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  1. There isnt plenty counters to FEdelgard. There are a selecr very few counters not F2P that dont require any inheritable skills. The rest of the cast needs alot of inheritable skills, high merges and Dragonflowers. Thats not balance thats bullshit. And compareing it to Reinhradt/Lyn is stupid. All you needed to cover both was a green Raventome nuke with Triangle adept. That was easy to come by. all very prominent in the f2p pool FEdelgard requires you built very high investment unit or pull for premium counters/skills
  2. Ima throw a curveball here and say that IS changed pattern and we are looking at a Legendary unit instead of a Mythic unit. Legendary Xander to go with the Fates banner as a Green Cav unit.
  3. Dont blame IS for this, they just makeing what pulls in money. Blame the people that spend money on waifu stuff.
  4. A little bit bummed we arent getting a MHB or LHB battle against Nifl ._. I think Nifl wasnt planned to be introduced so early and the reason she isnt a mythic is a sign that the whole story of the TT and Nifl was a fairly recent decision by IS to start wraping things up. I believe Book 6 will be the last Book.
  5. Facinating! I think not making Nifl a Mythic gives people a choice on where they want to use her! Anyway looking forward to Arete!
  6. I really doubt that, i had a theory that when farfetched heroes Bruno wasnt released they would use OG Bruno, OG Veronica and a 3. new OG in a book arc as a replacement for the Askrtrio and give those 3 out for free, similar to the Askr trio (as in not being able to merge them etc.). Basicly to push the story side of Embla and resolve Brunos/Veronicas curse, but that didnt obviously happen and prolly will never happen. I have no hope anymore for OG Bruno to ever release, nor OG Veronica. Though OG Veronica doesnt sting much, she has a Brave alt that spins her Story further and is to me basicly the grown up Version of OG Veronica and I am fine with that. In any case all OGs after Book 3 are lackluster to me. The Fairy world and design wasnt my cup of tea and the current Book is better but Steampunk isnt my cup of Tea either. Dagr was fun though. I also believe that Loki as a farfetched Unit was something IS didnt consider or plan and threw them off the loop for some time. She was prolly considered to be never be released or be released as a Legendary/Mythic unit.
  7. Meanwhile i am still waiting for Regular Bruno to be introduced... Even tough he should have been introduced, but IS decided to ditch the farfetched banner that year... and put him on a Easter Cav festival... (yes i am still pissed)
  8. Give them IS 6 months and they will tinker down inheritable weapons or a skill to counter Beast units. After that another 3 months and they will release a more stronger unit and they will start to tinker down skills that help beasts counter that first skill. This has allways been this. They release a very strong unit/ meta defining skill and then "nerf" it over the course of 6 months with counterskills unitl its almost dead just to release a skill that might revive that class again. See brave weapons See Dragon adaptiv damage, or dragons in general with their bulk See Dodge skills See RazzleDazzle healer setups See Fighter skills etc. They want you to go to summon. Those first "strong" or "broken" units are made on purpose obviously.
  9. I am surprised his weapon doesnt have 3-4 additional effects to round it out. IS why didnt you also give Byleth Damage reduction, Healing, Windsweep all in one on top of that weapon? 🙄
  10. How about we finally get a Dagger or Stave resplendant unit? Like Elise or Saizo or Felicia. Mindblowing i know?!?
  11. they dont care much lately, considering the fact that Gen1 Healers are basicly non existent. I think they will skip quite a few Gen 2 units and focus on the more favourite units.
  12. i dont care about the new units. I am more eager to see which seals they are gonne release
  13. Fascinating: So this is the first time something from another book was aknowledged in a different book (Gustavs death). remember how this wasnt brought up in Book 4 at all. Which means Book 5 plays after Book 3. I guess with Loki showing up the plot thickens. And this is the first time i see someone from another Book get screentime (Fjorm) outside of Loki in a Book. But i guess this will amount to nothing. I dont see how Loki will play a major part. She is probably just plotarmor to free Fafnir. And to make it so IS can later say that Loki was involved in every Book.
  14. The moment cavlines were popular should have been the moment where IS decided to put some trenches on maps or trees to prevent this from happening.
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