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  1. Im actually very excited for Caeda. She looks darling. I gotta say it because I think im one of the few who want her most. (Though for utility, Lyn is the most intriguing. But I play games with my heart. Not my ego of being top tier.)
  2. You'll get there one day, Rey didn't always have all that. I believe in you. Not REALLY the place for it, but what bane/boon was he and how satisfactory is he as a 5*? Been considering it but hes not as strong as I would like.
  3. Thanks for that Had to look up rufurufu. I guess thats RobinxRobin in JP A little sugar in his tank and watch out!
  4. I think A Corrin or a Robbin (not likely both of either) are going to be in the banner. I mean, nobody gets married as much as they do. Well, they only get married once. Er, well, you know what I'm trying to say.
  5. Gaius and Linde, eh? is that your own personal concoction? That'd be better and more interesting. But the only times I have seen characters in japanese works interested in fanfics they have been 1. Perverted people in Ecchi shows, 2. Otakus who spend lots of time on the internet. Both of which seem pretty distant from FE. But I dont put anything past this game. It does what it wants and I love it. Edit: I guess being lonley could be a catalyst for writing marriage fanfics. But then wouldnt VERONICA be the one in the wedding dress?
  6. They'll throw in Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn who go to all of the weddings the brides are at and kidnap them for Veronica. The paralouge of course will be called Wedding Crashers. Or it'll be like the Spring festival, where the plots just kinda "we're getting married" lets do a ceremonial parley as our kingdoms do for marriages (source games never mentioned a spring festival, so they can create simple lore like that) Edit: Apologies if that sounded surly. Eh, wasnt meant to.
  7. Pretty much that^. I like every character thats been introduced in the game for either utility, uniqueness, or personality/art/Voice work. Even characters I never knew of before I played heroes. As for my speculation, Caeda, Corrin F, Lyn, Sumia (Serenes homepage says thats who one of the teased girls looks like, I dont necessarily concur with that statement but they tend to be more accurate than myself)
  8. If I dont play arena this week, and I'm at tier 13, will I rank down? I check the tier score and it has nothing highlighted but I just want to be sure.
  9. It makes the RNG on 50 Turn maps less ridiculously frustrating. On the map where you fight Sonya, if you don't move right a witch might teleport and instakill you, and there's also a castle map with about 10 archers who really mess things up on turn 20 or so and the map takes forever to beat on classic/deathless.
  10. I think most of these GHBs have been for the most part units who perform a specific Niche, rather than being good all around units. (barring SI). Narcian: A blue unit destroyer, most specifically, lancers. Ursula: Horsies Green Lady Robin: Conceptually, Reinhardt's bane. She can also hurt horsies in general, but she doesn't have one so they may use the escaping. Lloyd: Resistant Navarre who doesnt get as much Criticals. Sympathy Ragnarok effect for those who didn't get Celica. "Green mage killer" WITH SI (not sure his niche without SI. I mean, ya Bunny Camilla a little.) Navarre: Extremely fast sword running at incredibly hihg speed. (Im missing something there) Haven't used Navarre Zephiel and Michalis: Good units almost any time.
  11. Beat it with no Nino/Rein/Bow/Dancer. Which im not saying is particularly challenging, but it made me feel pretty good. The MVP as usual. Michalis: Atk Seal + 1, Blazing Thunder, Renewal 1(It procced TWICE and instakilled everything it touched. Underrated.) (In progress SI. Proved vital as Michalis survived with 1 hp at one point) Threaten Def 1. Lotes Shield. Michalis stands next to Caeda and gets his def boost, Pulls green pegasus and bow man, renews HP. Bunny Lucina: Hurts Lloyd a bit, but not nessecarily. Finishes the bowman after Merric tanks his hit and reciprocates. survives with 5 hp. Caeda for Fortify Fliers. Important to move her at least one space from Michalis on the turn he pulls the Pegasus, otherwise Michalis cant run away. And we need him. The world needs him. ALLL THE WORLDS need him. Merric. Survives the Bowman when he comes around. Helps take care of the Blue mage
  12. sorry for derailing this from pulls, but if you have live to serve + rehabilitate then Wrathful staff 2 is probably fine.
  13. That quote is signature worthy. Though im kinda hoping Wrathful 3 ends up being a 4* skill (doubtful) so everyone regrets throwing Genny away. Skill fodder saddens me.
  14. Sweet! Thanks you two. Usually when it takes me SO much resources to get, they're terrible nature/IVs. Also @Lushen ;.; what did Genny ever do to you. :P
  15. Special thanks to @Cute Chao for wishing me the best on my pulls. I think it got me to where I really needed to get. BANNER COMPLETE 100% The streak lives on!!!! Could a kind soul tell me what nature Celica is? HP:17 Atk:23 Spd: 7 Def: 4 Res: 7. I can't upload because my attachment limit is full and I can't figure out how to delete it.
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