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    Tea, art, vidya, so on and so forth. Send me a PM if you have any questions or concerns!
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Hi there!

Going by the assumption that you're looking at my profile because (for some unthinkable reason) you're interested in my background or personality, I'll give a brief explanation. I'm oiginally from Pauillac, a small village in the Bordeaux reigon of France, and studied art and graphical design in England, after which, I moved on to America, where I plan to stay for the forseeable future. 

You can mostly find me playing Blizzard games (Diablo I was the first game I ever played), drawing, or playing older games. My first Fire Emblem game was Awakening, which I still hold in high regard, even after playing all of the Internationally released FE games, and a few Japan exclusives with translation patches as well.

Thanks for taking an interest in me, and may we see each other somewhere on the forums soon!


[You can find me on twitter @CtrlAltSandwich, or on the 131 Collective Discord server]

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