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  1. Thanks, but if I do it that way anyone can use the holy weapons, even if they don't have the holy blood specific to the weapon. I still wan't the people with the holy blood to use that weapon exclusive to them. (Btw sorry for the really late reply :p)
  2. Not yet, but maybe you should try editing Byron's weapon to the Tyrfing instead of the Broken Sword
  3. Maybe because the first time you get the Tyrfing in the vanilla game, its broken. You might have to change something but I don't know
  4. Ok, I changed the value from 16 to 00, but now the file is corrupted. Is there anyway I can "uncorrupt" the file or will I have to use a backup?
  5. Thanks but I know almost nothing about hex editing. Is it something you can do in Nightmare? If so could you tell me how to do that?
  6. Lol, sorry about that, I was pretty tired when I was typing this. Silly me :P
  7. I'm hacking fe4 using nightmare and I'm trying to make Eldigan/Eltshan drop his Mystletainn when defeated. The problem is if someone other than Raquesis/Lachesis (who I gave major Hezul holy blood) kills Eldigan/Eltshan, I can't sell the Mystletainn and it is stuck in their inventory. Is there any way I can make holy weapons sellable? I know its possible seeing Mangs' FE4 PM. I would really appreciate it if someone told me how to do it. Thanks in advance.
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