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  1. Sadly there arent alot of "new" toys to play with. The character pool is so oversaturated, that pulling anything is almost pointless unless: 1. its your favourite character 2. The unit runs a crazy good exclusiv weapon/skill 3. they have a desirable fodder skill you want for another unit. Since March i havent pulled much on regular/special banners unless i wanted a skill for Skill inheritance. I even skiped now the entire Dancer banner so far. I may pull for a Berkut just for the Duell skill to pass down to Brave Lucina. I just see no point, because almost every role can be filled by the allready existing cast. And frankly... The Brave refine banner is currently the best banner because their refines added those crazy good exclusiv weapons. Increased BST is not enough for me to bait me to pull. In that regard i rather have less populated banners but with good/niche/interesting skill characters, instead of throwaway your typical char that can be replaced by an allready existing character. For exampled i have only male Byleth as 3 houses representativ in my barracks. the one Dimitri i got was foddered of and i didnt care much for the rest because... welp their skills exclusiv weapons just werent interesting enough or allready existed in some form and i have that form in my barracks.
  2. Every competent AR Defense Team has Hardy Bearing on their Barracks in some form.
  3. I only used my initial circle pull. I really dont see why i should get more Dancers. albeit they can also be used as offensiv units, but i dont care much at the moment. We will see them in Legendary Banners anyway.
  4. I think we can say Brunos character Arc doesnt exist anymore, it has been MIA since 1.5 years, so i believe firmly that he will appear in Farfetched heroes. At least i hope so, been waiting to long for him.
  5. Good luck one shotting Alm with that. Brave Ike is awesome but a Hardy Bearing Legendary Alm will Tear through him like nothing, as i witnessed while testing him out on Friend Maps. Although he wasnt running any Blessing Buffs.
  6. yeah by giving up punching power with -5 Atk on top of it and not using Sturdy Impact. Doubling doesnt help much if you hit like a wet noodle against opponents that reach 50~ Res due to Eir blessings, hence a Phantom Res seal. Not everyone is running a +10 +RES Yune and have to actually use Fortress Res too
  7. I like the OC chars from a design point. The book 2 Ocs were fine too in my eyes ecxept for Surtr and Laevetinn. Book3 i only dig Eir so far the design of the others is too edgy for my taste I have only played the GBA and DS FEs so forme chars from other games then those are not so apesling then OCs
  8. Seems to be a congestion due to the quests. I got a regular 1. Match on AA but after that lost the connection again.
  9. I have not wished for so many Nifl/Muspell Alts. I just want the regular versions in, hence why i voted for Bruno. I also didnt care for Spring Bruno.
  10. Arena Assault seems to be down or congested. Getting an Error whenntrying to do Assault while everything else just works fine. Anyone else Having this issue?
  11. Its funny that DancingBerkut can become an excellent mixed bulk unit with Berkuts Lance... and has the highest base attack of all the Berkuts... This BST creep on those dancers was really not necessary at all :/. Its really discouraging and demotivating when you see Dancers have higher BST then Regular units and really disturbing.
  12. When we are talking about Phantom Spd. Its high time for Phantom Res Seal. With all the Sabotage skill around relying on RES checks and Eir allowing other units to reach like 50 RES, Yune needs a Phantom Res seal to make use of her Kit, not to mention other units that would benefit from it (Selkie for example) but Phantom Res has to be like +15 for it to really be effectiv and worthwhile enough for those skills.
  13. Considering the Askr trio can clear all Abyssal GHBs it shouldnt be to hard clearing an Abyssal GHB with the Free Reinhardt, Brave Lyn or Veronica or BraveMiciaha or Eir, and Smallzura and/or Ninian with little investment. There recently was an Abyssal guide for Julia LHB with Brave Ike, Eir, Smallzura and Veronica with no SI i believe and just seals
  14. Its simple, yet deep customizable and short. Normal Fire Emblem games take up so much time, you really need to dedicate 2-3 hours on a string. In Feh you can just dedicate 30 min and get stuff done. If anything I actually like the strategic gameplay of FEH more then any other normal Fire Emblem i played, because the map isnt very big and isnt clustered with own units/ enemy units. Sometimes it gets dreadfull cycling through 39239209302 units on a map and then End Turn. Just draging an Armor Unit along in Fire emblem games gives me shivers...
  15. I said they needed to do something drastic to make it worthwhile to pull for those dancers because of LAzura. So IS turned the Dancers in this update into Reinhardts or Gen 1 BST units which is alot of BST increase for a Dancer.
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