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  1. I think I was last at the part where that one kid got stolen by one of the mechonis and his sister joined your party, I think it was JuJu or something so it was like early game. and yes, the scenery and the music are amazing, the landscapes are so beautiful. I enjoy the real time combat a lot as again, reminds me of Tales. I also enjoy games with a nice cast that are well developed, I think Shulk developed with his friends and ended up being a pretty popular character.
  2. I've played half or less of XBC and I enjoyed it, it reminds me a lot of the Tales series and I usually love RPG's with a good story. From my experience with the game, it was really fun and I binge played it a lot. The Xenoblade Franchise is pretty amazing though, even though I'm not to big on it, I'm still hyped for 2 and I can't wait, the graphics are A.O.K. I would consider myself a fan.
  3. I was occupied with other games for a while, like Tales of Berseria and Final Fantasy, I didn't have the available time to purchase SoV. Yes I know, I could buy it on the Eshop and while I was gonna do that, having a hard copy is more satisfying to me. My plan was to wait maybe a couple weeks on SoV and see if it was really worth the wait and the hype. From what I've read and discussed with others, the game is fine, aside from the apparent garbage map design, and most people seem to be enjoying it. BUT! I have come across people saying that isn't worth the 40$. To be honest, I was surprised. Yes, everyone has different views but I still want to take others' opinion into consideration. If I end up getting it, I'll also buy the DLC which is 45$ with the season pass, which I might not get. So a hefty 85$ on the game. My question is, IS IT WORTH?
  4. The Younger Male Corrin or Buff Male Corrin?
  5. Hello, Exalt on the keyboard and today I am willing to try something different, my friend suggested a PMU or a Draft but since I know nothing about Draft rules for any game, I decided to go with PMU. ~NOTES! I have access to all the DLC Classes except for Dark Falcon, I have 2 Dread Scrolls, 1 Vanguard Brand, 1 Exalt's Brand, 1 Hero's Brand and Witch/Ballistician Class. You can pick their class whether it be a DLC Class or a normal Class, keep in mind that I have limited amounts of the DLC Scrolls so your request might not be fulfilled. I'm gonna go ahead and say you can pick my Avatar's Gender and Class, their name will remain Exalt, however, you may pick their Wife/Husband. You may also pick any other character's Wife/Husband as well as their child's class if chosen. Also, I don't know if I'm gonna post my experience with the game. EXTRAS: Difficulty: Hard/Classic Grinding is allowed, I'm not gonna sit here and babysit characters like Laslow and Peri who join so late into the game that babysitting them will be a hassle, don't worry, I'm not gonna go overboard with it. I think that's all, au revoir!
  6. This would be an interesting idea, Luck as of now does not contribute much besides Avoid and Critical Avoid, that would give an otherwise worthless stat some form of value, my issue is that a character's usefulness would solely be measured by their Luck Growth Rate which does not add much depth and strategy. I can't think of a way to combat this off the top of my head, I'm not saying this is bad, but it would take effort and time not to make high Luck characters OP and characters with bad Luck like Arthur horrendous. Maybe they could make it as to where luck was based on age maybe? For example, since Gunter is an older unit presumably in his fifties, he would have decent bases because of all of his years of fighting and combat but would have horrible Growths because he is an old man who is starting to retire while youngins' like Mozu would have phenomenal potential and Luck since she would be still in fighting form though would have trash bases due to her lacking any combat experience. This seems a little hypocritical on my side since players would obviously pick the younger units but like I said I can't think of anything to combat this idea's problems.
  7. Unpopular and different is not necessarily bad, Radiant Dawn is my favorite as well, that's the beauty of every form of media, they're so many opinions. For example, drawing a comparison to Pokemon here, I love Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum and they're my favorite Pokemon games and all I hear about them is negative thoughts and none of the good things that the games offered such as: "The game's too slow" and "The game's bad", that doesn't stop me from enjoying Gen 4. Same goes for anything really, a different opinion isn't bad, it's just different. Everybody has unique tastes, I could like Trap and K-pop music at the same time and that could count as "Bad tastes" but It's who I am. Don't listen to what others have to say about your opinions that might seem controversial, that's what makes a community ; Differing Opinions.
  8. Hola, my name is Exalt, I'm new around here I joined yesterday. My sister told me to check out Serenes Forest, she was a member a while back but she left. I've played, FE4, FE5, FE6, FE7, FE8, FE9, FE10, FE13, FE14. I have yet to play the Archanea series. my favorite Fire Emblem character is Volke and my least favorite is Bors. Radiant Dawn is my favorite FE game due to the amazing cast *though lacking in supports* as they're all so colorful. You have Mist the upbeat loli girl and Nolan the actual bro and you got Haar who is sleeping when he isn't fighting and Skirmir the savage Lion Prince. Fire Emblem is such a wonderful series that is filled to the brim with colorful characters and a great story *obligatory hate on Fates' story*. Hope you can get a grasp of what type of person I am, hope we can be friends! P.S: Excuse me if I seem a little one sided, I'm way more cheery than this, I just can't do introductions lol.
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