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  1. I disagree somewhat that the series will become too streamlined in order to cater for mainstream. I think that angle has been hit by FE: Heroes and will remain seperated in that way. The casuals have Heroes but the mainline games will probably advance on the 3DS game templates with better script writing, more diverse characters and more interesting battle scenario's. For me, heroes is a fantastic introduction to characters from titles I have not played and provides the impetus to track down and play those older titles... of course the gameplay in these titles are nothing like Heroes but to be honest it makes me appreciate how far the series has come when I played Blazing Sword shortly after finishing Fates. However I do not see it as the sign of things to come. This is ultimately one of Nintendo/Intelligent System's prize assets and I highly doubt they will alienate its core audience with dramatic changes to the formula. But anyway... I think FE is in a real sweet spot. Echoes was less of an experiment to alter the template then it was a fun history lesson and I can't see too many of the changes moving into the main series. If any further experiments happen I think an offshoot non canon valkyria chronicles 3D style would be interesting. Thanks for reading :)
  2. +1 Kirie Sent fast, good comms and great packaging :)
  3. +1 ChibiToastExplosion: Super quick, super helpful, super name :D
  4. +1 wobblinghood ... pleasure to trade with and incredibly prompt delivery!
  5. Quite new to all this so please excuse my bumbling... UK based if that makes much difference with shipping. Trying to fill the gaps in my Series 1: Looking to trade, happy to negotiate more then 1 card for something on my want list. Have: Want list:
  6. Greeting to anyone reading this, Got into FE after the joy of AdvanceWars on GBA and now slowly working through the FE back catalogue... recently finished Shadow Dragon for 2nd time (Yes the portraits are still hideous) by having to sacrifice Catria with a Dragonlance vs Medeus... that was a week ago and its still tearing me up inside... last survivor of my pegasus sisters (sniff) Anyway, i'll be lurking around the FE Cipher forums trying to complete my Series 2 & 3's, come say hi and raise a toast to lost comrades :)
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