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  1. Now I'm looking for Peri with Wary FIghter, if anyone has it, that'd be great. Thanks in advance.
  2. Got it, thanks a lot. Selena is tough to use when she gets Strength screwed, but I love her.
  3. I'm looking for Selena with Stregnth +2, if anyone can get that for me, I'll be eternally grateful. She got screwed twice on her level ups and I need that +2 STR for a map. A tonic isn't enough to cut it.
  4. I'm looking for skills for Percy. Anything good would be appreciated. I currently have these characters on my castle (Address: 16033-19693-30241-10644) Male Corrin: Luna, Pavise, Astra, Dragon Ward, Renewal Azura: Luck +4, Inspiring Song, Aptitude, Profiteer, Death Blow Sakura: Miracle, Rally Luck, Renewal, Pavise, Aegis Subaki: Luna, Rend Heaven, Pavise, Aegis Silas: Miracle, Lancefaire, Swordfaire, Luna Caeldori: Pavise, Aegis, Qixotic, Aptitude Charlotte: Lifetaker, Gamble, Death Blow, Certian Blow, Axefaire Ignatius: Aptitude, Renewal, Wary Fighter, Lifetaker, Luna
  5. Thanks, let me know when Keaton's ready. Grabbed some of the skills for Anna.
  6. I'm looking for good skills for Keaton and Anna. Thank you in advance.
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