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  1. Men: 1. Bruno 2. Marth Female: 1. Sharena 2. Henriette yeah i really dont care about 3 Houses representations (even though i played and liked the game and characters) and Fates is kinda over for me :/. Still Salty that Regular Bruno didnt make it into the game because Farfetched Heroes was ditched that year!!!! I actually would replace Marth with Alfonse, but Marth really kinda needs to get a CYL version at this point.
  2. they will come and money was allways the answer. 70% of the Resplendant units are popular units that have won either CYL or have placed very high (or are currently placing high). They have just thrown out a bone here and there for other people with some less popular units.
  3. Ima go with Henriette, because the CYLs are a farce to begin with lol
  4. From which game is the song that plays during the Intro of the 1. Chapter?
  5. what challenge? you just place Mila and block Azura from Dancing (if you have one), Although i think SoV has the least amount of given out free units that arent lets say olde?
  6. i know that, but it would be nice if they started to refine 3-4 Star healers too ._.
  7. or you know they could actually start doing 12 refines per update... Just an Idea to catch up and then go back to 4 per update. We should have hit Book 2 End now with refines, but we are nowhere near it lol
  8. Not all GHB units can be fantastic, otherwise there would be no incentiv to summon units. I think we got a good amount of good GHB units even in the past 2 years. Aversa Joerge Iago Gangrel Kronya Naesala Astram Petrin List goes on. And just recent some GHB units got excellent refines with Saias Arvis Valter and Legion. I dont see your point. I think they are doing an excellent job of providing usefull units through GHB.
  9. I actually dont feel that way. Fafnir seems to have more nuance due to his yet not revealed back story. He is/was a beloved brother. Surtr on the other hand i mean, he was just flat, he even sacrificed his daugthers for his goal and there was no nuance or backstory to him. But as we know FEH storytelling the backstory will never make it into the game and the ending will resolve in a smokescreen with big dissapointment, so yeah Fafnir might as well be flat.
  10. Legendary weapons with a refine from Legendary heroes
  11. I am kinda surprised Azura didnt get a refine yet or Ninian. It seems like IS is at loss on refining Gen one dancers. Either because the new generation dancers will outshine them anyway, or they dont know how to make them on par. I really really hope the next batch has a 3-4 star healer in it Azama and Wry are in desperate need of a refine (basicly all 3-4 infantry healers of Gen1)
  12. This reminds me of the episode from The Good Wife - "Is that your opinion?" "Your Honor in my opinion!"
  13. He basicly only has Distant counter going for him (and an Armor only B passiv almost noone cares). Thats not good enough for whales/dolphins. Meanwhile you have Distant Counter units, that are still somewhat decent or very good very decent and have good fodder: Red Pool: Hrid (still decent unit) Seliph (okeisch Fodder and fantastic enemy phase unit) Lif (fantastic unit and Times pulse) Green Pool: Hel (fantastic unit and fodder) Edelgard (its not Distant counter but is decent) Colorless: Corrin (fantastic unit and fantastic fodder) Needless to say all the Distant Counter units being in the normal summoning pool (3) and then we have OG Hector on a the returning weekly banner. I dont think Distant Counter alone qualifies anymore to stay in a pool if the unit cant perform or is outclassed.
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