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  1. I was done long time ago. It was for me convoluted mess before now woth chaos season even more. I dont invest the time anymore necause everything got more complicated with a 3. season. Duell Summoners the same. The Balancing is so bad that without a Duo or particular unit you are at adisadvantage. I just simply dint care anymore and have given up on beimg anywhere remotely competitiv. Imho i just should quit the game. Its a glorified unit builder/collector
  2. I have a slight suspicion that theese Tier4 Smoke skills will be Cav and Flyer exclusiv (probably melee exclusiv too) And that Inf and Armor are getting Tier 4 Ploys, when the time comes Just my guess
  3. In all honesty Reinhardt and Olwen not gettingvrefines is pretty outdated. They are heavy outclassed. Even Surtr not getting a refine is outdated considering how much cancer FEdelgard is and to some degree Bector and Asc.Idunn Ophelia being on hold is fine for now 5 Star Daners should finally get a refine.. I mean seriously wtf And 3-4 Star helars should get a refine too. They are just dead weight atm imho. Noone uses them, outdated stat-spread outdate playstyle.
  4. So Duma just got infinitly better. His C skill will destroy a building guaranteed and in the best case scenario even destroy 2 of them.
  5. In other words Hilda is the new updated Arvis
  6. I am glad i bring so much joy! On a sidenote: i guess Brave Tome are becomeing more regular. There is no reason that Reinhardt and Olwen shouldnt get a refine by now.
  7. or they just cicle backbto book 1 units and hand re-refines! I am really not counting on exclusivvstaves for 3-4 Star healers and Dancer refine Azura is an ecxeption
  8. kinda dissapointed they didnt add am Abyssal difficulty on all GHB rotations -_-
  9. not really we went from 3 skill seals in tempest trial to 2. For new players the 1200 coins make a big impact in terms of getting instantly 2-3 old seal skills.
  10. About time i was wondering when ww would get additional Abyssal maps!
  11. For being the first mythic/leg Healer she iscreally tame. They should have included wrathfull skill into the weapon or C skill
  12. Hilda

    Summoner Duels

    in all honesty i believe canto should cost a move too. Not suggesting you shouldnt be able to move after canto but if you do it should cost you 2 move points. Most units are auto-invalidated if they dont have some form of canto. You have literally no fighting chance with favourite units/chars no matter the investment unless you use canto/dancers/duo skills Also Duo skills sigh… I would really like to use some fav units i have invested in for fun but its just not feasable
  13. Interesring. Ill wait on midterm results. If there is a meme char in top10 ima go for that, otherwise i guess its gonna be Azura
  14. I for myself am gonna vote for Bruno or one of the Askr trios to finally get a Brave alt. On midterm results if i see there is no chance ima switch my votes to something weird that has a chance at winning like Gatekeeper or some other unpopular Char. I just think the potential and freedom on those characters to create something weird/fun is much bigger then on some fixed lord/char. I am really kinda tired of seeing 3H or Lords getting the Brave treatment. Besides with Ascendet Forms being a thing, there is potential for those popular characters to return anyway so pass.
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