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  1. Sry but playerphase units are easier to use, especially the way they are used by most braindead people with 2-3 dancers.
  2. Surtr got his status by being built as a LEGENDARY arse to deal with.
  3. wait for proper built Galeforce Infantry Teams in about a few months and then talk again. That Duo for higher movement is HUGE which makes Infantries by far a better pick then for Galeforce strats then horses in AR. It also makes it possible for all your Infantry units to snipe things easier when all of them suddenly have 3 Movement. All you need in AR is that one turn lined up and then just slaughter the enemy, Pretty easy when you suddenly have "Horse" Units at hand with 162-173 BST (ranged or non ranged). And contrary to Duo-Hector there is no building to counter it.
  4. You have no problem with the fact that Azama basicly got powercreeped to hell and back by Silque. I mean i know Azama is an olde unit, but damn She surpasses him in everything ecxept Spd and HP (and there she missed the mark by 3-4 points short). I mean damn 14 stats difference is huge, thats like 2-3 A-Slot skills or a +7 Azama. I didnt have much of a problem with the Gen1 to Gen2 powercreep, hell even Gen3 powercreep was somewhat stretching and scratched at the limit, but damn Gen 4 powercreep has really crossed a line, not only in BST increase but also in Personal Weapon Power increase.
  5. a nussiance? aside from the -1 special cool down charge.
  6. Hel is literally the God of Hell! It cant get much more godlike then that. And I know Loki is a goddess too, but Mythics werent even introduced back then when she was released. Maybe they will do a double Mythic release and shove in Hel and Lif as the next Mythics together. The Slots are open, there is one Slot open for a Red Mythic and a Green slot open for a Green Mythic. They are sooo far behind Mythic release schedule that i wouldnt be surprised about a double Release and them wrapping up Legendary hero, i woulndt be surprised if they had like maybe 4-5 Legendary heroes tops to release and then wrap it up with Legendary heroes.
  7. i use them regularly. It has gotten harder recently on Abyssal maps but still managable if you are willing to Inherit skills into them. Dont get me wrong i would love more for them!
  8. My god my +10 Silke is putting in the work with 59 Res and 55 Def... lol She just walls of everything with her Witchy Wand.
  9. So do other Gen1 units that allready got a weapon refine. I mean just look at Regular Lyn and Jaffars weapon refine. Totally outdated.
  10. Nope. I mean i wish They would give the Askrtrio a 2. refine to turn their weapons into Divine weapons, but nope not Lif or Thrasirs weapon. Lif Thrasirs or Eirs weapon all have a distinguish design and come from the Realm of the Dead. They seem to be cursed weapon because their side-effect hurts the wielder or allies nearby which doesnt fit the personality of Alfonse. Its like their weapon feed upon the energy of the living, which prolly means that maybe a living being cant even wield them. Sovabekkr drains 20 HP from the nearest ally (Lif) Ilfingr lowers each stat by 4 on the nearest ally (Thrasir) Lyfjaberg deals 4 dmg to the wielder itself (Eir), but thats prolly because Eir can mitgate it by being the Child of the Dragon of Life.
  11. Its funny when i think about all the things i suggested on some of my chars made it into the game in some form lol
  12. Raven? i mean he runs allread double L&D and he is an excellent Sweep unit. It really depends what role the unit has, too much L&D can be very detrimental for Galeforce sweep units, you really dont want to oneshot your opponent before getting that Galeforce up. On the other hand it could be nice for Vantage units. But most probably: it will never happen, the most we would see is prolly a Raven with L&D refine + L&D4 on the Aslot and prolly a Seal cumulating in like +17 Attack +17 Spd vs -17 Def and -17 Res.
  13. Quickened pulse if you just run 1 Galeforce unit to set up. But in my Opinion Cavs and Infantrys (with Times pulse) are the better Galeforce units.
  14. There is a difference between having a counter against a unit that is still usefull in other areas, or a counter which renders everything useless. Reinhardt and Lyn counters only needed a Green Raventome Triangle Adept unit to counter them. And those units still could do good in other Areas. Hell you could even Counter that stuff by just playerphasing if you didnt want to enemy phase it. Thrasir? If you want to Enemy phase her you better use either BIKE or a really thick Red unit that doesnt need any buffs and can survive through debuffs. Or you use Deflect Magic Seal. Playerphasing her? Good luck against a 47 SPD +10 Thrasir at Base lulz. (unless you are useing a Brave Weapon) LAlm? See above on Thrasir ecxept he cuts through everything like butter. And a Raventome alone wont cut it, you need Triangle Adept too against him. Surtr is just an abomination of perfect skills put together. They are making Ranged units so thick because of the prominent Armor & Dragon units so they can attack safely. But guess what, the Gen 4 Ranged units are so thick that Gen 1 units are having a hard Time killing/surviving them unless you are still one of the prominent Meta defining units. Gen 4 Ranged units are normaly handled by Gen 4 melee/ranged units. The Problem arises when Gen 1 units without any awesome Refined weapon of the same class have a really hard time going up against Gen 4 units. you can turn it all you want but 15 stats point difference is huge. I guess thats IS way of reseting things and forcing people to spend bucks.
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