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  1. They keep making so many spin-offs that i can only assume that this is all just ties us over until mainline returns. But next year would've been the 10th anniversary so why we aren't getting a mainline game there confuses me.
  2. @DragonFlames and @Shrimperor yo, new Neptunia game announced. It's a spin-off though. https://gematsu.com/2019/11/neptunia-game-vvvtunia-announced-for-ps4. It has an idol theme like Producing Perfection but unlike Prodcuing Perfection, it appears to be an actual game instead of just a dumb idol-sim. PS4 only at the moment, which is odd but whatever. Doesn't help that Affinity is the only thing that doesn't build with inactive party members, even though everything else does. Which was definitly a problem with Sharla once her usefulness in the party disapears. I'm honestly shocked they still haven't done this. Granted, it took them three games to get a cutscene viewer as well but still. Aside from the routes being locked, i'd argue Fates' DLC leads more into the territory of extra content. Echoes' DLC is the gray area stuff. And then Three Houses just dropped the ball immensly on it's DLC.
  3. Yep. It almost beat Atelier Lulua as my favorite Atelier game but it lacked a bit in character events. By that i mean, the quality of the events was the same as in Lulua, there just wasn't as many. Quality over quantitiy but when quality is equal, then quantity matters. Well thankfully, it seems pretty much everyone is saying "no, you cannot start with this". Though some are saying you just need the Cold Steel games even though CS3 assumes you've played every game up to that point.
  4. Welcome back! While you were gone, i finished Atelier Ryza, me and Interdimensional Observer had Xeno discussions as usual (and he finally beat Xenoblade 2), DragonFlames tried and gave up on Thracia and Trails of Cold Steel 3 is getting ported to the Switch in Spring 2020.
  5. And it really should be given how slow Affinity builds in Xenoblade 1. More often than not, i'd find Heart-to-Hearts only for the game to be like "nope, you need this level of Affinity". I'm so glad Xenoblade 2 got rid of Affinity requirements for Heart-to-Hearts. Hopefully XenoblaDE follows suit. Activating Overdrive in Xenoblade X be like Jokes aside though, i think Ophion is a bit farther than Xern tho. Also taking into account that Xern is much, much bigger than Ophion and the Cross in the video was using long-range weapons. And if they aren't doing damage, they are dealing negative status effects. Spike damage in Xenoblade 1 was pretty bad because you never knew which enemy had it and what kind it was. Elemental Awakening from Torna is probably the only other thing that comes as close to being as bad because of how random it was.
  6. Yes and he's also the guy behind this gem as well I actually didn't know Love Sources were a thing in Xenoblade 1. Probably because i never did trading. I'd be ok with DE getting rid of trading and replacing it with something much better tbh. Yeah and without the tombstone markers on the map, finding the UMs you've already killed might take a bit. I do wish requirements like these were fulfilled in advance. But it's worth it in the end as one of Zenobia's passives does extra damage against UMs, so she's a good Superboss killer. A tip for Ophion if you decide to fight him, make sure to start the battle against one of the walls. Because the battle takes place right next to a cliff, it's easy for an animation to make you fall. So start the battle against one of the walls and then while the AI focuses there, you can move to a more open space to get a clearer view. Unfortunately, Ophion takes like a minute to get in range so if you lose against it, you'd have to wait a minute before challenging it again unlike other UMs where you can just walk up and fight and die.
  7. And then you have to take into account that some enemies Spike effects activate upon Topple or Daze, effectively punishing you for getting an advantage. I even meme'd about it
  8. Adding to this, it was rather rare to get Daze since not everyone had access to a Daze Art. Meanwhile, full Driver Combos in Blade 2+Torna were relatively easier to get, especially since everything can get hit by it (except Ophion, you can't Break Ophion at all). Damn, you got them all in a shorter amount of time than i did. Nice. FYI some Blade Quests are kinda dumb because you could start them but take a while to finish because of some Affinity Chart requirements. Newt's Blade Quest for example is unlocked pretty early (i think it's at Lv.2 Affinity) but you can't complete it until you max out her unique Field Skill, which requires Lv.5 Affinity. As a tip though, since you have the DLC, you can make the Love Potion or something. I forget what it's called but it's from one of the DLC Quests and it basically has the highest Trust gain out of any Pouch Item. It can help unlock Affinity levels and reach Affinity Rank S+ really quickly.
  9. Just came out of my math final exam. Don't know the grade yet but i'm feeling much more optimisitc with this one as it was multiple choice. Not only that, but this grade counts as both my final exam grade and my worst test grade. In the end, i'm still braindead when it comes to math (and physics, since that's just math 2) and i might have to retake the class (if i do, it's on campus, never take math online) but i hope i at least did decent.
  10. @Interdimensional Observer i think what you can do to increase your gain of Core Crystals is with Custom Difficulty. Set everything to be in your favor but set enemy HP to max. That should give you even more opportunities to get Core Crystals from Driver Comboing the Ardun.
  11. The Christian Minecraft server meme is now canon.
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