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  1. Just as a quick comment: indoor plumbing wasn't widespread in Europe until the LATE 19TH CENTURY. Like, train travel was yesterday's news but toilets were a marvel. Another really curious QUIRK of indoor plumbing is people took up the technology slowly because the people who benefitted most from it were NOT the people footing the bills to install the new pipes. Like, if someone says to you, "Hey, would you like to spend a HUGE chunk of money refurbishing your home--it will be very expensive and maybe smelly--or would you like to continue paying a peasant literal pennies to keep pumping your water outside/carrying away your poop?" If you worked in the kitchen or the staff of a large house, of COURSE you'd see the benefit! Your daily labor would be much easier. But if you worked in the kitchen or the staff, you weren't making decisions about renovation. Like, it wasn't even a hard question for most wealthy people! It was easier and cheaper to keep paying employees. It would have been difficult and expensive to install plumbing. So they didn't.
  2. I have Lightning Breath+ on my Adult Tiki, Fae, Nowi, and Ninian. I want to upgrade one of them but can't decide which of the buffs to take. Attack because they have lowish attack? Increase a high defense/res stat? Balance their defenses? What's everyone else doing? How's that going?
  3. A recent reddit thread confirmed this. Someone who'd tried it posted.
  4. I have 2 4* Effie’s and I’m thinking of promoting one. i have +ATK/-DEF and +RES/-SPD The +ATK is great but she’s kind of fragile with -DEF. The +RES is great & I’ve seen some cool res-tanks builds for Effie, but it’s hard to pass up +ATK. Promote one of these two or just keep waiting?
  5. I'm not sure what the legal solution should be, but I've read too many cases of gamblers who try to remove themselves from temptation (going so far as to move so that the casinos they patronize don't know their address, change phone numbers ditto) & a chance encounter/bad day (read one about an addict who went back to a casino after a painful funeral...) pushes them back over the edge and voila, one last binge later they're ruined. i strictly buy the $5 orb packs and I buy every other month max, on principle--I'll pay to keep the servers up and I'll chip in for a cute well made game but I am not dropping cash for a particular character, etc, or to pull. it's not that hard for me to make & stick by limits but that's part of what makes me wonder if gambling can truly be an addiction; there's something going on there that doesn't happen to me, that isn't part of my make-up. personal responsibility is important but it's a cruel thing to preach to addicts.
  6. I just got Hinoka & now I'm facing a familiar dilemma. She's got a unique skill I'd like to pass on & an iffy IV (and I've got a great Cordelia) but I don't want to sacrifice my only copy of a character for inheritance. I have the same issue with Mathilda--I pulled a -ATK copy at 5 stars. She's frustrating to use, but I don't want to patch up her weaknesses with SI because there's a good chance I'll turn her into fodder eventually (I do have a couple 4 star Mathildas...) so instead she just sits there, doing nothing. I'm leveling this Hinoka just to see what she's like & i keep thinking, "she'd work better if I inherited this or that..." but if I'm just going to sacrifice her down the line... What do you guys do in thos situation? Other than dither endlessly...
  7. Did two full pulls, so ten orbs. Ended up with... 5 star: Abel (+HP/-DEF), Hinoka (+HP/-DEF), Klein (neutral) 4 star: Sophia, Nino x 2, Bartre, Cherche, Felicia 3 star: Gordin I guess this qualifies as REALLY lucky? Three five stars with IVs that aren't great but aren't disastrous (no ATK or SPD banes), none of them duplicates. I kinda needed good blues. I was probably going to promote a couple of blues (Still haven't 5 starred Camus) but now I might split it, do at least one green. In any case, those were all the orbs I've allotted for this banner so high five to everyone who got a focus unit. Elincia seems pretty neat.
  8. The new units look great but after the past couple of months of pulling, I'm going to focus energy on units that I can promote with feathers rather than pinning my hopes on pulling focus units. IS has been generous with feathers and you can promote the colors/types you need, filling gaps in your collection, rather than waiting for luck to do the job.
  9. It's the easiest way I've found of grouping all copies of a unit together in a way that's really easy to locate. Type/weapon type means that all the red tomes are together in one spot so if you're wondering, say, 'how many tharjas do I have' you can scroll to the red tomes and all your Tharjas will be there in a row, no matter their level or rarity. I mean, yes, it would also be great to sort by name! I don't mean to suggest that would be bad. Just that type --> weapon type --> origin is my workaround.
  10. I like to give similar types of heroes similar movement assists; i.e. all my mages get draw back. Fliers get reposition. Armors get pivot. I've made a few exceptions, but a systematic approach really helps.
  11. I pulled a Luke recently & with Lyn on my roster I've been thinking of building a second cav team. I imagine that's the more likely answer.
  12. I got a +HP/-SPD Innes and he's great. I'm sure he'd be better with a different IV, but I can use him to bait mages & very few of them survive the encounter. Build him up, unless you've got tons of great five star archers I'm sure you'll be glad you did.
  13. Finally pulled my first of the Brave heroes, a Brave Ike. Now that I've successfully targeted and pulled two much-desired heroes, I'm starting to get a sense of what's required. 1. Save up orbs for at least a few weeks. 2. Spend all your orbs. 3. Get nothing. 4. Continue to collect orbs, sniping whenever you collect an amount that feels "safe", even though it pains you to spend 5 orbs for a single troop. Suck up all the lame 3 star pulls. 5. Repeat step 4 until the banner ends or you get your troop. My Ike is +ATK & -SPD though, and I followed that up by grabbing a free neutral Brave Lyn so now I feel lucky and extremely glad to be done with that banner.
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