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  1. Thats the wrong way to do it though and counterproductiv. Thats exactly sugar coating, instead of holding the mirror for a self reflection which actually would help more in the long run. It is not your job/obligation to smooth some feathers.
  2. but refusing to believe stuff when someone confronts one with facts and evidence is ok? The very least one can do is to aknowledge that that person was right (which didnt happen). Sorry but repeated sugar coating isnt gonna help in the long way.
  3. They are saving her prolly up for a Legendary banner when the Red units are lackluster or a Hero Fest banner. At least thats what i think
  4. That depends entirely who is wearing them
  5. I hope Nowi just dies, because i am sick still sick of seeing her everywhere in the first 2.5 years of FEH
  6. I can tell you that Spd/Res solo seal is a very good seal for example on a close call/repell B!Ike and other units
  7. If Felix is on this banner my orbs are gone ._.
  8. I am well aware of that, i still think IS will say "fuck it" and make 2 seperate refines. Or they give it this refine: "Unit attack is increased by difference between units base Resistance and Defense during Combat" Olwen gets +10 Atk and Reinhardt only gets +2. Added bonus is both can use then Fortress skills to increase their bulk but not suffer any Attack penalty due to the refine, but depending on their stat spread. Reinhardt could use Fortress to patch up his Res but loose or gain no Attack (due to his stat spread) or he could could use Fortress Def to gain more phyiscal bulk and gain an additional 2 Attack. Or you could use specific Mythics in AR to further buff them Would make Olwen more a threat and still give some playing grounds for Reinhardt.
  9. they could also give Olwen and Reinhardt to different refines, Just like Falchion has different refines depending on the char
  10. I am with you on this one, i dont see it being anything else then colorless. As for the type of unit: I hope we finally get a Mythic Staff user. Athos comes to mind, but there are various other candidates I just cant see them adding any other color considering how packed it allready is.
  11. I dont know how IS sees Legendary/Mythic banners, but the fact that Slots are all taken up even by old Legendarys and leaves no room to run other new 5 Star units kinda hinders me to summon on them. I just dont see any worth in them anymore unless the Star aligns (like in August when Bramimond and Mila share a color).
  12. Seliph is in my eyes alot weaker then Hrid, just because Seliph is locked to enemy phase purely. Also the fact that his biggest enemy phase kit is locked to his B-Skill kinda makes him weak. He cant run any dull or lull skills (well he can if you want to replace his B-Slot). Meanwhile Hrid is free to use his B-Slot because frankly debuffing enemies is very easy. Granted Seliph is a bit better on enemy phase then Hrid, Hrid has an excellent playerphase too compared to the non existent playerphase of Seliph. Both suffers though from the same weakness: Null-Follow up
  13. One of the easiest Abyssal battles ever. Not only because of the Layout, but because Seliph really is not that great compared to Hrid. Not being able to playerphase really hurts him badly.
  14. I would run Hrid more on AR Offense or Defense, but there are 2 things hindering it: 1. Not matching season, 2. Cav effectiv weapons everyhwere (ok a 3. is Null Follow up Alms) He was fantastic when AR was released and was basicly the unit that helped me hit Tier 21. Galeforce Hrid is a force. He is still fantastic, but there is Leif now sooo *shrug*
  15. Actually Alfonse is not locked on Sword for a Legendary alt. He could use a divine version of his fathers axe weapon Glitnir.
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