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  1. !!! omg I missed you!! come to the irc chat!!!
  2. !!! omg how are you!!!! :D

  3. You're stalking me!! I've always wanted one xD :p But srls thats kinda ironic lol
  4. xD Hika's in the chat though! omg he has a horse too!!
  5. Damnmit.... but I had a reallllllly high post count before. What happened?
  6. What does the horse mean .... D: and Slayer!! Whats up man!
  7. WHO MISSED MEEEEEEE?? Or rather who the hell knows me xD
  8. NIGHTMARE!!!! :D I need to talk to you!! I'm trying to stalk you in the chat but I never see youuuu! xD

  9. I'm super late .... THANK YOU!! For the happy bday :D

  10. Same man, been so busy >.< glad to know your doing well though

  11. Your Blazers almost had us xD

  12. Been alright, been a bit all over place lol and yourself - on a serious note xP

  13. lol I'm not leaving home :P So I'm good for now, but why can't you stay home and go to school?

  14. Who you are is Fireman, how is a way or manner. To say you've been Fireman would be using your name as an adjective, which is a rhetorical device however it doesn't work well when describing a manner as opposed to being

  15. :) at the expensive of sounds like a broken record I'm so happy for you. I can't wait to get out of high school!

  16. I don't remember, but it came up in conversation lmao. So how have you been?

  17. Did you ever make it Heron?

  18. Who were the Herons again? Masu, Lyle, Bianchi, Fireman and PK?
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