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  1. We've had this discussion before, yes? You said something about your job requiring you to be able to to tell what people are thinking or something to that effect. I'll say it now as I said it then, I will tell you exactly what's on mind. If my intentions matched your surmise I wouldn't be "subtly" going about anything, that's not the kind of person I am. If I wanted to shit on FE and "anime", I would be doing it. With the alternative being not posting period. If you read thoroughly, not once did I say I took an analytical look at anything. The precursor to the rundown was "I thought over all the games a bit". For further clarification, I like reading what other people have to say, putting their thoughts and mine parallel and seeing what happens. That's the "analytical look" I was referring to. I've read and appreciated several posts to this topic and they've given me exactly what I was looking for. Slumber in particular. And I have to say I was feeling pretty good until you came at me with this crap again. Stop accusing me of doing something I'm not. In regards to Marth not wearing pants, history isn't my forte but, the dress style of all the characters screams Greco-Roman clothing to me, particularly Marth's. I also heard somewhere that he was named after Mars, the Roman god of war. Maybe @Interdimensional Observer could tell us. If you read everything you'd see me say that my pop culture knowledge is limited, so if you can point me to some popular anime featuring that at the time, I'm waiting. I don't think the dress code was at all implemented with same intention as Fates. That is, blatant, sex-sells fanservice. Honestly, if you felt like I was attacking this should be a good thing. Agreed. I was talking about a serious story, but yes, you could definitely make a good comedy using them. Wow, really? And here I was started think most didn't read, and the ones that did hated it. Perhaps that's going a bit too far. It's definitely something to consider though. If the GB was capable, I totally think Maeda would have gone for it.
  2. Well Slumber took the words out of my mouth. In response to the second part, I don't think it's possible to create a good story using all or most anime tropes. I think "anime" is like candy in the sense that it can taste good but it doesn't provide any real substance. Excellent post. The whole playing in public thing resonates especially well with me, lol.
  3. We must make a distinction between anime and "anime". Technically, any cartoon is anime because it's just the Japanese word for animation. Those tropes we think about when we say "anime" are unique, and are not omnipresent in the media whether in literal sense or in the notion of anime being exclusively Japanese cartoons. The problem is, what do we call it? Is there a true name for it? "Anime" is too broad and very generalizing but it's all we have now. Modern FE gets flack because it does possess tropes that the older games lack.
  4. I understand this. Never looked at Gaiden like that before Nice to know where that might have came from. Kaga does admit to taking inspiration from other works on his blog, so this could be true. This is why I wanted to know what "anime" exactly means. I wouldn't immediately question a games status as "anime" based off of an artstyle alone, unless they have those MASSIVE eyes. In regards to the romantic aspect, there's a huge difference between character-character romance and avatar-character romance. It's way less cringy with the former, and it's actually tied heavily into the plot unlike the games that come after it. I'd agree with this more if we actually saw Ashera's influence. She's practically non-existent until Part 4 of RD. This doesn't feel like a dismantling of ideas or tradition, she's just the thing that forces your playable characters to work together. Are these things? I wonder if Florina's fear of men is more than just a quirk.... Perhaps there's something darker? I'm so glad they opted out of that.
  5. I don't think unnatural hair colors are necessarily "anime". The older games pulled it off just fine. Agreed. Oddly, Fates' cast is one of my favorites, it's just the writers gave them all a "thing" that gets repeated over and over and over.
  6. Yes, it's another one of these, but I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Let's get straight to it. So many people agree that recent FE is "anime", "weeb shit", etc.... I want to take an analytical look at things and figure out exactly what that means. We know that anime isn't actually a genre, so when people say 'anime" in this context they're usually referring to certain tropes, and sexually charged fanservice. The former appears occasionally in mid FE and it and the latter is in full effect in late FE. Is this your definition as well? I thought over all the games a bit... :Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light: So this game's plot is a triple layered vanilla cake with a vanilla pudding core accompanied with a side of vanilla ice cream. It's decent, maybe even "good", but it's every medieval fantasy RPG ever. Forgivable, as this is an NES game and the very first in the franchise. We have young hero who is the sole wielder of sacred sword, fated to save the world from a dark wizard and/or an evil dragon, something that will continue to echo throughout the series. Is this "anime"? There are many examples of the "chosen one", and tiring as it may be, it's not exclusive to anime. Though my media knowledge is limited, I'm not inaccurate in stating this as this is rectified by a quick Google search or a brisk look at a Wiki page. I can't really give you any detailed examples, but out of all of you here, I'm sure you at least one of you can. In conclusion, nothing stands out as problematic here, other than being incredibly standard. :Gaiden: Okay, so this game in my opinion is definitely Kaga's worst work, gameplay and story wise. Being a fan of this game doesn't mean I can't criticize it. Your child's drawings are objectively shit, but you can like them anyway. This game has the "chosen one" trope, and it's much more obnoxious in its convolution than its siblings. In addition there's an evil wizard and a dark lord, though the latter is subverted by the fact the Doma isn't really evil. Is this "anime" though? I'd give you the same response as I did above. Being somehow more barebones than its predecessor, there's not much else to look at. I like to think Kaga came up with Gaiden on a drunken Saturday after dozing of to Star Wars or something. In conclusion, no "anime" detected. :Mystery of the Emblem: This game steps it up a bit. Slightly less vanilla than the previous Archanean title, and the birthplace of this series' possession trope we love. Still, there's not much to be said. In conclusion, no "anime" here. :Genealogy of the Holy War: This game is the series' high point regarding story. Without spoilers, I'll just say that this game as often regarded as the darkest FE. Yet none of it is for shock value, which I appreciate. Is this "anime"? Does any one know of any anime like FE4? Berserk maybe? Though that series does have an anime, we can say without question that it isn't "anime". In my conclusion, no "anime" here. :Thracia 776: This game is a lot like the previous title in story. I can say with confidence that this game is completely devoid of anything that can be described as "anime". If you disagree, you know what to do. :Binding Blade: I've often heard this game's plot compared to FE3, and I'd love it if someone were to finally explain this to me. I see it as more derivative of FE4, with its assortment of sacred weapons, and each wielder founding a land in their honor. This game offers a pleasant subversion in the evil wizard/evil dragon dynamic. Zephiel is acting on his own free will, and Idunn is a nice take on the evil dragon trope. Roy is a "chosen one", but other than his age and hair, he doesn't ping my "anime" radar. It's nice to see a lord who's his own tactician as well. With that being said, I don't really see anything noteworthy but if you do, let me know. The same can not be said for it's sister adaption, Hasha no Tsurugi however. Look at this dude. It fills out any "anime" checklist you can think of. Immature boy protagonist, rash but always if not most of the time wins, power up forms, that hair.... You get the picture. This falls into the specific anime genre "shonen". :Blazing Sword: So I'm going to say something that's probably going to piss a lot of people off. Modern FE issues started with FE7. When asked, most people chalk up modern FE issues to avatar worship, "anime", and bad story, with a minority (based off of what I've seen) opinion in addition, that being post FE5's lack of a singular sequence of events. They've opted for multiverse and time shenanigans in lieu. The avatar was born here, which would eventually lead to what we're dealing with today. Most people laud FE7 for its tame presentation of the concept, and I cannot argue too hard against that. However, Mark's "character" is so subtle that he's practically non-existent. Given IS and Kouhei Maeda's (the man who wrote this game is also the man responsible for FE12, Awakening and Fates, he became the supreme director starting with the former) approach towards things, I'm not confident in saying that it was a deliberate decision on their part. Do you think it was technical limitations or did they actually get it right intentionally? I'd say the former, and I can guarantee you that in the hypothetical remake of this game the avatar will be in the modern format. That is, being playable, able to support and marry anyone, etc.... I'm almost willing to bet money on it. In addition, you know that thing where characters turn forwards and look at you when they talk? That's the precursor to face-petting, friends. And when they do, it's the same pixelated fellatio everyone complains about about with FE12,13, and 14. It was also here the Dragon's Gate was introduced, giving birth to the Outrealms and other such nonsense, the most atrocious example being the Deeprealms in Fates. Granted, I don't see much "anime" here, with the only immediate thing I can think of is Guy, so this game scores decently well. I find it amusing when people criticize modern FE and point to FE7 as a golden point. Overall my opinion is largely mixed, and slightly heavier on the negative side. :The Sacred Stones: Sacred Stones. You know, I've being seeing a lot of Ephraim criticism lately, which is odd because every time I called him flawless no one cared. They didn't oppose me, they just didn't care. Poor SS. I actually like this game, despite the sentiment that it's too easy. Hard mode + no grind is decent challenge for me. Anyway, flawless protagonists aren't necessarily "anime" either. We do have Ross with his shonen eqsue drive to become stronger, but I don't really see anything striking. We have a loli, derivative of the Tiki archetype. However, unlike the others her nii-chan thing caught my eye. Yeah, there's Raquesis who's way more extreme but I don't know. It didn't feel influenced by that stuff. In conclusion, I feel like SS is middle ground. :Path of Radiance: So I've seen Tellius get labelled as the most "shonen" continent. Some would say it's because of Ike vs. BK. Not only is that not inherently shonen but I don't think one loose example is enough to qualify it as such. I'm surprised that this is mentioned before the furries, which one just so happens to be a tsundere. Ike's occupation as a mercenary inherently makes him combat centric when compared to a noble or a royal. He does understandably seek to improve himself but I never got those "i wanna be da best eva!!!" vibes from him, unlike say, Mia. Some would say Ashnard. Aside from his ramblings we don't actually see much from him, and the little that we do seems to have had a positive effect on Daein's society if Edward's comments are anything to go by. Tangent aside, after further inspection we see he accepts Ena as a tactician without knowledge of her true identity as dragon, so it seems his meritocratic view does extend beyond physical strength. I'd say no "shonen" there as well. Some might say the non-dragon/heron laguz leadership application process detracts when it does indeed mimic the social order of some animals in real life. I'm guessing that's what they were going for. In conclusion, the furries definitely set off alarms for me, so while not "shonen", the "anime" is starting to turn up a bit. :Radiant Dawn : I can understand the "shonen" thing a bit more here. Particularly Ike's comments in the epilouge towards Caineghis. And this is the game that gave him the whole "meat" thing, which is very "shonen". Ike like many other characters is not well fleshed out here, but at least he does get his character development in FE9. My ending comment from FE9 applies here as well. :New Mystery of the Emblem : I skipped Shadow Dragon because it largely identical to FE1. So this is where the avatar thing really kicked in. I don't need to go on about Kris, but I will say that he is not the first of his kind. :Awakening : This game is the second implement of the modern format. It's got all of your favorites, avatar worship, each characters having an anime trope, Outrealm shenanigans,fanservice (beach episode, uh) etc... Most people are familiar with the issues but I've noticed people lightening up on it a bit in favor of hating Fates when they're nearly identical, particularly Birthright. What more is there to say? :Fates: Everyone's favorite. The land with no name, featuring face petting,face blowing?, and bare assed knights. Fates is the most blatant example of "anime", but many people falsely attribute that to Corrin, who's no different from 90% of FE protagonists. :Echoes: This game's main problem is that under its fantastic presentation, it's still Gaiden. The "anime" is toned done, but that's just because it's Gaiden. I wanted to include Warriors in but my opinion wouldn't mean much considering I haven't actually played it, but from what I've seen..... That game takes the number one spot for "anime". I couldn't even sit through it. So again, what exactly does "anime" mean to you? Do you feel IS is intentionally trying to appeal to that audience?
  7. Are they? They share the same decayed model with the other necrodragons.
  8. He doesn't move though. And you have to corner him to fight him. I could totally see Marth holding back on him and getting him medical care afterwards. He then wondered off after waking up. Just a theory. We'll probably never know. And the "monster" effect applies to them too. They are zombies after all. Doma isn't, and I'm pretty sure Falchion isn't effective on him.
  9. True, but no one else was mentioned. Not many conclusions to come to. It had nothing to do with dragons though, no dragon-slaying effect.
  10. Eh, maybe. Let me clarify. I know that there's water near Grust but I was specifically talking about the exact spot he was defeated in. I'd understand if he were on the edge or something but he was in the castle. There are even mountains blocking the closest entry. I just don't see him stumbling all the way over there while Marth's army stands there watching. Unless he got blown the fuck back by Aura or something.
  11. Not sure why he would do that though. We never actually get to see the original depiction of Archanea and Valentia together. We didn't see them together at all until "The Complete", which not only erroneously depicts Valentia to the east, but scaled up to match Archanea's size. If Valentia was a small island really close to Archarnea, floating the entire way isn't that unbelievable. It's likely not the case, as Camus was nowhere near water when he lost. The ship thing makes sense. Do we know when Camus lost his memories? Could have been after he was knocked unconscious in the battle, so his character wouldn't be a factor anymore. Doesn't explain why he'd get on a ship though, but his brain did get screwed up.
  12. Remember that actual gods existed in Gaiden. Mila is stated to have the ability to bless the lands, is it not possible that the difference in landscape is due to this? That would explain why Sofia is green and Rigel is swampy. Also there was no snow in the original Rigel. Unless it's just the graphics that are confusing me. Not sure how to explain the desert, and the only reason the journey felt long was because of tedious gameplay, not scale. Valentia was clearly smaller than Europe or Australia. Do we actually know if Camus floated to Valentia?
  13. Yeah, you did. I'll show you. Both are really good.
  14. I've also discussed this in length privately. Message me if you're interested. @omegaxis1 has a good theory in there.
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