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  1. You are getting that now? I used to summon alot 2 years ago and threw money at it but i stoped. Because in my eyes it started to be pointless to summon since the unit will be powercrept in 6 months at least anyway. All I am doing atm is doing AR, Arena and looking forward to the next mythic/legendary battle to beat in abyssal with the Askrtrio. I dont even care for scoring in Arena AR or AA. Its pointless. I have to admit the modes are getting very Stagnant and i dont know how long i will go on without more Abyssal GHBs MHBs etc or new modes. They should finally release season 3 and season 4 of GHB as Abyssal modes on weekly rotation.
  2. damage reduction skills that arent specials were as i said months ago a big mistake.
  3. Shade: Drop the Speed check and drop the reduce damage by X% effect with it but keep the nullifieing guarantees foes follow up attack (with no spd check). Not all Dagger units are immensely fast. But then again doesnt matter, FEH went bonkers anyway on every direction you might as well just give it the full effect without any SPD check.
  4. i have a +10 Wrys and Azama and am slightly pissed that 1. none of them have refine 2. Azama got left out!! So ima do whats best and go with Silque!
  5. I am all for OCs but i am really oversaturated by them on Mythic banners. I really wish for stuff like Athos Bramimond etc... Its really mildly starting to annoy me.
  6. BIke is strong, but Ninja Lyn is degenerate. I am talking from a pure player control perspectiv. BIke has multiple counters, one of them is even a Seal (hardy Bearing) or a Special (AoE Specials). Ninja Lyn on player control is just degenerate and removes any form of strategy. Now I am not saying other units dont tap on to that category too, but Lynja is the epitome of it. The game is in my opinion heading for a while towards a direction where strategy doesnt even matter much at all. I also said that Spurn skills are a step in the wrong direction. As is now Dragonwall. Instead of buffing Defensiv Specials they opt to release more units with damage reduction bullshit, or units with hyper offensiv bullshit which take away any form of strategy. Just blast everything away into oblivion or take 0 damage from anything thrown at you. Its dumb.
  7. You cant have more mobility then a ranged cav nuke. I mean Yes Canto offers withdraw, but a Cav is by far the most mobile class. I dont ever consider Lynja because that unit was a mistake. If all units were like her you could just implement an Auto-Win button into the game and call it a day. There is like 0 stratgie involved when useing Lynja, at least with Canto there is some strategy involved. You want such a boring game where every unit is as busted as Lynja? She is a prime example of a unit actually destroying and sucking the fun out of a game. (unless you consider/measure fun by handing everything on a silverplate to you). I used the free Lynja i got in a couple of modes and i just thought "Why would someone design a unit like that?!?"
  8. Well I guess Red melee Cavs made it into the Arena.
  9. And Sharena wins by doing absolutely nothing. Meanwhile Anna is Wario and chasing after money
  10. I dont think thats a valid excuse. If they kept him dualphase (like he was with the wrong description) and gave him Close Counter on top of it he would be even considered a good not busted but good unit and he would have his niche. All he is now is a glorified tank for non infantry mages/bows (and he does it worse then his fallen counterpart), because Null Follow up shuts him down and Spurn makes any playerphase nukeing from Lyon redundant. Slow Infantry units need more then what Lyon got, that counts for mages or melees, because unlike other class types they dont get the benefit of spurn or Null-Follow up makeing them basicly pre Infantry buffs unit, and we all know Infantry sucked in those times.
  11. I really dont see the problem with Claude, he looses to all forms of Brave weapons, hell he even looses to all forms of Bow because outside of his LHB he aint gonna have bloated stats. He is annyoing when he gets to innitiate combat.
  12. I think IS did Lyon dirty if you compare him to his Fallen Form. QR isnt enough, they should have added something else or implement the effect with the wrong description, that would have been actually a good but not overwhelming refine, since he could be then a dualphase unit. That QR alone wont help much when everyone and their mother are running Nullfollow up and impact skills. I really hope they make Julius great.
  13. 45 base atk... seriously lol? there are dagger users that cant even reach that attack after +10 merges and Dragon Flowers looool
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