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  1. Extremely late reply but I'm shipping him with Mercedes (because post time-skip Dimitri can use a lot of TLC), and Ingrid for obvious reasons haha.
  2. I only really play as the female avatars in games where I got a choice so: Black Eagles: Linhardt or Caspar I guess? Blue Lions: Ashe. I would like to marry Dimitri, but I'm currently shipping him with two others. Golden Deer: Ashe...None of the others really call too me. Like Claude is hot, but I ship him with someone else. Same problem with Raphael, and Ignatz. So Ashe it is (or a faculty member).
  3. I have a feeling this is going to just lead to unique lines of dialogue for when that particular character actually gets into a battle with the other person and nothing more. Which is still pretty good, especially with 21 unique combinations (assuming everyone but the lords are recruitable).
  4. I'm just going to go canon classes for the Blue Lions until I get a grasp on the system. I'll mix it up if I feel like I need an extra mage or a bow user, but for the most part I think I am going to just play it safe and go with what everyone wants. I'm actually not looking forward to having so much customization to do because it feels overwhelming. I'll probably take more risks when I move on to the Golden Deers though.
  5. Not really. I was in Blue Lions from the beginning, and I don't really dislike anyone from the other houses. Yeah Lorenz has a stupid haircut, and Hubert looks like Iago's younger brother but that doesn't really affect my decision much. If anything I could always bench them if I really don't end up liking them anyway.
  6. Because I am waiting for supports to really start shipping, this list is going to include a lot of people in several realtionships. Apologies for the lines not all lining up. I tried. EdelgardxDimitri DmitrixByleth ClaudexHilda EdelgardxLynhardt DimitrixIngrid RaphaelxLeonie EdelgardxHubert IngridxFelix HildaxRaphael EdelgardxFerdinand SylvainxIngrid HildaxLorenz DorotheaxCaspar SylvainxBernadetta MariannexClaude DorotheaxFerdinand MercedesxAshe IgnatzxLysithea CasparxBernadetta AshexBernadetta BernadettaxLynhardt MercedesxDedue AnnettexDedue
  7. I managed to get the American version, but then canceled because it was too expensive and I was uninterested at the time. However, I think the Japanese version is the best and the American version is the worst. None of them are really bad though that might be because the only thing I ever care about is the artbook so the other stuff doesn't matter to me.
  8. I actually like the thought of no time hopping more than I thought I would originally. It can be a bit messy if not done correctly, and the idea of unlocking the good ending by playing all the others makes this game have quite a large amount of replay-ability. That aside, it is interesting how Dmitri is still a prince. So his father/mother must still be alive which makes me question their relationship with Dmitri, and makes me even more curious as too what happens to him. Now onto judging the outfits: - I have a very unpopular opinion on Edelgard's outfit. I like the pose and the outfit itself is badass, but it being so red ruins it in my opinion. I wish they had put more black/dark blue(I think is the color of her boots into her dress. - Dmitri I love you, but why is your pose you suffering. I really wish they had just given him a sad expression with a different pose. It is too much in my opinion. He looks a lot hotter now, and I love his outfit though. - Claude still looks perfect. He looks amazing, his pose is amazing, and his outfit is amazing. Nothing new here haha
  9. I still feel it would seem off even with time hopping unless they gate the supports a bit. Even if they just start dating it would seem kind of random to everyone except the time-skipping MC. Assuming that is what he is doing anyway. I actually thought of a way it could work if he isn't time hopping. The MC probably just moves to whatever country his student is from, and it is implied that they just feel in love over those five years. Anybody outside of the chosen house will not be able to support with the MC until they are recruited in the time skip. I kind of like the second option more to be honest. It feels more natural.
  10. And now I'm on the Three Houses hype train. Wasn't too keen on the anime school setting, but the post timeskip stuff really turned me around on this game. I would prefer if they go the Radiant Historia route for this, but I can find time to play this game four times over to get the happy end. As for the romance, I think they would have to have different supports for the future and past since it would be weird otherwise. Anybody that thought the S-supports in Fates and Awakening could come out of nowhere, isn't going to like that one character suddenly confessing their love to you five years after you disappeared to who knows where. This would only really work if it is just a straight time skip with no time hopping shenanigans though. If we are time hopping then we are going to have to have supports locked until a certain point in time (like SOV), and/or then two sets of supports for it too work. Either that or just have none of them really deal with what is going on around them.
  11. Ashe is so cute! It's interesting how he used to be a commoner and then became a noble while Mercedes was a noble but then became a commoner. He also looks like he is going to be pretty important in the first part of the game what with his adopted dad starting a rebellion. Speaking of which I found it interesting how the Black Eagles only have 1 commoner (and it is going to stay that way), the Blue Lions have 3 commoners , and the Golden Deer's have only one commoner so far. Which is very weird. Originally I thought the Black Eagles would be the middle ground of commoners, Blue Lions will be mostly nobles, and the Golden Deer's will have the most commoners because they where marketed that way. I'm assuming that Leonie and Ignace are going to be two more commoners for the Golden Deer's while Marianne seems more like a noble. However, if they actually want to stay true too the Golden Deer's having the most commoners she will have to be one as well otherwise they will the same amount as the Blue Lions. Speaking of which, that means that Sylvain, Annette, and Ingrid will have to be nobles. Mostly I'm interested in this because the whole commoner and noble interactions can be very interesting. Especially with characters like Hilda and Lorenz who seem a bit stuck up, and Dorothea being the only commoner in the Black Eagles. I'm kind of looking forward to the conversations from these guys.
  12. Bernadetta seems like she could be very adorable to interact with. I hope she just doesn't have any creepy hobbies associated with her. I'd like it if she is just crushing on Sylvain because they are friends, and she is just being shy there. It seems like she will get involved with the nice friendly people since we see that she also had an event with Dorothea.
  13. Aw! Raphael seems precious. He is kind of seems like a mix between Benny and Effie. Gentle giant with a huge appetite and obsession with fitness, but hopefully there is more too him then that.
  14. And I've missed a couple of people again. I don't really have much too say about any of them though. Hanneman seems like he might go crazy researcher on us. Ferdinand seeing himself as Edelgard's rival could be either very amusing or annoying depending on how they do it. Mercedes is the gentle character, and her background is interesting. If she was a noble and then became a commoner how is it that she got to go to this prestigious school? What even happened to cause that sort of change?
  15. I am not really excited for the game. I will get it day 1 because it is Fire Emblem, but as time has gone on I've just started losing interest. They seem to be trying to do a lot of different things in this game, and (without looking at the leak) the story seems to be heavier then previously. That in itself is the problem. I am a natural pessimist, and after Fates disaster I am extremely skeptical. I will give it a shot because they have probably learned their lesson considering how vocal everyone has been about its problem, and I do enjoy what I have played of the series. Nothing so far has gotten me excited though.
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