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  1. A bright light appeared before anything had happened, Within a few seconds of archer’s last arrow being fired lancer had already seen them being fired but just now moved, as she had whispered to her master, “Master use the gate when you feel it necessary” as The arrows dived down towards Lancer. Othinus was unsure of what to do, as she wasn’t sure if lancer could beat all those noble phantasms and was afraid to use a Command Seal, as such she needed to make up her mind as she remembered that a master was close, so it was now or never. “Lancer I order you to use your second noble phantasm and win against archer” as a split second passed and lancer looked liked she had slashed the air with her spear, as she said “Gate of Skye: Gate to the Magical Realm Brimming with Death” as a black orb appeared behind lancer, as it looked like it began to expand which began to look like an infinite void of nothingness on the inside, as Lancer said “Gate of skye, Release and open” As the Gate of skye began to turn into a vacuum, which began to Suck the arrows into it and Archer’s master below the ground, as lancer took out her spear and stomped her foot into the ground, as she began to to throw it a full power towards archer and in an instant The spear and arrows passed each other. While everything was going on othinus was looking at everything with a blank expression, as a million thoughts ran trough her head while she was looked at the Gate of Skye, as she began thinking about the past. “Scum, human trash, disappointment, Disgrace, monster, killer, murderer, thief, worthless, inhuman creature, bitch, pig, Retard, idiot, abnormal, livestock and slave were words othinus had been beaten to understand as positives, in her eyes getting noticed by her parents was all she ever wanted, however in the years before her brother’s birth she was not allowed to understand how the world worked by her father, which in turn expanded to her mother as such ‘normal’ was not a word she understood after all it was good othinus wasn’t normal that made her special after all, as such her emotions and idea of how people worked had been warped.” “After the birth of her brother she was almost completely forgotten as a human being and was treated as a practice target for her brother, as such othinus didn’t understand how magic worked but rather that people who can use magic are good people and people who can’t are bad people, that Woman shouldn’t talk back to men and that othinus herself was useless and couldn’t do anything right, so she was dumb and dumb people aren’t good” “However the death of her brother turned all that around, as the death took it’s toll on her father which in turn let her mother influence him enough to teach othinus, not as his daughter but as his ‘thing’ if she did something wrong she got beat, beat and beat some more and if she tried to talk back she got beat some more, however othinus wasn’t good at magic she was however extremely gifted by having Magic circuits at an unbelievable level, with the only downside being the quantity being nearly nonexistent, as such her family never knew of her true potential as she was ever only teached basic magic at the start, however as the years went by she far surpassed her parents which made her father despise her even more, as such he purposely pushed her to her limit and sometimes broke it just to see her in pain, but for othinus it was just her father trying her best after all her father is never wrong so it must’ve been the right way, as she learned magic she began learning about the Nordic gods and most importantly the all-father odin, with her mother putting into her head that she is odin’s vessel which made othinus take anything and everything her mother said, after all othinus was a ‘god’ her mother had said so it must be true, othinus in the first place has no formal education so without her parents she couldn’t possibly function alone, which both her parents knew, the father who hates her and her mother who uses her because of her hate for othinus’s father, so othinus wasn’t sure what to believe as she grew up her mindset became ‘she shouldn’t make decision’ until at the age of 28, othinus was granted a gift from god the command seals for the holy grail war and because she is a ‘god’ she can’t lose, after all she is the strongest her mother said so.” “as othinus came back to her senses, the world began turn black by the sight of the gate of skye.”
  2. As lancer moved towards rider, he began moving away the moment the spear arrived at it’s destination, Lancer began looking around for anything that may cause a problem yet nothing was in sight yet Lancer had this irritating feeling which was beginning to annoy her greatly, yet her face was mostly the same the only difference being that she was biting her right lip as a way to show her annoyance. While Lancer was annoyed, Othinus began thinking ‘What’s this feeling in the air, I feel like my back is being crushed by the air almost as if it weighing several tons?’ as othinus looked up at lancer and was about to say something before stopping, no a better explanation would be that she couldn’t speak at all, lancer’s face looked almost the same as normal, yet the pressure coming from lancer was nothing like othinus had ever seen, if she had to guess, the moment lancer sees any of the people that were the cause of all those innocent civilians that lost their lives, she would kill them instantly. While othinus was lost in her own thoughts, lancer and her arrived at the destination as lancer said "Master we're here so please don't get down from my arms, you understand what i mean right?" as othinus just nodded, currently Lancer wasn't in a good mood so going against her may just irritate her further, as it seems like she puts othinus safety above everything else. Lancer began moving towards the destroyed apartment as she said "Master, 10 seconds is all you can take any more than that and i want you to command me to flee with you" for every second that went by, the pressure from the aura surrounding lancer became even stronger, the feeling was different from how it usually would be, it truly was like a Lion walking towards a hoard of defenseless animals anyone even the average person should be able to feel it fairly well, Lancer truly is a berserker woman. Lancer was walking towards the destroyed apartment, before othinus had noticed anything they stood right in front of it as lancer slowly put down othinus, as she used a rune on her fist and the moment the rune was drawn, othinus body began hurting all over it felt like her heart was being played with, as it had begun pumping really fast, as Lancer said "Master, i said 10 seconds is the max so don't worry" as she was preparing to throw a single strong punch and then said "Archer, have you felt the anger of the dead?" as she threw the punch and said "then look upon the justice that is about to make you understand *Last Komedia!!!* " as she began yelling an instant before her fist hit the ground, as it instantly began splitting apart as she threw another one, then another one and then finally another one, as she spotted a few people below the ground and stared at them as if she was a wild beast looking at her prey. What othinus was looking at was indeed lancer, yet she was completly different to the one she had first met when she summoned her, this was indeed a Hero as othinus had known them since her youth, a person who does not tolerate the killing of the innocent a hero of peace, yet she didn't wear a smile or looked angry no her face was blank, the only trait the one she had first summoned also had.
  3. Othinus Gremlin (Lancer Camp) - Shinto, Fuyuki City (00:00 AM) It had been a few days since the Lancer camp, confronted Archer which resulted in Lancer's overwhelming victory yet, in lancer's eyes the battle was a moral loss as she had displayed emotions unbefitting of someone of her status. The time had mainly been used for othinus's recovery, after the incident as such she had been sleeping for quite a while, which gave lancer the perfect opportunity to think about her master and what had happened to her. She began by repairing othinus's runic eye and decided to inscribe a rune of magic that is virtually unnoticeable on it, as it would seem her master uses it to almost completely suppressing any trace of magic in her body, yet the complete 180 that happened doesn't make any sense, because of that Lancer began checking her master's body and as she thought something was wrong, as prior to taking her current form lancer had noticed nothing abnormal yet what she was seeing was probably not everything. she'd probably have to take it slow or othinus would get weary of lancer with her already unstable mind. 2 hours later. (02:00 AM) As othinus began to wake up lancer just said “good morning, master” while looking out of the window with a mellow expression on her face, as othinus said “lancer, where are we?” as lancer raised an eyebrow to the question, lancer said “we're in your hotel room, do you wish me to order some food?” to which othinus just nodded as she continued to wait Lancer said “I'm sorry that I'm calling this late, I wish to order some food and yes this is room 107” as lancer finished talking othinus said “Lancer, I'll like to ask why you've put a rune on my eye." as lancer turned to talk with othinus, she stopped for an instant because of othinus's facial expression the only way to explain it would be soulless, Yet this confirms another point lancer was worried about that being Othinus's trust being non-existent and even her own servant lancer had not seen Othinus's acting like this prior to the fight with archer, lancer would've chalked it up to Othinus's fucked up mental state but right now the cause is much simpler she's afraid of the might servants possess one could almost describe it as a heart of glass, the amount needed to break her is very small however the fact that she's showing it, is good now lancer can work around it and prepare plans for the future as a knock could suddenly be heard from the door, as a voice said “Your food is here, shall I come in or let it stay outside?” as lancer said “just let it stay outside” as the hotel employee said yes and disappeared. Othinus began eating the food as lancer explained why she had inscribed a rune on the formerly shattered eye “As you're worried I'll explain it fast, You destroyed it in the fight with archer and a massive amount of magic, for a human at least, could be felt from you as such I was just checking it and used a rune to fix it” as othinus began calming down. (02:30) Lancer now in control of the situation then said “Why don't we go to the roof then, it should calm you completely down” as both of them got up and walked out the door and then up the stairs, all the way to the roof, as they closed the door, lancer activated her clairvoyance which at her rank already possess the long sight of the skill, as such she looks down towards the city to try and spot anyone else but nothing happens at least for the first 10 minutes, but a few minutes later lancer spots two people in front of an apartment. As the image of an arrow coming towards the pair appeared in her head as she waited to see if it was true. And yes moments later, one of the people summoned a creature to stop the arrow which would mean an arrow that needs something to stop it would belong to an archer most likely, so lancer was witnessing a 'battle' between servants as such lancer wanted to wait, a little before saying anything to othinus and as she was watching the fight another one of Archer's arrows could be seen, but this one was unlike the other one, being more akin to the one used against herself, but it was blocked by the other servant with some kinda wood like shield. Which gave lancer an idea she usually uses her spears at close range but what would happen if she mimicked her pupil at least to some degree? He'd probably call her a hypocrite but if it's similar, yet different that wouldn't apply then, so Lancer used her own runes to increase her psychical abilities most notably her strength, as she formed a single spear and filled it with mana until it had become a broken phantasm, she focused on rider and threw her spear with all her might and just as it moved out her hand the sound barrier was broken instantly until it was reaching Mach 7+ and became faster with each passing second. As lancer grabbed othinus and jumped from the building towards archer's location and said “Archer think of this as an apology......................................”. But the spear would most likely reach the destination first, so lancer was prepared to move away just as fast, for her master's sake. Moving Towards Semina Apartments, Shinto District (02:47)
  4. As archer was done talking all the emotion in Othinus's face disappeared as her eyes went completely hollow she said "I see so you've chosen this path, what a shame, it seems I'm still no good at lying to people" as lancer went in front of Othinus and said "Archer I warned you that this fight only has 1 result and yet you still chose it. Now let's fight, now call upon the gods that have been with you since your youth and I shall show you how weak they are in front of me?" As lancer looked at Othinus who then said "Lancer, RELEASE!" With a smile on her face as the magic power of lancer went wild to which she said "Hector, Alexander or Achilles it wouldn't matter all who stands before my spear are destined to lose" as she then said "become my shield" as the white aura turned into a blue aura as Othinus said "Now, let the Valkyries sing a song, worthy of this massacres!" as Othinus looked at Archer and said "Let me guess you're pitying Lancer for being my servant aren't you?" With a smile on her face, Othinus right now could only be described as True insanity in human form, a person who has lost her touch with reality. however, that's exactly why Lancer will never discard the loyalty she has for her master, because they are equally similar, both are broken individuals. Lancer then wrote some ruins on her feet and hands as she said "Now archer, let see how much of hero you are and if you're worthy of being called one" as a spear appeared in her hand radiating with magical power, as Othinus said "One who's power comes from the gods vs The one who the gods fear, this is truly a fight worth seeing!" As lancer took her spear and carved a rune into the ground, which said 'Ath nGabla' as she said "Ready Archer!" And then disappeared from sight and appeared behind him and said "Die"
  5. Lancer and Othinus (Archer camp) - Shinto, Fuyuki City Othinus began to smile while archer was talking and as he finished talking she said "You ask why you should join me, a so called offspring of a god and to that I say it's because I'm a so called offspring that I understand you better than anyone else, you were born honest to a fault however before you had set foot on earth, you were already branded as a destructive existence, but your honesty was enough for the gods to choose you as someone worthy But because of your honesty you were naive to the world and chose the selfish option when it was right infront of you" as she was talking lancer could be seen clenching her fist. Othinus looked at her with an emotionless face and said "Lancer this is what your thinking right now 'Master you're neither human or a god, you're just a monster' isn't it?" As she was done talking lancer said "Yes you're completely correct master" as she closed her eyes and clenched her teeth. Othinus then said "Let's continue then. unlike your brother who is a true hero that gave his life for you and made it possible for you to win against someone The gods favoured even more than yourself, you can't be described as a hero however even if that is so your brother still believed in you till the end, he fought because he believed in you and the choices you had made in your life to be just" as tears began to fall from Othinus's eyes she continued to talk "You're an honest, naive and selfish individual but it's exactly because of those things that I want you to join me, I do not desire you as a warrior, one who the Gods favoured or as the coward you are, no what I desire from you is much simpler. I want to see you release all you feelings and break the chains that bind the true you the one that has been sealed, the child that was abandoned but survived because of his innocence and kindness, the one who gods saw fit to choose for them, but who was naive and started something which got a person close to them killed, even so he wouldn't curse you or scorn you no, he would be crushed by the fact that you are not the person he remembered you're but a former shell that has to be hidden away because the world doesn't agree with what you did, a child that had been made into a man who lost everything that made him the person he was, no the person before me is but an empty shell except that the man before still habors a wish which is entirely selfish, yes he still remains so let me show you" as she said that lancer looked at her to which Othinus stopped talking. As lancer said "oh gods, head my call I ask of you to grant me the power you posses and have granted" as a white aura appeared around her as she said "You should know this power it's what led to the death of the one of the greatest warriors on earth, a man of complete selflessness, a man who was called a coward, who did what no one else could and fought the one who was favoured to a close end. isn't that true oh Dear Man of men, no you're no Man of men but rather a Man of the gods!" as she looked at archer to which Othinus said "Archer why don't you show the true you, instead of this fake person that stands before me?" As she closed her eyes and said "You asked why you should join me and I'll tell you now, everyone can only see you as a selfish person however those people hold no right to decide if what you've done is selfish. under that selfishness lies the true golden apple that the gods wanted a person who's love is pure to fault, so join me archer and finally let yourself free from the shackles the world has bound you with!"
  6. Othinus Othinus just blinked when archer asked her who she was and as a smile appeared on her face as she immediately said "My name is Othinus the daughter of Thor and Freyja" as lancer continued to stay hidden as Othinus said "I'm the Vessel of the All father and as such I ask of you, oh great warrior of the bow, are you happy about how you died? A great man such as yourself was not granted a second chance by the woman you had loved, why was that? It is simple you as a man had failed to understand other peoples feelings but you as a warrior was given praise by both the gods and men alike, as such I ask of you oh dear Archer, are you loyal to your master? Of course not. Archer you as a man is scum but so what? What is wrong with being scum, doesn't that just make you more human? Why must great men be punished for their crimes by the gods and all whom they hold dear?" As she then said "My intent is for us to join each other and win this war" As she thrusted her fingers into her eye and ripped it out which made all the people around them scream as she then said "Let me show you the truth then archer!" As a rune began to appear under her as the ground began to shake. Othinus's appearance began to change to what could only be described as Human. having the external appearance of around a 14 year old girl. She had long, wavy blond hair. She was wearing a revealing outfit, a low-cut neck line that goes down below her navel. a long cape, and a ribbon wrapped around her. Traces of a witch-like design are present, such as the cape and a wide brimmed hat with a pointed tip and an eye-patch over her right eye. a golden spear formed in her hand as she said "Let me show you the power of the All father" As the magic power released from her knocked out the people around them to which she said "Do you want to win this war and get your happy ending?" As lancer appeared a woman with long hair of unmistakable beauty who was wearing an office suit as she said "Archer I ask of you won't you join us I have no wish to kill you" in a monotone as if she was completely confident in winning against him. Othinus said "This form is disgusting, but even so It's still a form granted to me by the father and as such this spear may not be the original but it's still the Spear of Odin" as she pointed it at him while having open arms almost as if she was accepting everything bad about him she just told as she said "Archer you must know you can't beat me so why should you suffer?" With a gentle smile on her face
  7. (Lancer and Othinus) Shinto, Fuyuki City (Near archer) after jumping out the Window, Othinus activated the Kenaz rune on herself as she spotted someone sticking out in the crowd of people and began following them while still being in the air. After following the suspicious individual for a while Othinus yelled out loud "Oh father, what a glorious occasion this is, let us celebrate it with the coming of an age of despair, brutality and terror for everyone to see, let mankind see what Gaia is trying to hide and let us break the seal of the man who fathered divine beasts, monsters and gods, let this wish bring forth the final age of man. Which shall continuously repeat till the end of time, as you and I become one again!!!" As she removed the flight rune and sky dived towards the suspicious individual with a Smile on her face. Othinus got caught by lancer and landed on a house right beside the individual. "Lancer...." she said as lancer said "Master.... I know you're excited but please be careful not to harm the normal citizens and try to stay calm for your own sake" as Othinus looked at her with a large terrifying grin on her face which sent shivers down lancer's spine as if she was reminded of someone or something, Othinus then moved her eyes towards the suspicious individual. Othinus jumped down from the house and moved towards the individual, to which lancer turned into her spirit form and followed by her side as Othinus said "Oh lancer I can do this myself...." as she then yelled "You there!" And pointed at the suspicious individual as she then looked towards the individual with a large grin on her face as she then said "Why don't you me join in this war my dear archer or should I say your name hmmm?"
  8. It's late at night, a strong gust of wind blows into a room. Othinus's voice can be heard saying "Lancer what should we get to eat?" as another voice most likely lancer said "I have no need for stuff like food, so it doesn't matter to me." Othinus began to laugh and quickly said "so Danish cuisine is what we'll get it seems" as she dialled a number. "hello is this the lounge? i want to order some room service" as a hotel employer answered with "yes, of course Miss Gremlin was it? what kind do you want?" othinus answered with "Some Danish cuisine would be great and don't forget some good wine too!" "Master, let's get this started" lancer said as othinus looked outside and said "Yeah let's begin 'Raidho, Eihwaz, Aigiz eða DAGAZ!' Othinus mumbled to herself as she yelled the last word. something began to happen to the hotel room. After a while the waiter came up and said "I'm sure the room was on this floor?" To which othinus opened the door and said "yes, I'm here please come in" as she guided him inside and then closing the door. "Here's your food I hope you enjoy it, if you need anything please just call me." the waiter said just as he began to walk out the door. Othinus wrote a rune on his back and whispered 'Pethro' as she began to see trough the employee's eyes and said "that'll be all." Lancer said "Master are you ready?" to which othinus nodded and began to eat, after eating she said "Nothing beats Danish cuisine after all." as she looked at lancer and said "you're truly beautiful lancer, if I was a guy I might have a hard time holding myself back." while grinning at lancer as lancer said "Even if that was the case I'd doubt you'd be anything worth discussing" making Othinus sigh, as she said "Even In death your regret still lingers it seems" as she looked out the window with a smile to which lancer sighed, as othinus said "i guess we should start." as she took out a rock and said 'Othala eða Berkano' as the rock multiplied which she then threw out the window and when they landed on the ground, they began to search for any other magic nearby, almost like mouse. <20 minutes later> A sound began to ring, in Othinus's ear to which Othinus said "I see, this amount of magic it must be a servant, let's get going then Lancer" to which Lancer said "yes master" before Turning into her spirit form. Othinus then jumped out the window and wrote 'Naughtiz' on her shoes as she began to almost walk on the air. as she said "whew that was close"
  9. Cause I was looking at Atoria and noticed It'll be pretty impossible to summon her if the limit was 1000 points
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