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  1. I was starting a new conquest run and I really wanted to marry Charlotte, what would be the best boon, bane, and talent for that
  2. So I just wanted to know what to build my character as in relation to the child I want. For each child, say the best boon and bane for them, and throw in talent if you want. Thanks! EDIT: I'm only marrying 1st genners
  3. Actually, your math is wrong. Unless I marry azura, which I don't want to do, I'll have 12 pairings
  4. I'm going to do a play through as male corrin and I don't want to marry a child or corrinsexual, but I also don't want to miss out on any children. Is my plan possible, or will I have to skip out on a child. (If I have to skip a kid, which one? I'm playing conquest)
  5. I love the blue from azura or pieri, but mozume is also wonderful
  6. First off, no I'm playing birthright. Second, I used my second seal to change mozu to an archer
  7. I was doing an archer mozu (used my one heart seal) and I promoted her to kinshi knight. But after reading stuff, I realize that wasn't the best idea. Have I fucked up, and if so, can I fix it?
  8. I know all I aks about is marriage, but I don't want to ruin children. I'm now doing a hoshido run through with a boon in strength, a bane in luck, and a sky knight talent. So please answer the title question.
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