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  1. Brigand can be useful. But training Nobles to become Brigand or Thieves is laughable.
  2. Actually, I would like to see this on every Classes that gives you a extra weapon. At least D please.
  3. And that every classes have a tier 3,unlike Echoes, so as to balance.
  4. Therefore, TH is gonna have in a way or an another a dancer/reroll unit. But I wouldn't mind a system as Faye's. I mean that it is not a special unit, like a dancer, who makes you play again, but a spell (or any thing else) from a normal unit, like Faye in the cleric class. (And being the only one to do this). This would make us thinking about doing only one action : doing the reroll thing or play the unit (like attacking).
  5. Do every FE had at least one dancer ? Or they were some exception, and if yes, will 3H an another exception ?
  6. Thank for the image, because I didn't noticed them before, but they could be just as the GBA games ir Fates, nothing but either ennemy class only, or only available in the group that follows you. So, even if I wish some of them being playable, I'm kinda uncertain of their playability with the ancients FE as example. (PS: What is your new promotion idea ?)
  7. Griffons didn't stroke me in anyway, except they look fancy. Hope for a strong buff.
  8. Also, Soldiers making a come-back would be great. Since the beginning, they only are the gombas of the serie, only 3 games made them something by giving a evolution.
  9. But with his ambiance, I think that most of the classic classes will come back in TH. Tier 3 would be a good idea to improve the originality, other New classes aside. Beside, the fact that Edelgard has Vantage during the first trailer make me wonder if skills will really depend on the User 's class. If not, then it could create a balance between each classes, which can be nice in my opinion. Then I would accepte the come-back of any class.
  10. I wouldn't mind. Actually, I'm curious to see how IS could handle this.
  11. Also, imo, the Noble class might be a Villager like, but with more customization (or its just temporary before choosing a whole class). I think of this because with the Linhardt's screen, we can see plenty of weapons. So, I'm still confuses for the Noble case
  12. I'm asking if they are going to reinteoduce the Master Knight shit from FE4 (Leif and Lachesis).
  13. Finally, Bartre getting a weapon. I expect anti armors and horse but it can be a Nephenee weapon-like. Also, good to see Saber having a personal weapon because he has the same problem as Lyn, rare (difficult to merge) and less useful compare to some units in the lower rarity. But Saber's resistance is quit "rare" and can be player in a unique way. But since the barrier sword came, I hope his new weapon will be more than that because barrier sword + DC is a great combo on him and that can replaces is new weapon if not useful enough.
  14. Random:"Boss, who should we include in the next banner ?" IS:"Correct me if i'm wrong but, we have big boobs character from Fates, Right ?" Random:"Yes, but we already gave her an alt" IS:"Then give her a second alt !" Random:"But..." IS:"NOW !!!!!" Here goes Kagero again.... (I could have said "Fates again" But its a pleasure for me to see Niles having an alt, but for Kagero....)
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