Female Mages this morning thanks to the fortune telling orbs. The results from that pull were: 4* Eirika Hone Spd fodder, 5* Sanaki (new), 4* Fae Renewal fodder, 3* Tiki Bonfire fodder, 3* Gunter Sanaki (+SPD, -HP) has finally decided to grace me with her presence and is the aforementioned someone who will be getting Swordbreaker. It does make me sad that I can't be on Team Sanaki as well as Team Leo but I suppose I'll have to settle with being on Team Sanaki in spirit. I also feel kinda bad about getting a third Eirika when I do not like her at all (her art and VA are both amazing though) when there are plenty of others on this site who legitimately like her but still don't have her. Oh well, she and Fae will be thrown onto my skill fodder pile as they are both -ATK and thus worse than my preexisting Eirika and Fae. My Effie also thanks Tiki in advance for Bonfire.
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