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  1. Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it! Your post was indeed how I learned of the 5x 6 turn. I found it while researching some LTC strategies for this game, and found my strategy with help from that post. If I remember correctly, I am pretty sure that the main adjustments were so that Forde got some more exp. Forde only has so much time to get his 4 levels for Chapter 9, so even stuff like chip exp ended up being necessary. So I just optimized 5x as well as I could to accomodate for that, and it ended up working out in the end.
  2. ooo, I didn't even notice this one, that's cool Mekkah has been aware of this run for a while now I believe, and I can only be glad that he's a big supporter of it. In fact, he shoutout'd me out in another video of his, and it was almost certainly due to that shoutout that I recently passed over 100 subscribers. It's just really cool, since his + dondon's runs were the biggest inspiration for this run, and he's a really good player + content creator too. Nothing but respect for the man.
  3. Chapter 20 is completed in 2 turns Chapter 20 Notes Since the end of this run is upon us, I will be having a QnA session during the Epilogue in the next video. Feel free to post any questions you may have and would like me to answer for that video. Basically anything goes, as long as it isn't too personal. Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! :^]
  4. Chapter 19 is completed in 1 turn Chapter 19 Notes
  5. Chapter 18 is completed in 5 turns Chapter 18 Notes
  6. Chapter 17 is completed in 2 turns Chapter 17 Notes
  7. Chapter 16 is completed in 4 turns Chapter 16 Notes
  8. Chapter 15 is completed in 4 turns Chapter 15 Notes
  9. Chapter 14 is completed in 5 turns. Chapter 14 Notes
  10. Chapter 13 is cleared in 4 turns Chapter 13 Notes
  11. I still have no idea how the heck you managed to get him all that Axe WExp outside of potential Devil Axe shenanigans Dozla really is the strongest though, only the truth edit: oof
  12. Chapter 12 is completed in 4 turns Chapter 12 Notes
  13. Well, even in a regular run, I'd highly recommend using multiple save slots just in case you screw something up (like a recruitment) and want to go back. That's part of the reason I do it in this run (it's just a habit from my regular playthroughs). The other reason is that when preparing this playthrough, I wanted to have save files of every chapter available so I could work on them in whatever order was convenient, and it's more efficient to store them three at a time than having a file for every single chapter. I would assume that other LTCers that do this have similar reasoning (mainly habit).
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