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  1. I liked how in the first six chapters you get to see some of Nohr and Hoshido. It helps impact the decision to side with the people that raised you like family, your family, or siding with neither of them. Plus, it could be really good for someone that isn't sure which route they want to choose.
  2. I finally finished and sealed Zelgius the other day! I’m pretty happy that he got put off until now, because otherwise he wouldn’t have his metallic paint. The red and gold on his armor, the few silver details, and the blue on the hilt of his sword are all metallic. His canvas is 16” x 20” so he’s pretty big!
  3. I desperately need to catch up with posting all the art I've made, but for now here is a Shinon I finished last night.
  4. I added everyone's names to the list. Thank you all for entering; it's already got me even more excited for this! That's perfectly fine! I have a few in mind right now, actually! Xander, Leo, and the Black Knight would be great. I also went to three different Walmarts to get some red metallic paint for Zelgius.
  5. Hello everyone! I had been considering a few different paintings for giveaways, but since I bought my metallic paints I decided to paint Berkut to test them out. As I was close to finishing him, I decided that he would be a great give away for Serenes! I put a picture of the canvas in the spoiler tab bellow, because it's a pretty big picture. To enter, simply post on here and everyone gets assigned a number depending on when they post. The winner will be randomly selected via random number generator, so I'll keep a list of everyone that enters on the post and on my phone. The giveaway ends two weeks from now, on August 28th at 6 PM EST, and I am willing to ship worldwide. The winner has a week to message me their address, or I will redraw a winner. I can typically get to the post office on either Friday ot Saturday here lately. Berkut's canvas is 8" x 10" and comes in a black frame. The canvas itself is smaller than the frame; it can stay in, but it does pop out occasionally. I would be alright with hot gluing him in the frame, if the winner wants me to. We live in a smoke free home, but we do have pets. If you do win, you have to be alright with giving out your address. If you're under 18, you should get your parent's/guardian's permission before giving away your address. The spoiler below is the list of people who have entered. Good luck to everyone entering! Depending on interest, I would love to do more giveaways. So the two weeks are up, and a winner has been chosen. I posted a screenshot of the generator in with list of people that entered! Thanks to everyone who entered; I would love to see you next time I do another giveaway!
  6. +1 Mallow They got here very safely! Thank you so much!
  7. How could I forget the nopon air strike that consists of four nopon in a bucket being carried by a pterodactyl like monster.
  8. I love most anything that Xord and Metalface say; they always crack me up. "I think a fly bit me." "Food ain't supposed to jump off the plate!" etc... When Riki catches a fish that is much bigger than he is. Also, everyone's reaction to Riki revealing how old he is. Melia's dropkick followed by her little squeak is cuter than it is funny, but it tickles me every now and then. The heart to heart when Riki doesn't want Dunban to be lonely, so he offers for him, his wife, and his littlepons to move in with him. There is a lot of great after battle dialogue, but I especially like to one where Reyn mentions that "You can't have a rainbow without Reyn!" Reyn mocking Riki: "Dinobeast big and scary." Later in the game, when Egil picks Shulk up by his face, monologues, and then throws him.
  9. Just adding a few more things that I finished recently. My sister got a clear phone case recently, and she asked me to paint a character on it. I did a few polls on a different Fire Emblem community, and Hector won! I also painted Cordelia's Summer Scramble art in time for summer! Her canvas is 11" x 14." I'm hoping to paint Gaius as well if I can mark a few things off of my to do list. I put her in a spoiler tab, because her picture is much bigger than I thought it would be.
  10. Thank you so much! :D Traditional painting can be difficult or time consuming at, especially if you have to go back over a color. Fernand's green, for example, took four coats. I have been tinkering with different angles, but it's definitely something I need to practice more. I especially need to work on profile shots. I finished Fernand a few days a go. He's on the same wall as Xander and Hector; they're all 16" x 20" canvases. I wanted to give Xander a fiery background, but I couldn't get it to work at the time. I painted Hector's ending art shortly after beating Blazing Sword. Fun Fact: I finished this painting in less than two days out of spite.
  11. +1 Backer Very nice communication and the cards got here in great condition! Thanks again! +1 LunartailSteffi Very nice communication and the cards got here quickly and safely! Thanks again!
  12. Thank you! I accidentally made a huge mistake recently. I have been working on Fernand for months now, Peri is one of my many paintings, Camilla is a test subject, Zelgius was started shortly after I realized he flips his cape in a cutscene, and the big canvases are for two commissions that I recently got. Not to mention I have a sketch and an ATC that I’m working on. Thankfully, Camilla and Fernand are almost done.
  13. +1 Mallow Great communication and the cards were sent quickly and safely! Thanks again!
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