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  1. General consensus seems to be that Nightmare one is the superior software.
  2. Which version of nightmare should I use? keep in mind I'm completely new to ROM hacking.
  3. Sorry for responding so late, I was busy last night. I have forgotten to change the title of the topic to more clearly fit what I was asking ( I tend to proofread/retype what I write on here to more closely fit what I want to ask) I had meant to ask about beginner mistakes I should avoid as well as any cool tips that you may know of. I apologize if the title is misleading.
  4. I'm completely new to ROM hacking. What advice do you have to offer up to a newbie like me?
  5. Why thank you, Ycine! (I weave tales of mighty heroes, not debate about which one was the best.) Anyways, thank you too eclipse!
  6. Hello there, I am BodaciousBard. I'm new to Serenes Forest. My first ever experience with the Fire Emblem Series was with Awakening, however, I have made it a long term goal to play most of the games in the series. here are some other things I think you should know about me: -I'll be the first to admit I have yet to play any of the games to completion (I'm the kind of person to completely start over an incomplete game for the most petty of reasons) -Out of the games I've played so far, Blazing Sword happens to be my favorite. -I'm not very vocal about my opinions when it comes to more subjective aspects (i.e: characters, story,etc. This also ties into my aforementioned goal of playing most of the games in the series, as I feel it's important to look at all of the options available to me before I make any final decisions.) -I have been interested in the idea of ROM hacking for awhile now. In fact, I'm writing the story for one. However, the actual aspect of messing with the code is still very daunting to me. -------------------------------------------------------------- That's all I really have to say. Feel free to ask questions, I'll answer them to the best of my ability.
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