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  1. I read alot that apearently Dimitri is the most liked character. I have played now Dimitri and Claudes path and started Edelgard. My question is why? Dimitris personality while tragic is a lost cause and i liked Claude by quite alot. While i havent finished Edelgard (still pretime sink) She makes more sense and seems strong willed.
  2. well its kinda hard to beat something like Bold Fighter and Special Fighter in the B-Slot. 2 of the most OP skills in my opinion. Odd Fighter is casually ok depends.
  3. so started playing through Edelgards path finally. In what world are Huberts support conversations with Byleth... Support Converstions. What is this the Shining?! Creepy much!?
  4. Rallys and Dances have an order and they allways follow the same order. Someone who creates a Rally trap understands that and thus you also have to bait correctly. Obviously they will use a Rally like Rally Res that doesnt hurt the rallied unit much. Restore Traps: that depends entirely on the design of the map and a Restore Trap Cav Healer might find an opening on a non support unit you are running with your tank you cant wall of the entire map with your super tank. Besides as I said the sole point of a Restore trap is not alone the healer, but also the extension of reach of the other units in combination with ground orders/Rally and 1-2 Dancers. What makes Restore traps more tricky is that you dont know their Restore priority until after Turn 1 IF all of their units get debuffed. My Veronica runs 60 atk without any Seal/Buff or Blessing buffs, just with an A-Slot and merges. So unless you have some form of support on your super tank they will most likely take a significant hit from the healer or the support unit might get sniped and then there is still Panic staves... on top of that. You are also not accounting for the Miracle that is starting to go down with every turn you dont bait on a Restore Trap which can open up even a greater can of worms.
  5. Drives/Spur is the same to me (Drives are preferable just for avoiding Aversa or getting hit). Rally Traps counter debuffs directly. Like basicly almost every Infantry Pulse Team has a Rally Trap. The powerfull unit Rallys the baited unit (and thus it looses all debuffs) gets danced, and proceeds to nuke the living crap out of the supertank. That is the whole point of a Rally trap. Obviously the Rallied unit is still debuffed, but thats not the point of a Rally trap. Restore Traps are a little bit different. Because if you hit multiple enemies with debuffs, you dont know who will get Restored on Turn 1. They are usually used to enhance the reach of a Cav Healer immensely and can mess your Team up in combination with stuff like Ground Order expanding the reach of other units greatly in combination with Dancers. This makes placement (depending on the map) rather difficult because you dont want a unit to get suddenly sniped by a Cav Healer or by a unit that expands its range with Ground Order followed by a Dance. If I am not mistaken @Johann Defense map has a working Restore trap. Although i have seen Restore traps that are far more disgusting then his.
  6. Debuffing (non in combat debuffs) is even less reliable in AR then visible buffs due to Rally Traps, Restore Traps and Dancers for a Super tank. The most reliable is Spurs with a high base stat
  7. Dont know but i do that from time to time when i dont feel like doing AR and have enough points to not demote from Tier 21 (which isnt so hard to do after Day1). Has nothing to do with the Defense but more with getting the daily reward.
  8. yeah no my Thrasir sits at 47 SPD pre buffs or any skills and she isnt even the fastest of the bunch. Queen is Ylgr with 50 SPD pre buffs/skills/or weapon effect. so no 29 SPD is very low for today standarts.
  9. None of them have really middling or high speed rather low by todays standart. As for Sothis: enough speed want to make her more bulky so she can work in both phases.
  10. Still putting up a list how many of my units need Lull Atk/Res. So far have come up with THE Reinhardt (obviously), Boey, Sothis, Silque, Lilina, Brunnya. I think thats it.
  11. I think its a little too late to get a banner for FE Warriors. That train has passed.
  12. they prolly announce what will happen with Divine codes on February when there is the annual celebration of the games-launch.
  13. this pretty much. its a stupid system. Also Book 1 and 2 Grail units should cost only half, considerign how much investment they need to bring them even to a remotly competetiv level. The whole game lately feels more like punish for not playing every damn day then joy.
  14. giiiirl i am clutching my pearls not because of the banner, because i dont know TMS and the artstyle and J-Pop stuff gives me PMS (personal preference, but i get why they would release such a banner as promotion and we have a wide demographic so more power to those fans) but Dull Atk/Res!!! *still clutching my pearls*
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