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  1. Has anyone found the ID for the rusted Mage ring? It's only found in Thabes Labyrinth at B7 and B10 at less than 1% odds. It's the only item ID still missing and I've been grinding the dungeon to get it. No luck such far. I'd appreciate it if someone has already found it. I'd also be very willing to share my save file if I find it first. Help is very appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I don't suppose anyone has asked these noble heroes if they could share their save file? I'd ask them but I'd want to direct them to this board to show that there's a genuine need for this type of save file. I don't know how to direct people on other boards to this board so they can see. May someone please ask and direct them here? O_o
  3. Indeed we must. Hopefully IS knows better from now on than to lock content with playthrough requirements. I'm still pretty new to these forums. I don't suppose you know where you found this mystery person? I have no idea where to look.
  4. Apparently IS thought it was funny to unlock bonus Trial Map characters under large playthrough "walls". I've already beat this game twice. I want to play it again but I ain't got it in me to play it 13 more times JUST to unlock the rest of the bonus characters that you can only use post-game. I like the game but not enough to replay it 15 times. I figured some noble soul out there has already done it? I'm curious as to how Ashnard plays too.
  5. Nah, its the rusted ring that can be repaired to become a mage ring. It can only be found at the Thabes Labyrinth on B7 and B10, and the odds of finding it is pretty low. It's not available in this character editor. Actually, the only two items missing in this editor ARE the rusted Sol lance and the rusted Mage Ring.
  6. May anyone out there offer a Radiant Dawn (US) save with all the unit profiles (shown if u wait a bit during the title screen)? I read somewhere at this site that all the class profiles of the unit roll are unlocked by the time you beat the game 6 times. That's a lot of playthroughs! I'd appreciate it if anyone can share their save if they've already done it. Thanks!
  7. May anyone out there offer a Path of Radiance (US) save with all support conversations and Ashnard unlocked via the 15 (that's crazy) playthroughs? I want to be able to play my run without having to worry about having to play multiple runs to unlock all the support conversations and the Trial Map characters. I also want to enjoy the Trial Maps by using all of the bonus characters along with my hard-trained story units too. Thanks! Quote Edit
  8. Why, thank you kind samaritan! I don't suppose if you also have a save file of New Mystery with all the event recaps unlocked too? Preferably with all the lunatic boosters unlocked and DLC already downloaded to it too? Thanks again!
  9. Not sure if this is the proper place or if it's against the rules to ask, but is there anyone that can offer a shadow dragon (US) save with all the event recaps unlocked? I want to start my Shadow dragon run without having to worry about branching on decisions to unlock alternate dialogues. Thanks!
  10. Uh, this tool won't give me the rusted lance (sol). When loading back my game, all I get is a blank item spot. Every other item works fine. If possible, may you also add in the rusted ring (mage) into the editor too? This tool is awesome nonetheless. Thanks for making it!
  11. Hello, I have a weird problem! Every time I load in my save with JKSM and access my edited file, it would tell me that the DLC is corrupted. Loading in my backed up save fixes this. Is there no way to edit my save without the game telling me that my DLC is corrupted? Is it just me? Edit: Nevermind, all I had to do was just replay my DLCs. My game kinda forgot some of the DLC exclusive items I had. Haha
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