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  1. In what way am I as immature as her? I'd really like to know. Like I said, I'm someone who likes to grow from mistakes as a person, so please, tell me why you believe I'm as immature as her.
  2. To be frank no matter your age there should be moderation to be honest.
  3. I mainly made this post because of Ana's goodbye thread with some people interpretation my actions and also with HylianHero's lash out at me, not to start drama. Cause hell, even the misinterpretations could cause even more drama. How many bloody times do I need to say I am not trying to start drama when I'm trying to clear the damn air for crying out loud... And to be frank, the fact no one gives a fuck and no moderator has made action, is very poor moderation of these forums on that note, cause stuff like this should be. I came in here expected as much with the hard rules of the forums laid out. That gave me the impression that this is a gravely moderated place; but I guess that was a deception now, wasn't it?
  4. (BIG SIGH) Okay. To clear it out in the open so there are absolutely NO misconceptions or interpretations of my actions yesterday AND perceptions about who I am as a person over what I have done. First of all, I am both sorry and not sorry for the "drama" my actions have caused. Sorry that it has happened for all of us, including myself, yes, but not sorry for calling @Anacybele out on her behaviour in the eventual way I have. Drama had already been started by her in that thread; and drama had been caused by her recently as well and people already in these past few weeks in particular, had called her out on this and "trolled her" as such. I didn't even troll her however, or write my initial comment before replying her TO transpire the reply I have done. It was outright her being hostile towards my friend that transpired me to do it. The closest I have ever got to trolling her was mention how certain people hate characters who interfere with their ships; and actually, that even was me calling her out on that mindset. I have had Ana on ignore from the moment I stepped in these forums so I would not ever have to do such a thing; but alas, it has happened...and I suppose, it really was to be inevitable. I guess I should never have tried in the first place. Secondly, I have known Ana for years before even coming on this forum, but she is not why I have stayed away from it. I stayed away because I have been staying away from Fire Emblem Fandom as a whole, because it has proven to me to be beyond negative. It has constant wars between veterans and newbies using fuel to make the other look bad from the games and drama seeking due to these notions. Intelligent Systems failing to address and balance new and old fans has been the downfall of the tightness of this fandom. They are doing it now, but unfortunately, they have done it too late and the damage has been done. I wish I could have hope for this fandom to come together, but the rate I've seen it at, it will not happen again. The one reason I joined this forum in April/May however, is because I was encouraged by my friend to do so (and I can't guarantee that I can hide who you are either and keep you out of this, I'm so sorry for failing if it is so...) Onto the actual point of me knowing about Ana for years yet not ever interacting with her; not only has my friend shown me the so many instances she and others have been attacked by Ana, but I have seen instances even on Twitter and other social media platforms of Ana's behaviour. My post and opinion on Ana has been formed from all of this; she in my eyes, has behaved and done actions that are worthy of her being banned on this forum, let alone suspended; and every time I have heard of a moderator trying to get through to her, she has not listened. She has not listened and she has not changed from any time she has been called out by other people for her actions; which are immediately becoming hostile to those who even speak kindly of disliking Ike, or speak of disliking Ike or Ike/Elincia without meaning for it to be a personal attack against her OR to provoke her. That, is entirely on Ana herself and something she does to herself. She lets it get to her and then she goes on to hurt and anger the people of this forum from what I have observed. Thirdly, people are saying I am using others to defend myself. Why the hell would I make myself a hypocrite by calling out Ana on using her autism to excuse her behaviour in the very same post? I used people as EXAMPLES, not to defend myself. I did not go in writing that post knowing the pros and cons of it, let alone what my consequences would be. I went in there with one intention; calling Ana out and standing up for myself and actually quite a few friends aside my dearest one in that thread among so much more. Fourthly, I can see why people would think I abused/bullied Ana by questioning why she hasn't been banned from this site. Let me clear up that that was actually a LITERAL question; why hasn't she banned, or if not banned at least suspended, for her behaviours on this site? So much of what she's done falls under that and especially when other people have called her out and called her to stop, let alone try to correct her; and each time she does, she plays the victim instead of accepting the consequences of her actions and learning from them. I even question if her goodbye is yet again, just another ploy of her playing victim. Fifthly, I do not say she uses autism to excuse her behaviour on a whim. I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome when I was 17 years old, on the week of my graduation on a Wednesday at a 3pm appointment, if you REALLY need me to prove that I'm not joking for validation. If Ana had used her autism to explain her behaviour and not as an excuse, then it would be completely fine, but she hasn't. It is never okay to use your disability to excuse your actions, let alone anything at all. Also, mistakes and consequences made in life are generally very harsh. They make you cry, they make you sweat and feel like you've broken an arm or leg. Then you get patched up and given a crutch to stand on with two choices; go on with the crutch until you're off it, or stay on it. Ana so far, has stayed on the crutch. Will she eventually escalate to coming off it, or even do so after what I've said to her? Who knows. All I have done is warn her that I will call her out if she treats any of my friends with disrespect ever again or tries to weasel out. Lastly, to clarify who I am and why I am here. I came here encouraged by my friend, as I said. I came here to talk Fire Emblem, express thoughts and opinions just like the rest of you, find new friends and literally what all of us are here to do. I did not come here to see people treated horribly or do so myself, which is what I saw Ana do. I'm someone who loves Lucia, who loves Lucia/Elincia (in BOTH ways) and loves expressing/talking about them just as Ana does, but not to the point of being hostile and hating people who don't like them and hating those people's favourite characters and ships in tandem of it. I love music and I love video games. I'm generally a very laid back person yet I am also someone who does not take bullshit as I have very clearly shown. I love streaming my games and sharing my gaming experiences with everyone. If some of you, after all this, feel the need to still call me out on my actions/behaviour, go ahead. Maybe for all I know, I could actually agree with you on something. I'm someone who values learning from their mistakes, so far I have seen I've done none, but if I find that in fact I have, I'll accept and apologise in agreement. I believe in improving myself as a person very close to my heart. However, if you take this further and try to defame me on social media such as compelling people not to watch me as a Twitch Streamer among so many other things that can be done, know that I am ready for you and when I say I am, I don't mean I will do the same. I only believe in calling out people on troublesome behaviours, NOT defaming them everywhere and stalking them like a leech; you can have a look and see I have not even spread out not to interact with Ana anywhere else on social media. I'm not about to blot out Ana's social life forever, her behaviour deserves to be called out and she must face the consequences of them, but certainly doesn't deserve to have her life destroyed in it's entirety in the process. If she doesn't want to accept her actions or learn from them, then she at least must realise or be aware of her consequences and what it will do for her, which has started with me. Lucia was captured by Ludveck because she became reckless and over-confident, but she didn't deserve to die for it did she? As for those who understand...well...I'll be relieved and pleased then. But to all of you, this is a complete clearing up of my actions and who I intend to be. This is the honest truth and no lie at all, word for word from me. Knowing that this is the truth surrounding myself and my actions, no matter how you feel about it from me, is all I need know. Perhaps if to you I am still too much trouble and this will never clear, I myself may even leave this place and make my own way; I said Ana can still keep in touch in social media, so can I. But, I'll leave you all to that verdict. All I have intended to do with this post is clear up any misconceptions made on myself on what I have done. Regards, Azzurohr
  5. Me starting drama? There was already drama in that thread started by Ana calling out the people who hate Ike, including myself and my friend; as well as in literally any thread that even has Ike spoken of bad or at all. She also begins drama the moment she's trolled when she starts forums. I only really swore at the end by the way and said bullshit a few times; and I did so in the same way she would swear at people as well. It doesn't have to be a direct swear for it to be considered so either if the message as a whole, is directed at the person. What you also don't know is that I've known of Ana for years on end despite never interacting with her until this very moment. I've heard everything she's done, I've seen everything she's done; and I've not seen her be once sorry and when she's been called out by anyone, she plays the victim to inspire sympathy rather than actually growing as a person and learning from her mistakes; something that you, my friend, seemingly have already fallen for. Did you want me to sprinkle sparkle dust and treat her like a snowflake about addressing her problematic behaviour on this forum as I have seen so many people do here? Do people really think that lessons are learned that way by us as human beings? Have YOU ever learned a lesson about yourself in the softest way possible? I also never rubbed in that she can't have a social life. All I did was call her out on her behaviour. Read what I said VERY carefully, because you clearly did not if you are accusing me of what you are. I'm hardly defending myself saying anyone could've done it either; you clearly are very unaware of just how many people share the same sentiments about her that I expressed. What I said was an actual fact, not me defending my own hide. I also see that me asking why she's not been banned can be seen as abuse. But that's exactly what it was; me asking why she hadn't been, because the behaviour she's done here over all these years has more than totalled up to being ban worthy. Also, being a man speaking about women with autism and not having autism yourself supposedly; you should shut up. Right now. Shut up, because you have absolutely NO right to speak about women with autism on those grounds alone, let alone even question that I am aware women with autism have different side effects when I myself have it and know what mine are, no matter whatever 'education' you seem to have; which so far, you are very uneducated from what I see. They made be different with each woman, yes, but they are similar and close enough for me that Ana can be so much more mature than what she has been in these forums for the past couple of years; especially knowing she is the same age as me. I also know of plenty of people with autism with tragic backgrounds who are the kindest most mature people I know; an example being my housemate who was abused as a child by his stepfather, kicked out of home when he was 17 and he is one of the most selfless, helpful, kind and compassionate person I know. He too, also has a blunt way of speaking; something he has done to me plenty of times. Did I ever even say she can't have a social life, let alone rub in that I'm why she won't? You really did NOT read my post well did you buddy? Assuming I wrote that post to bring attention to myself, to act as a white knight against Ana? You say you're trying to call me out on being contemptible, but really, I don't know WHAT you're trying to call me out on when you've very much not paid attention to my post. I had mixed feelings when I learned that Ana was leaving because of my reply; half that it could in fact be her taking a break and thinking, but also that it's just another ploy for her to play victim. Hence why I have warned her if that is the case. I wrote that post with one intention; calling her out on her behaviour and making her wake up to what she's done on this site to people and how she's hurt them, let alone angered them, when they haven't even meant to or intended to anger her. I called her out on always taking everything as a personal attack to her when really, she should not; except for of course my actual reply that I've done now. My cutthroat way of doing it I see has blinded you to my true intentions and others, so I can understand why you would think this of me. Besides, it's not like Ana can't keep in contact with her friends or whoever are suffering the consequences with other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Discord. Serenes Forest can't possibly be her whole and entire social life, especially when she speaks so much about her family on here and has a FanFiction.Net account too. It's certainly not mine. Hell, all she even has to do to rid of my existence is ignore me on these forums; and you too, can do that, if you still hold me so contemptible despite it all. To be honest, it's a huge flaw that we can still see quoted posts on this site; because then I really would've been able to ignore her and not feel compelled to do this, me along with so many others with people they ignore. So Hylian, you wanted to know if I'm defending my words and actions on that post? I am but not by using other people; by using actual proven evidence and facts. I would not ever use other people to defend my actions just as I would not use my autism to defend my actions. I have used examples in this post or people and autism, but not used them to defend myself. But...if you're implying you're not popular let alone accepted by people...does this mean you're just merely going to skim over my words and insult me again? Or will you actually read this completely thorough and prove you understand some of what I'm saying? Let's find out, shall we?
  6. tbh i followed u cause of ur avatar

    1. Azzurohr


      Another fellow Lucia fan is always welcome to me ;) hello friend.

    2. Lord Raven

      Lord Raven

      im not a single-character fan anymore (especially in games with ensemble casts) but lucia is indeed hot

    3. Azzurohr


      She most certainly is :P 

  7. Ana, I have but one thing to say to you. You can go ahead and love your Ike, Frederick and Ike/Elincia; but if you're going to constantly abuse those who talk bad of what you like and all, that's not on, let alone throw excuses for your behaviour. Because I was not the only one capable of those words; anyone could have said that to you; and it was only a matter of time before it was to be done and said. I just happened to be the one who did it. Also, if this is a ploy for you to inspire sympathy from all other members of this site; and you return back to your old ways when you come back, I will call you out again. I can't trust you when you've had such a long history of this behaviour. Have this break and have a good think on what you've done.
  8. Did I mention I was quitting? I merely said I could potentially be banned ;)
  9. I've had you on ignore this whole time and tried to treat you like the laguz treat the Branded, but after hearing you swear at my friend, think that me calling Ike's character flaws out in analysis is suddenly character hate, I am breaking my silence towards you. If you think my "bashing" of Ike and "hate" of him has been brutal; girl, that is nothing, NOTHING compared to what I have to say about you. Everyone, can you please explain to me why this girl hasn't had three warnings and been banned from these forums forever? No, really, please explain to me why, in the name of the world and God, this girl still exists on these forums to this day. Every forum post she makes blows out of proportion the moment one person speaks ill of Ike, as if we're personally attacking her and not just the character standing alone. Every forum post made by others that sheds negativity on Ike, Ike/Elincia or literally anything she loves ALSO blows out or proportion. She plays the victim card every single time people call her out on her bullshit; and no doubt, she will again do so here with me. She tries to inspire sympathy for her behaviour with her tragic family background and throws in autism as well as an excuse to protect herself; something that beyond enrages me because I too have autism as well. She is the biggest flipping hypocrite on this forum in that she performs character hate with Geoffrey, Mia and Lucina and then as soon as someone even REMOTELY kindly expresses their dislike of Ike, she calls them out for character-bashing and Ike hate. Just look at her calling me out on supposedly hating on Ike in this thread among everyone else here and there you go. Actually, read this whole thread and see how it's completely blown up all because of her and all the people in here disliking/calling out Ike and expressing his character flaws, even the nice ones. She calls you 'uncalled for' when you call her childish yet she swears at my friend and many others the moment they wrong her in her eyes; and all you have to do for that is expressing dislike for Ike in anyway possible, or express dislike of Ike/Elincia and why it doesn't work. Actually, she's proven to be an absolute hypocrite right here with a post. She says she doesn't cry about Kieran getting screen-time; and yet has utterly cried out about Ike not being in FE Heroes AND FE Warriors among so much more. Just look at her profile and see what she's said in it; and watch as she goes to delete everything she said because I just called her out. Oh, also watch her as she tries to get me banned because again; I called her out; and oh, she'll definitely do it by playing victim card. Just watch her. Oh and if you speak about your favourite character in tandem with disliking Ike or Ike/Elincia, expect her to end up hating them. She hates Lucia now because of me and some others you know. You're an insult of a Fire Emblem fan, you're an insult to people with autism like me when you use it to excuse your behaviour and you're an insult to this entire forum with your lack of respect for anyone's opinions; especially towards people who don't like Ike or Ike/Elincia and speak ill of them. You swear at people, you play the victim card to try and weasel your way out and get those people banned by mods and throw every single excuse you can think of in your book for your horrific, childish, immature behaviour. You don't even realise how many people on this forum have you ignore because they don't want to deal with you. I'm telling you girl; it's the large bloody majority of them. And yet you are going to read all this, boil up in fury, play the victim card, call for me to get banned and not learn a single thing from this post of just how childish you really are. You won't learn any lessons to improve yourself as you have shown in your entire time here. I continuously hear of your bullshit from multiple people on this forums and I've seen next to no one bring you to moderator attention or bring you to call you out and drag you in the sand. Well that's changed, Ana. Because now, I have. I have in the most finite way possible to cover my arse from your victim blaming against the moderators, called you out on your bullshit; and if I'm banned from here for doing so, then I'm glad. Because not only will I never need deal with you on here again; I also will come to realise this place is BEYOND poorly moderated when they still choose to let you roam on this site despite the evidence screaming right in front of them. As I know this may possibly be the last post I ever make on this forum; to everyone who I have befriended on this forum and for the time that I have spent on here, I thank you. And as for you Ana? In regards to how you fucking treat people on here that I have fucking mentioned on this fucking post and in the spirit of 'treat people how you fucking want to be treated'? Fuck you. Goodbye Serenes forums. I'm going to be banned for calling out the worst member of the site. Peace out, Azzurohr
  10. Oh. Another fan service 3DS banner. Fantastic. No new Magvel, Tellius or Judgral characters. Great. Totally listening to fans aren't you IntSys let alone paying attention to the cast of characters. More cash grabbing by Intelligent Systems. More waiting for Elincia and co., Micaiah and co., Sigurd and the like. I'm done. I'm done with this fucking game. I am fucking done with the fan service and waiting for the other series that are lacking the boost they deserve. I am fucking done. Go ahead, call me salty for not having my favourite character, go and say all the other fucking things you say about people like me in the Fire Emblem fandom or whatever the hell and that I need to 'calm down'; I don't give a shit. I am embracing my salt and what anger I have; and I'm going to let them know it now in their feedback. Cause I am more than fucking done.
  11. Her and Pheros both. Pheros really should've got something she was actually a good character in a very large pool of weak ones. Would've loved if it explored Phila and Emmeryn's friendship too.
  12. I'm on the bandwagon too; Ike is the worst lord in the series and is protected from being called out ever all the time because "he's Ike from Smash Bros." isn't he, as well as "he's Ike the bara beefy muscled badass with a golden-sword", right? Lucia is the most underrated female character in the Tellius series, let alone in Fire Emblem and no, that is NOT my bias talking. She's trapped in the very wrong game series with Elincia and because she is, she's over-shadowed not only by Ike, but by the likes of Mia, Nephenee and Titania among others. It's all the more why I'm utterly saddened that she did not get the supports she needed and deserved in both games, as well as the availability as a unit. Worst of all; her shining moment is overshadowed by THAT cutscene (sighs wistfully). She is so over-shadowed by literally everything and anything, let alone cast of as another boring loyal knight BECAUSE she didn't get more than what she deserved in the games; it's just so depressing... Strip away Makalov and RD Astrid is actually a really good character; I know this because I read her boss conversations in the Part 4 Endgame tower and she has REALLY good convos, as well as great moments that make her shine. Selena from FE8 is also a very underrated character and I will forever be angry at the localisation people for missing that she exists. Chapter 9: Emmeryn is a complete rip off of Part 2 Endgame without the character development or emotional weight behind it. Horribly executed as well (all of a sudden risen out of nowhere killing Phila who btw, was a wonderful character). I did not feel one bit sad about that chapter or cry for Emmeryn or any of it. Guinevere from FE6 is yet another very underrated female character. If you love Elincia; you'll definitely love Guinevere; and I really, really hope if FE6 is remade, she shines like a beacon to everyone. Ryoma, Xander, Camilla, Tharja, Takumi and Cordelia do NOT deserve the popularity they have. At all. Actually notice most of my qualms are with characters if not almost all of Fire Emblem? IntSys has way more problems with characters than they could ever even realise. All the good characters are overshadowed by the bad ones who don't deserve what they have. FE7 is an over-rated story, big time. Eliwood's story for me was a long snoozefest especially. That's...all I can think of at the moment. I'm sure there's more but, that's all I got.
  13. There we are. It's midnight so me being inventive with words is meh.
  14. What makes a bad character? Characters who interfere with their OTP, according to certain people (like Geoffrey, Mia etc.). Anyway as for me, bad characters are characters who are carried by the plot let alone HAVE To be the ones who forward it and are formed around a lot of coincidences rather than their own character and decisions (see Ike). Also characters who are stalker abusive mothers that not just the characters in a game, but also actual real people let get away with it. Tharja and Camilla voted in the Top 10 FE Heroes poll as most popular female characters and IN the Top 5 by people. Characters like Nowi and Peri are also very problematic; and any characters who have disturbing realistic bad behaviours that aren't addressed by other characters or pointed out are NOT okay in my book. Do we as real people, just let stalkers, womanizers, abusive people etc. walk by? No. Then why the hell do people like Tharja and Camilla when they'd never let real people do that. Seriously; we're gonna keep getting characters like this if this isn't brought to attention to IntSys.
  15. Pulled: Azura, Eirika, Lucina, Ryoma, Abel, Celica (twice she's a +1), Effie, Ninian, second Nowi was pulled (first one promo'd), Hector, Titania, Julia (twice just like Celica) & Bride Cordelia Promo'd: Reinhardt, Xander, Setsuna and Nino Plan to Promo: Camus, Cecilia, Olivia
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