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  1. My problems with the current gauntlet are as follows: - It is usually clear within the first few hours (if not before the match-up begins) who will win, and there is basically nothing the loser can do about it. - Punishes players for having a life: The fact that this event encourages players not to sleep or take prolonged breaks from the game is a real problem in my eyes. - Cumulative score is heavily influenced by who you support, punishing those that support popular heroes (and again punishing those who sleep through multipliers) I've been thinking about a solution that gets at the same basic principal as the current gauntlet, but solves what I consider to be its most pressing problems, and here is what I came up with: -Battles and their scoring remains the same. -Battles get their own energy system: you can fight 10 times a day, retain the 30 minute cooldown between battles. -At the end of each hour, teams get points equal to the average points scored by team-members in battle that hour (Total score / # of players on the team). Battles count from their end time rather than their beginning time. -The team that scores the most raw points in each hour gets a 10% bonus to their points for that hour. This bonus is for team score only, not individual score. -Individual score reward tiers change from ranking to score benchmarks, as there would likely be a very large number of players scoring the maximum possible points. The idea is that, while there are still advantages for the larger team, a smaller team could win with better participation and performance in their battles. The raw score bonus calculated hourly also means that a smaller team would have a chance to grab a multiplier with coordinated use of battles/flags. The hourly bonus is also a much more easily manipulated lever than the bonus multipliers to adjust how much of an advantage they want to give the bigger team. 10% is my guess as to what might feel fair, but it would be easy enough to adjust once SI had some data on this format.
  2. While Cordelia is plenty strong enough to run without other fliers, The reason DB3 Cordelia is favored is because she performs better with pretty much any offensive buffs. So if you are running any other fliers with her, or even a standard buffing unit, DB3 is better.
  3. Many of us find them useful, and no one has claimed they are perfectly accurate. This is a forum, you don't get to dictate what others post. If you don't find the forcast sheets useful, just ignore posts concerning them.
  4. The danger for team Corrin here is if after Robin's next multiplier she ends up down like 7%, meaning Corrin will trigger anther Robin multiplier a few hours later. EDIT: Just checked, and that is the current projected scenario.
  5. Wow, just looked at the chart for the men's side for the first time, looks likely that Gaius will win two in a row while being the least popular hero in the whole gauntlet. If that happens, then he goes on to do the same to Corrin, it would be kind of amazing.
  6. Yeah. What I'd really like to see is Robin just barely get into bonus range, Then team Corrin totally smashes, allowing Robin to get two more bonuses in a row. I think Corrin would still have enough time to win in that scenario, but I'm okay with that, since Corrin has received such outstanding support in this gauntlet.
  7. Careful what you wish for, multiplier ping-pong at this late stage might spell a Corrin loss.
  8. I think you misunderstand what forecasts are. They aren't telling the future, they are telling trajectory according to current evidence. They aren't set in stone, and just because they don't prove to be 100% accurate doesn't make them a bad forecast. As Ice Dragon has done, any good forecaster knows that they aren't showing you how it will be, but a range of possible outcomes with relative likely-hood. The chart shows you the results if current trends continue, but as Ice Dragon has clearly indicated in his posts, this actually points to a range of possible outcomes that, in this case, can be effected by the actions of the players.
  9. But he said there was a 60% chance of rain and it didn't rain!! He knows nothing!
  10. Thanks for the link! Man, if felt like we were losing much more badly than that. I thought we'd have a 3 or 4 more multipliers by the end.
  11. Man, whoever wins from the men's side is going to get like 30 hrs of bonuses in the final match-up. I was a fool and woke up in the middle of the night to catch Robin's first 2 bonuses before I realized I'm much better off waiting and trying to catch the last few. Do the people keeping track of the math have an estimate of how many more bonuses Robin will get?
  12. My condolences to team Corrin if you lose. The multiplier is so dumb.
  13. Yeah Robin's win has been certain since it became clear this morning that there would be not more bonuses in the match-up.
  14. I think you are misunderstanding a couple of things about that weapon. The stat buff would be already incorporated into the stats shown for him, so the base speed of the unit in the pic is 31, meaning he will probably have a speed between 29-31, so best-case his speed is 35 with fury, which is still pretty good. Also the -1 special counter is a -1 to the base, not -1 every time he attacks, so he has the same special usage as a killer user not a brave user. He can still proc a 4-count special on his vantage attack if he doubles a unit that can counter him, but it's not quite as powerful as you were thinking.
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