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  1. what would be the point? everyone would just run around colorless or with raventomes. Unless you mean personal weapons cant be drained from their color
  2. only if Enemy phaseing him on player phase he should be farly easy to take out
  3. Oh my! I am Excited! The design and voices are perfect and the animation is just boss! The only damper is that Robin is shareing collor ._. Even though i am a Fan of FEH OCs! This is what a Mythic should be like!!! Sorry Thrasir and Lif ._.
  4. Best example is Fallen Tiki Her C-Skill can be her biggest asset, but it can be also her biggest weakpoint (asside from effectiv damage), if you have someone that can panic her. The only way to turn it off is by either removing it or standing near a non Dragon-ally. which removes her biggest asset. Sometimes its more beneficial to not have any buffs on at all.
  5. I really hope they give her a refine soon. So far all the Resplendand Heroes have had refineable or exclusiv weapons. Its also worth noting that they seem to alternate between 3-4 Star and 5 Star exclusiv units: Lyn (5star) ---> Cordelia (3-4) ----> Ike (5 Star) ---> Sophia (3-4) ----> Azura (5 Star) I wonder who will be the next 3-4 Star unit? They also seem to cycle through the different games.
  6. What i would like to see: Askr: Caeda Marth Roy Lilina Robin (f and m) Embla: Xander Innes Karel Lloyd Reinhardt (although he really doesnt need the stat boost...) Nifl: Azura Camus Felicia Leo Zephiel Muspell: Arvis Berkut Eliwood Ryoma Sonya Hel: Azama Henry Jaffar Tharja Takumi Fairy: Elise Fae Ninian Sanaki Nino Bonus: Odin with Loki/Thor Attire
  7. isnt that the whole point of a strategy game "to think"? in other words not hard if you put some thought behind it. I mean seriously if one considers Heroic Ordeals too hard i really have no words left...
  8. lvl 35 is enough with the skill the unit comes with and a seal. Ordeals arent that hard, because there is alos a partner.
  9. She wont be used in Defensiv setups much because the AI cant activate her Duo-Skill. The real cancer comes from her being in an offense Team, because she annihilates all weakness Dragons and Armorers have. Which means armorers are back at supertanking, which means i really need to pull out the most disgusting Defense builds
  10. Legendary Hector: "I am the only Armorer that can naturally prevent Follow-up attacks as long as i have all my friends near me and get Def +3!" Idunn: "Hold my beer! I get +3 Res, can prevent Follow-up attacks from enemies, inflict -6 Atk, neutralize all my penalties and deal adaptiv damage to ranged units! And all i need is 1 person near me or a buff! Also did i mention i have a perky duo skill that gives me Armor- and Dragonslaying immunity? Did i also mention my 185 BST DUUUUHH!!" L.Hector: "oh..." 1 year later: Blabla: "Hi my name is Blabla and i am a Dragon! My Breath allows me to: prevent follow up attacks, gives me auto-follow up attacks on both phases, i neutralize all penaltys on me and debuff the enemy with -6 to all stats while i gain +6 to all stats. Did I also mention that i have effectiv damage against Infantry, Armorers, Dragons and Horses? Also my Duo-Skills rips the sky open and sends out lightning strikes that deal 60 dmg to all the enemies and bounds them for 1 round! and all i need for that? just be in the game!? I also forgot to mention that i have 195 BST DUUUUUU!"
  11. why rude. Is she? Elincia doesnt qualify as a Legendary. I never played the Tellius games and i have heard of Ike and Micaiah, never heard of Elincia pre FEH. If we go by importance then Anna should have been a Legendary before Elincia even gets qualified for it lol
  12. allright finished all Hall of Forms Chambers. The later ones were a bit tough but nothing unmanagable with sacrificing one or 2 units there. Current Team: Olwen: Thunderhead (Eff); Draw Back, Life and Death 4, Sabotage RES, Panic Smoke, Seal: Atk/Spd Bond (+10 merges) Flynn: Vengeance Lance (Def+); Rally Atk/Def+, Moonbow, Warding Stance 4, Lull Spd/Def The Reinhardt: Meisterschwert, Aether, Heavy Blade 4 yeah thats about it (and merges) Leif: Light Brand (eff), Smite, Blue Flame, Heavy Blade 4, S drink, Rouse Atk/Def 3, Seal: Deflect Missile 3 Needless to say i invested most into Olwen and she was the one winning the chambers with inflated stats (together with Flynn), prolly will Forma Soul her and give her then Desperation. Her built is basicly almost complet ecxept for Special and B-Slot
  13. your problem is your game understanding, unit building and playstyle, not the mode itself. 7 turns is fair and enough.
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