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  1. Well I guess making „Ascended Veronica“ the next free unmergable unit tied to the Askr-Trio and more involved in the Story was too much to ask. Meanwhile lets leave Bruno and co. in the limbo of never releasing male chars!
  2. Maybe there should be more skills effects based on HP or Def or Res that arent exklusiv skills. It feels like Atk and Spd are the skills that matter the most unless you are an Armor unit I would like to see a new HP based 500 SP Special in the form of Vengeance but with an added effect of Auto Follow up built in when the special is charged. Or Tier 4 Boost skills based on Max HP. Like Earth Boost granting a unit 8 Def and a followup attack if Max hp of unit ist > max hp of opponent Or Tier 4 Water Boost granting 8 Res and forcing the opponent to target your Res stat for damage calculations unless they run Mystic Boost List goes on.
  3. Meh, this banner would have beenninteresting if there was an inheritable Brave Tome to shake things up.
  4. I actually think Caineghis is a legitimit user for mystc boost 4, hes weapon takes care of most of the B-Slot stuff for armors, eccept for guard and special acceleration which can be outsourced (Kaden)or run in his seal slot the -5 atk makes him more tanky and the 10 HP helps him recover health
  5. Maybe they changed the format a bit now, in that Ascended heros are really ascended heroes. And rearmed heroes will be alts of existing legendary/brave/heroes. But then again this is IS and they have no trackrecord of consistency when it comebto this type of stuff. (See various mythic/legendary/ascended heroes)
  6. So whens wrathfull and dazuling staff as sacred seals? because healers sure are on the sidelines
  7. I would have prefered ifv“ they gave season 1 and 2 units with prf weapons the ability to upgrade refining those prf with an effect of an existing inheritable weapon.
  8. Kinda funny that only the male characters are in purgatory like Bruno, Fafnir, Freyr. You get the point. Although they were quick to release Askr
  9. Am i the only one, that since 1 year (or more) exclusiv weapons are totally OP and convoluted together with the exclusiv skills and Duo Skills etc. Its sucking the fun out of this game in my Opinion.
  10. Are you surprised? Anything that is slow and infantry or flying is dead at arrivel unless they have an insane exclusiv weapon/ skill / duo skill etc I mean you can burry almost every slow infantry unit without any ofvthe above the investment just not worth it
  11. actually i can think of some Legendary chars: Takumi Leo Elise Sakura Camilla and that other sister i forgot the name
  12. Didnt see this one comeing so soon o.O
  13. I wonder if we get now „Life“/Ymir themed resplendants
  14. I was done long time ago. It was for me convoluted mess before now woth chaos season even more. I dont invest the time anymore necause everything got more complicated with a 3. season. Duell Summoners the same. The Balancing is so bad that without a Duo or particular unit you are at adisadvantage. I just simply dint care anymore and have given up on beimg anywhere remotely competitiv. Imho i just should quit the game. Its a glorified unit builder/collector
  15. I have a slight suspicion that theese Tier4 Smoke skills will be Cav and Flyer exclusiv (probably melee exclusiv too) And that Inf and Armor are getting Tier 4 Ploys, when the time comes Just my guess
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