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  1. It seems it might be a hoax made by couple users whom accounts might have some shady dealing and they aren't telling the whole story according to that one thread on reddit.. Else I think there would have been a wildfire threads at reddit or social page by now. Speaking which anyone here got banned yet then?
  2. Yeah that seems to be the case. I guess with the new arena implemented they are trying to track down on hackers more than ever.
  3. Yeah, the ban doesn't seems to be severe, it just feature like friends and arena is gone, so they probably reviewing the account in detail. They might unban them but who knows.
  4. No clue so far I only heard 3 people mention about their bans and only this one has their reasons explain to them the other 2 only got "sorry we can't give any details on why you get banned." . But this made people who don't have access to the game because of region lock and is resort to using 3rd party app like qooapp to play to be scare for their lives.
  5. Just informing since I think some players are playing through emulators or rooted devices. Better not to pay orbs in case of risk getting ban. Also to switch to playing on an unrooted phones if available to be safe. :) I made a recent post about this kind of thing and was afraid this might happen.
  6. Recently been seeing people posting about their ban about downloading from qooapp and playing on rooted devices.
  7. Hello! I just want to some questions for my brother who is starting this game. So I heard rerolling on emulator seems to be fast but my brother is skeptical about it. His questions are: 1. Is it safe to make an account on an emulator? Is it different than making an account on a phone? (He is afraid his account might get ban or something if nintendo find out his account was made on emulator) 2. Is it safe to link the account to mynintendo after rerolling is done. He is think and afraid that since he is using a 3rd party application that logging in with his mynintendo account that people can see his information. Just want to say he is thinking to use the emulator to reroll and link after that he will play on his phone/tablet forever.
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