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  1. gtdfg

    Help w/ Tiled

    It didn't recognize when I put the ID to 0 or 1, so I wrote this: 0 1 The error about the ID apparently stopped, the one that popped out after doesn't seem related. But then again, I can be wrong, so I'm not really sure
  2. gtdfg

    Help w/ Tiled

    Hi again, sorry for asking so many times about stuff. Based on Markyjoe's Tiled Tutorial (http://markyjoe.com/Tutorials/Tiled_Tutorial/Tutorial.html), I learned to create basic maps and inserting them without tile changes. But the problem comes when I try to insert the tile changes. I've written the properties manually, the map size is 16x10 squares (same size as the first prologue chapter), and quite a bit of errors show up, including this one from the pic and others with the ID, though I think I solved the ID issues. Still trying to figure out, but if anyone happens to know, it would help a lot. I don't think I need knowledge from event hacking on this yet; I'm still learning about that on Arch's post, and the Tutorial doesn't mention anything about event hacking. I'm not sure about what kind of object reference the error message is mentioning... Sorry for the trouble again if you decide to help, I'll update the situation if I find a solution myself. (I highlighted the most important part of the blog because I felt it was kinda ranty-ish and I just wanted to show the point)
  3. gtdfg

    Help w/ Nightmare

    I didn't alter with the files; since I'm still learning, I've been mostly loading modules and trying them out... Gonna take a look at the characters limitations, even though I haven't added any characters yet, there might be something there. Thanks for the info
  4. Recently, I've noticed that I can't access the Character Editor from Nightmare. Any ideas why? I've already tried to re-download the module and Nightmare, but the same error screen keeps popping...
  5. gtdfg

    Introduction + Help

    Is there a reason to why it has broken? Or it just... broke?
  6. Hello Serenes' users! I'm kinda timid, so no idea on how to introduce myself :P I guess you can call me gtdfg, but whatever. I think this is a pretty basic question, but if somebody knows how to help me I'd be glad to listen :) I think this has to do with my PC's configs, but why is Eventiel, from the Emblem Brigade, looking like this... (Help-Eventiel) Focus on the topics; they are supposed to be separed into different categories, side by side (I don't know how to describe it very well, but I think you can just go to the site's link:http://tebrigade.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=Pages&pid=2) Is this some kind of configuration I've altered in the dephts of my PC? If so, does anybody know which one is it and how to revert it back? It's kinda hard working with that interface... Help-Eventiel.rtf
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