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  1. thats not the point. What do you tell to this person when the person refuses to use Reinhardt "Because not favourable unit", doesnt want to sacrifce 20k feathers for a Blade tome and Close Counter is hard to get and refuses to use those ressources? Whats the point to give advice to those people? I mean in that case: why are you asking for advice? go figure it out yourself then and do some research. There is plenty ways to tackle AR. if you arent fine with the advice given then my god do some reasearch yourself. I didnt invest into AR much and climbed to 21 using units i have and did so with a Galeforce Anna and Galeforce Hrid during Light Season when wind and water blessings were present. (the you isnt directed to you personaly but just a general person)
  2. Then i would suggest those people stop ranting about a mode and stop asking for advice if they arent inclined to invest in other characters that perform much better in specific game modes. I have my favourite characters too and I am not fond of Aether Raids. And not all of them are suited perfectly for Aether Raids. Prime example being Saizo. But i invest in Characters that i know perform better in this mode, because i do want to excell. If one isnt willing to invest into suggested characters, well in that case, one should stop asking for advice and theorycraft ones Team him/herself with ones favourite units, but stop asking for advice if one is gonna shut it down anyway.
  3. High five. I use Marth as my Arena cheerleader since Red Duell A Skill. His skill set is: Falchion (special refined) Rally Atk/spd+ Aether A: Duell skill B: Ruse Def/Res (for debuff and Guard applying which is huge) C : Infantry Breath (gives Spur Def/Res 2 and Steady Breath effect) Seal: Spur Def/Res 3 I also use him as a chearleader in my Team for Naga Omega Tanking during Astra season with double Spur Def/Res. With his Falchion and Nagas Weapon, he grants her +11 Def/+11 Res/+5 SPD/+5 Atk. And then the 2. Naga grants +7 def/+7 res/+3 atk/+3 spd due to Warding flyer spurs and my Heron Dancer gives out the same. its pretty neat.
  4. check his base kit and weapon and then come back and tell us what you saw
  5. you obviously havent run into double poison strike Firesweep bow users. letting them attack you twice (they usually get redanced if you dont kill them) is devestating to your tank, because they will deal a guaranteed 40 dmg, all it then needs is a well placed swooping unit with a precharged special to remove the remaining what? 20 HP
  6. Veronica Reinhardt Brave Lyn Hrid Gunnthra Leg. Eliwood Sigurd Legendary Ephraim Legendary Eirika also Eliwood has one sick refine the list goes on are all fantastic cav units with their special weapons/abilitys. But Cecilia is still amazing if you invest into her Fallen Berkut is also a very interesting Cavalry unit. Also the new colorless Dagger cavs can be very good with the new "Gunnthra" Daggers. I think Eliwood is very flexible you can run him in a Cav Team and replace his C-Slot, you can run him in mixed Teams too. Just the thought facing Bonus double Reinhardt Veronica Brave Lyn all in the same Team with the same Attack gives me chills. And thats quite doable.
  7. Kinda hard to do. Would complecate targeting enemys because need an extra menu thennto select what want to do. I think assists+ will come at some point but will have different effects. I can see Swap+ have a Link type effect buff. I can see Shove+ have a debuff kind effect. Repostion+ haveing a Guard buff effect and the opposite (forgot name) haveing a gravity effect on enemys within 2 Spaces. Smite+ i can see launching you 3 instead of 2 Spaces
  8. Those are kinda minimum requirement if you want to run any kind of competent infantry Omega Tank (Null C or Null Follow up)
  9. Sharena is godlike during her bonus week. I used her as an Omega tank last week and reached Tier 26 with only 80 lift away from entering Tier 27. Of course you cant just place a generic run of the hill Sharena. Mine uses Distant Counter. Null Follow up etc. Dull ALL is a very powerfull refine!!! and of course double Eir buffs & cheerleader (LEliwood in this case). You assume stuff that is not true
  10. The bold part is what you are doing wrong. This was an instant wrong decision on your part period + Tier 20 is the land where things get even harder, because everyone in there is fighting to reach Tier 21. If you are running 2 Eirs you are kinda loosing 10 HP and 10 RES during Astra season in a mode that is mostly heavy mage infested. 20 magical bulk lost! Thats kinda huge. Its now Astra season. Naga provides buffs too but 10 HP and 10 Def is kinda okeish + the fact she isnt a ranged unit makes it harder. In that regard Astra season is allways harder to get through. You can NOT run the same offensiv Team on Astra season that you used on Light season. It will hurt you, not only because no Lift bonus, but because of lost Magical bulk. You have to make up for that loss in magical bulk. Usually i run Omega tanks in Light season and Galeforce Teams in Astra season. Although i also use Naga as an Omega Tank in Astra season, it works kinda okeish with Marth support. But if you are entering Astra season with the same Team as before you are in for a bad treat, because those Reinhardts Ophelias Lilinas etc are gonna hit that much harder.
  11. yep Fallen Tiki is kinda busted, but she is very susceptible to Panic. This is the reason why i allways equip Panic Seal on Aversa in my Cheerleader squad instead of a HP+ Seal. Although 54 HP is kinda on the Average side, sometimes i also equip the Panic seal on the kill unit. Panic is your best friend against Fallen Tiki. Or a Healer that can chip away at her. In my Case that would be my 2. Chearleader: Azama
  12. @Zeo This is my Matthew Team (well actually Yune Team) in the works. Its still not finished needs some skills here and there and some merges, but i am quite happy with this Team composition. Synergizes very well together.
  13. Thats not true. Cavalry are still very effectiv. Its just that every other movement type has been catching up. They are still opressiv with a 3 movement range. Flyers are though getting a bit out of hand but luckily they are held back by skill inheritance restrictions (yet) Lets just say that the ground has been leveled and Cavalry isnt Easy mode anymore outside of PVE. Litrblades generic BLyns and Reinhardts dont cut it. You need to invest in Cav units too now!!! Which is the case for all the other movement types
  14. I would like to have LHBs that tie some LHBs together. Like if they would make a LHB consistent of Leg. Lyn, Leg. Hector and Leg. Eliwood. (and reinforcements) an LHB with: Hrid, Fjorm and Gunnthra an LHB with: Eirika and Ephraim an LHB with: Marth and Tiki an LHB with: Ryoma and Azura an LHB with: Robin and Lucina now that would be exciting! more Abyssal modes! everywhere with reinforcements!
  15. Watch it be actual successfull Defenses with Dark Blessed heroes!
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