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  1. My free pull was a regilar Leagjarn. Obviously i foddered her off to my +10 Aversa who is now ready for arena with Red duell flyer
  2. Seals are okeish. Will tackle this with my +10 Original Ylgr!
  3. This is nice. Its purely a skill based banner for me phew. No amazing unit, although some offer interesting min/max stat spreads. Anyway goal: 1 R dual for my cheerleader Regular Marth 1 Mirror Impact and 1 Swift sparrow 3 (I think)
  4. My T21 Current Defense Team doesnt run a Dancer and has so far won all Defense battles. Brave Ike Hrid Naga Sonya Legendary Alm Bride Fjorm YES I fielded Brave Ike and its funny how much he surprises alot of Team setups that run ranged nukers with his Shield Pulse Steady Breath setup. Ranged units initiating on him fail to kill him (unless with AoE precharge special) and melee units fail to kill him on baiting due to the 2. Hit being absorbed by Urvan and they dont charge usually in because it means 1 unit is for sure going to die unless they are running galeforce.
  5. That depends how you look at it. For me they have more personality then all the other chars of games i didnt play at all.
  6. I love the Nifl siblings, but even i would say this went overboard with the alts of them. New Year and now this? Besides i really dont like what they did to Gunnthra and Leagjarn. Here comes the melonfestival, only Camilla and Kagero are missing now. They just tarnished my beloved Gunnthra ._. god dammit .
  7. Okey Surtr was a bit shitty to deal with with Saizo, but luckily my +10 Arvis runs Ardent Sacrifice and could top Saizo off so he could Enemy phase him
  8. Almost the same I am using. I just dont know what to make out of that Brazen Atk/Res 3. Mine runs Phantom speed to ensure he doesnt get countered by Dragons. Fallen Tiki will outspeed him, especially if she has buffs on (as well as some other dragons). And there is alot of Chill Spd going on. He needs to initiate safely on mages/dragons to apply his debuffs, if he gets countered he is prolly dead.
  9. no but the combination of Radiant Aether + DC weapon is exclusiv on Legendary Ike. Also because Legendary heroes allways sport a personal exclusiv skill sets them allready apart from other heroes. The only ones i see that might need a refine are: Lyn: Just give her Close counter, so she can make more use out of her A-Slot Personal skill. She is in need of a really good refine Hector: Null Follow up kinda weakened his weapon a bit. But we dont need another offensiv Axe Armorer. I would buff his utility more so it meshes well with his C-Skill in mixed Teams. In that regard: Infantry, Flying or Armor allys adjacent to unit and unit himself get + 1 Movement range at start of turn, only applies if there is not more then 2 of same movement type (does not stack with other movement enhancing buffs) FGrima: Is a bit tricky, she could get really broken with a wrong refine. Removing her Dragon weakness with a special refine would be in my eyes too much.
  10. I am getting Hawkeye vibes from the left person, and right seems to be gunnthra. Hawkeye is gonna sport his big guns.
  11. Its not, its very handy for AI controlled units. Just think of a Kagero + Sturdy Impact + Null Follow up + her Special refine. Good luck killing that one on enemy phase with a super tank when its on a defensiv Team full with wings of Mercy and Hardy Bearings. Hint YOU WILL GO DOWN unless you run Null Follow up yourself and win the Speed check, in which case you cant run Null C-Disrupt. The skill isnt OP, but it sure as hell makes Playerphase units that much harder to kill.
  12. The special deals some AoE damage and swaps places with the person that triggered the special (as in Attacked). pretty predictable I dont know what to make out of this... its just bashing mindlessly on a unit with no strategy involved. Not even healing needed with Brave Hector Legendary Hector, Winter Eirika running Absorb Staff and Hrid. Eirika just heals everyone by just attacking or being attacked while everyone else just wails away at the Rokkr. In my honest opinion: mindless bullshit. The rewards are nice tough and quickly gettable. But I rather have them release constantly harder BHB GHB or LHB maps then this... stuff. But lets give it time maybe it gets better over time.
  13. Would change it a bit #1 Scoreing from skills doesnt matter #2 Your Party of 4 members is only allowed to have: 1 of each color, 1 of each movement. Of those units only 1 dancer OR 1 healer is allowed #3 Your Party members cant occupy the same skill in the assist, special or passive slot. Meaning only 1 Reposition unit can be used, only 1 Distant counter, etc etc. This also conflicts with seals, if you run the QR seal then no other party member can run QR in their B-Slot. Weapon refines and personal weapon effects are not excluded. All of the above also accounts for the Defense Teams #4 you can set a rule to banish a particular weapon type of the field. What this does is, at start of Turn it auto ends that weapon type units turn and inflicts it with Isolation and no counter possibility. This also applies to your own Team if you run the same type of weapon. Dont want to see Reinhardt and LAzura, set the rule to banish Blue Tomes. Please note that the opposing Defense Team can have a rule of themself, and can banish a weapon type too, which means you might have a unit sitting like a duck there, that cant move, counterattack or be danced or healed and needs thus protection. Merges are allowed.
  14. you'd be surprised how many times people meant stuff seriously when i thought they were jokeing... stupidity sadly does not know any sorts of boundaries.
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