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  1. Nice team! Only thing I'd suggest is that you should be on the lookout for stronger blue units, as Peri is mediocre. You could also put a dancer into that team, replacing Peri. Try to summon at least a 3* Olivia, or wait for her rotation battle and promote her from there. That team should carry you through a good chunk of the story maps.
  2. Heyyy, just pulled a +attack -hp Hinoka on my Bridelia alt :)
  3. Nice dude, I'll add you once I can find my phone... I've pulled out all my alternate accounts for this. Ike will triumph!
  4. ......so we pretty much know who won? Stupid score is calculating...
  5. Team Ike hype! Add me if you want to use my Linde, 9292492731,
  6. Yeah. Normally, Ike's just...there. But I kinda wanted to see a male winner of a gauntlet, and besides...he is hot.
  7. Yeah, I'm on Team Ike, and sure, you can add me :) I just finished building Linde, and I'm rather pleased how she came out. I sure do love that 45 speed...
  8. Oh, that's nice :) My name actually is Rae, but yeah, it is fun to meet people with the same name as mine.
  9. Rachel? Um...I don't remember a time where I've gone by Rachel. My name in FEH is Rae.
  10. 22k flags right now. Let's go, Team Ike! We will not let Camilla win again!
  11. *sigh* Might as well go with Hone Speed, and create the ultimate -blade team. I've already put this much work into her, now I just need to pull a Nino... Savage Blow for now, huh? I've found that whenever Linde misses out on a kill, she only misses by -5 hp or less.
  12. What would be the best C-slot for my Linde? I don't want her to have a Hone/Fortify skill, just something that will improve her matchups. I was thinking Threaten Res, but I don't have any extra Nowis and only one Ursula. I've inherited Savage Blow when I put Draconic Aura on her, would that improve any matchups?
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