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  1. Good thing there are......other ways.
  2. Well, given PS4's notorious first time installations, i figured i better get this out of the way. Ok you brought this upon yourself Accept the consequences of your actions. Is that the real reason you like Luigi? Finally, an SRW for me.
  3. I think it seems the entire game was just cursed and it became a mess. Thankfully, it was just a rough storm and the team was able to recover. Yeah, cause of the GBA. I was just wondering if the romhacks allowed for some more unique sprites but oh well.
  4. No i meant that the sprites have blue hair while the characters have red. Idk man, Other M's Backloggd average score is a 2.2 but i gave it an 8/10. This means DMC2 is a 9/10.
  5. Oh man bro. A lower score than Other M. Of course, form your own opinion and all but this is pretty funny.
  6. Love how the sprites do not match the characters at all. Not it's fault tho, GBA is like that. Sounds hilarious. Wait, is 2 the one with "i should've filled your dark soul with light"? Or is that a different game in the series?
  7. I see then. 2 gets memed on a lot from what i hear. So might be better to at least play 3 and 4 first is what i'm getting. 5's modernizations could make it hard to go back, depending.
  8. So Xenogears, got it 👍. I gave it a chance cause it was a gift from a friend. Oh well, there's still DMC5. Which i haven't gotten around to yet. Depending on how much the story matters, it may be better do play through the other DMCs first. ______________ I played the Gravity Rush 2 demo and it feels so much better to play. The game is also apparently longer than the first so you know what, i'll bite. $20 is nothing anyways.
  9. That's fair. It's definitely a long-term game, much like Mario Kart. You'd be buying it to play with friends. I left Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings on hold for like two years and i continued just fine. It's less that games on-hold are less likely to be continued and more of the fact that i really, really don't care about Final Fantasy. That's......certainly interesting. Of course, Ruben will take offense that the old man can't be cool.
  10. I should've never put it on hold cause now I played it for like 40 minutes and completely lost any interest to continue.
  11. Well I guess I'll resume FF7R now. I'm also downloading the demo for Gravity Rush 2.
  12. It doesn't look like it unfortunately.
  13. Gravity Rush rushed so hard, it forgot about the midgame (review) The entire concept of Gravity Rush is pretty unique and given it's status as a cult classic (at least from what i've seen), it felt like it should've been a pretty fun time. Yeah, it should've... Truth be told, there is a good game in here. The gravity shifting can be pretty fun once you get the hang of it and while combat is barebones and the difficulty is non-existent, it does feel functional (unless it's air combat in which is actually ass). Kat's an alright character and the story started to get pretty interesting at around the mid-game and i found it interesting that all the voice acting (that exists anyway) is done with made up fantasy language. There's just one big, big problem with all of this: the mid-game is actually the late-game even though the game didn't feel anywhere close to done. Just when the story was getting interesting, just when i finally had a firm grasp on the gameplay.....the game starts closing the curtains. I'm well aware there's a sequel and all and perhaps that game improves on what's here but Gravity Rush ended so abruptly that it pretty much didn't give any of it's qualities enough time to shine. It doesn't help that as far as the story is concerned, it leaves so many unanswered questions to the point where the story genuinely feels unfinished. Actually the worst kind of sequel-baiting but at least that sequel's out now. Hopefully it's better. Also the camera is ass a good chunk of the time (not dealbreaking bad) but i guess that kinda comes with the territory about a game where you can tell gravity to cease. 5/10
  14. So i just beat Gravity Rush ???????? Honestly, i'm convinced y'all just played an alt timeline game because I found Zero to be a decent challenge on Normal mode. Not the snoozefest it's being made out to be.
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