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  1. Sad, but true. I could use, however, some character critiques, as I am still developing them, and would definitely like some outsider input.
  2. Hi, my name is Morgan, an aspiring modder, and a future gas station attendant. As you can tell, I have high hopes. Anyways, there really isn't much interesting to me, but if you want to know anything, feel free to ask.
  3. STORY For once, peace reigned supreme in the land of Elibe, until one fateful day, a young mage by the name of Marii, started the world down a path of destruction with no clear sign of stopping. In this game, you play as a young, stubborn girl who works only for the glory. Although, one day, when she meets a kindhearted mercenary from Bern, she found that the glories of war are not all that she dreamed. On a path of self-discovery, she stumbles upon a suspicious army of soldiers, one that wore the colors of ancients. And a Simple Request So, if this story intrigues you, please let me know, as I have a few problems. I cannot code events for crap. I can sprite, at least, I think so, and I can write stories and dialogue and I know what I want the game to look like. The creative aspects are down. I just need help/a coder who is willing to assist me with this. If this offer interests you, please, feel free to PM me so we can discuss details.
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