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  1. !!! omg how are you!!!! :D

  2. NIGHTMARE!!!! :D I need to talk to you!! I'm trying to stalk you in the chat but I never see youuuu! xD

  3. I'm super late .... THANK YOU!! For the happy bday :D

  4. Same man, been so busy >.< glad to know your doing well though

  5. Your Blazers almost had us xD

  6. Been alright, been a bit all over place lol and yourself - on a serious note xP

  7. lol I'm not leaving home :P So I'm good for now, but why can't you stay home and go to school?

  8. Who you are is Fireman, how is a way or manner. To say you've been Fireman would be using your name as an adjective, which is a rhetorical device however it doesn't work well when describing a manner as opposed to being

  9. :) at the expensive of sounds like a broken record I'm so happy for you. I can't wait to get out of high school!

  10. I don't remember, but it came up in conversation lmao. So how have you been?

  11. Did you ever make it Heron?

  12. :DDDD I'm so happy for you!!! Wish I could give you a hug lol I'm sure you'll get a scholarship since your super smart :P

  13. Did you get into the college you wanted??

  14. FREE! We are both seniorssss!!!!

  15. 10 days I believe

  16. I had a phenomenal holiday! How about you??

  17. You d-bag lol. I was in Boston expecting my coffee you promised lol

  18. BIZZY! How are you??

  19. -______- /me is disapointed

  20. Lame, get good brah

  21. Do you play Blazblue?

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