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  1. Nah it's reversed. She gets negative avoidance but that's it everything else is good bonuses which fits her character. Nope. Jesse and Silque have a support bonus instead of a convo if you use them in chapter 6 and 5 but that's it. Other than Alm and Celica having support boosts obviously. Also no you shouldn't. Faye makes a worser case than Atlas. At least you can save Atlas completely and utterly by making him a merc. You can't be a merc nor an archer with Faye and Celica already has an offensive healer, Alm does not. Faye even has the again spell pretty sure no other unit naturally has which is more effective on Alm's route. Faye also starts off really under-leveled compared to the rest. It's good for nothing but an easter egg but putting her and Kliff with Alm is absolutely the right choice. Celica's route is filled to the brim with mages so making her a mage in Celica's route is redundant and she will fall behind anyways due to being under-leveled. Just keep her with Alm where she actually can support with somebody (Silque, Alm) please.
  2. Genny bares a resemblance to her Gaiden counterpart. She has the pink hair and that pink dress. I immediately recognized Genny and that was one of the first Echoes redesigns I ever saw. Sorry buddy Boey needed an upgrade. He's not consistent to begin with. At least his old design with the red hair is on a generic male mage.
  3. Nah. Forsyth would look terrible with his edgy old design that doesn't fit with his new actual personality.
  4. Here lies an honorable knight at his finest and isn't a dick like the one who replaced him! He shall have his revenge!
  5. If that third picture is how Gordin looks in New Mystery. Fair enough. But Forsyth. It just doesn't work with his new personality. They had to trash it.
  6. At the very fucking least they look good. Forsyth with that ugly ass hair do and bleh hair color doesn't work the slightest. It did him no favors especially with the new enthusiast loud mouth personality he has. There's things that can't be saved and you're just going to have to deal with it.
  7. Okay but Forsyth would look god awful with the same look from his Gaiden self. It doesn't fit his new personality as this overly excited dedicated soldier who constantly chews out Python for slacking.
  8. They look the exact fucking same. Forgettable trash. Forsyth would look terrible with the overused purple hair. He looks better with green. Learn to accept change you fucking baby.
  9. And you can see how much Python got changed except for the hair you idiot! Even then it got tinkered with along with his face. Leon even gets much much more feminine with make up too. They got changed so much unlike Marth's shitty choices were Gordin and that other green dude look the exact same. They didn't get that changed in comparison to Leon and Python and that's why Marth's cast is forgettable imo. There's no excuses.
  10. Oh god they look the exact same! Talk about forgettable cast crew wow!
  11. The pallet swaps still keeping their shitty designs.,No one cares about them because they fail to stand out. Like Marth's pallet swaps still keeping their shitty old designs. It's okay with the Bord Cord bros because they have a gimmick in their design around it like. "Remember me as the handsome one". There's no excuses for the pallet designs not having a gimmick like the Bord Cord bros yet still keeping the shitty pallet swap designs with no notable changes to where they stand out. Stop being an idiotic retard thanks.
  12. Yet they're forgettable and no one cares about them you fucking idiot imo.
  13. Not with Gaiden's piss poor pallet swap designs. Get over yourself dipshit.
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