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  1. Thanks for the very useful map Gonzo. I think Wendy with Boots will have 7 move, which should be more than enough to cross the non-purple boxes. I think arena abuse should be left at the challenge taker's discretion. Only resort to it if you're hopelessly stuck. As for unit recruitment, before Chapter 8 you might as well get everyone to make getting there easier (if you're planning to go to Ilia which might be the better choice, maybe skip Sue and Shin?). After that, I'd consider only getting whoever's necessary, since some of those units need someone other than Roy to speak to them. Ray comes to my mind (shame since you'd miss out on a Nosferatu tome). Klein and Tate too, but they're pains to get and you won't have to worry about keeping their troops alive anymore since you won't need their promotion items. Route-wise, Elphin and Ilia? Elphin gives an extra Angelic Robe and Ilia might be easier than Sacae for our dynamic duo and gets you Maltet a bit earlier (I'm not sure since I haven't reached that part of the game in my main playthrough).
  2. I think Wendy would be somewhat possible to grind solo. She'll also have 8x as well, so she's likely to be a General or near it by the time Axeland rolls around. Sophia on the other hand... Yep, I am in that chapter in my main playthrough right now! Using Cecilia would prevent it from being a solo, so if Sleep or Silence hit then too bad. Given its gamebreaking potential, it might be best to ban the stat boosting secret shop. Stat boosters found in normal gameplay are fair game though. That's my biggest concern. Besides the turn limit to get the Forblaze gaiden chapter, you also have to somehow fit in levelling Sophia and getting Wendy to the boss in time. Haven't reached Chapter 21 yet so I don't know about that. Yeah, I think once you get past their rough start, they can probably handle the rest of the game themselves.
  3. Since they're the most reviled characters in FE6, I was contemplating a Sophia and Wendy Solo with maybe Roy being an item caddy from time to time. The actual challenge would begin when Wendy appears in Chapter 8. Would this even be possible? I shudder to think how one would get past Chapter 14.
  4. Finally finished Chapter 10... and ended up with 34979 in assets. I'll have to try again, which is a shame because Chapter 10 is very long and it's easy to make a mistake and have to reset. This time, I'll just have Lyn seize the throne once Nils hits level 7 and miss out on Turns 34 and 35 (where Dorcas attacks enemies). This should save 4 Iron Axe uses (24 G) and hopefully bump me up enough to get that coveted 5th star in Funds. Edit: Well, I did end up getting that 5th star in Funds at the expense of losing a star in Exp. Fine by me since 1. I don't care about Dorcas and 2. The Funds rank determines the gem that Lyn starts with.
  5. Chapter 8: Try very hard not to retrace the arrow while moving, otherwise you burn up RNs and have to reset. Turn 1: Dorcas and Lucius already moved east in the first part, so the last part is that Serra alone goes east. Turn 3: Dorcas kills Shaman with Iron Axe while standing above Nils. Most importantly (and the source of many resets for me), Kent should kill the ballista archer with his sword, not his lance. Lyn actually ended up with 7 Mani Katti uses left.
  6. Yes, that's been happening to me too! Thanks for mentioning this. I'll give it a try now and hopefully get through 7x. A lot of things in this FAQ are outright not stated, which makes it difficult to follow.
  7. Except there's no opportunity to trade either. Trading with Kent means you forfeit rescuing or dropping him so you'll end up needing another turn. Here's what the FAQ says to do with Rath and Kent: Turn 1: Rath rescues Kent and goes to vendor. Turn 2: Rath drops Kent at the fort. Somehow he needs to have a sword equipped. When should the trade take place? I've tried letting Nils play for Rath on Turn 2 so he can trade with Kent after dropping him or drop him after trading with him, but then Lyn doesn't gain the level shown in the image (probably because the random numbers get thrown off since the third image under Chapter 7 suggests that Nils danced for Rath but Rath did nothing else that turn). Edit: Okay, I FINALLY got it to work. You can trade and drop at the same time if you don't cancel out twice like I kept doing. Here's how it went down: Pre-battle: Trade excess items from Lyn and, optionally, Kent to someone (I gave one of Lyn's Vulneraries and Kent's Iron Swords to Wil). Lyn will end up picking up an Iron Lance from the Brigand. I used Kent to get the Pure Water, but this is optional because you can also use Rath to get the Pure Water. Turn 1: Rath rescues Kent and goes to Vendor Turn 2: Rath moves to the spot 1 west of the fort, trades with Kent to make the sword the first item, then cancel out of the trade screen ONCE. Now Rath can drop Kent at the fort and move 1 west like he's supposed to.
  8. Hi FionordeQuester. In Chapter 7 you say: " 1: Kent kills shaman w/lance, Lyn criticals archer from south with Nils's help, Sain equips Javelin, and moves next to Flor. Flor then equips the Slim Lance, picks him up, and goes 5 east and 2 south. To finish the turn off, Rath picks up Kent, and goes onto the vendor. 2: Drop Sain onto Fort and then have Flor go 2 north and one east, where the mercenary will attack her from the south. After that, have Lyn go 2 east, drop Kent onto the Fort (MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT HE HAS A SWORD EQUIPPED, NOT A LANCE!), then have Rath go 1 west so that Nils can dance for him." Except it's not possible to have Kent with a sword since he used a lance to kill the shaman, ending his turn. Once Rath picks him up and drops him off, he's grayed out and you can't change his equipment to a sword. Although Lyn gets the level up shown in the image, none of the following steps work (Flor does not critical with lance and Sain doesn't get the level up in the last image).
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