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  1. Hi, thanks everyone! Sorry I've been sitting on this for weeks, but thanks for the welcomes! And don't worry about burnout, @Emeraldfox, I have a habit of jumping into things, binging, and then leaving them for AGES before getting back to them *cough Secret of Mana cough hack Chrono Trigger ahem*. I'll get around to finishing 'em all hopefully within the next ten years. Those two games included. @SoulWeaver @Ycine Thank you for the recommendations! Unfortunately, I just lost my tablet pen (iPencil, I could cry) so any drawings or scribbles I post are either gonna be traditional or older, but I'll still try! @Levant Mir Celestia Will do! ^_^ *salutes*
  2. It worked! I threw Dew in quickly and this time Yves dodged all but one attack! Thank God I don't have to do that part of the map again, and thank you for the info.
  3. The thing is, Yves has like 9 hp and is surrounded by the time I get to him. I have a save state from when I've already moved my units out from the castle and are about to reach the three knights, but I also have a save file from when I just had them in Evans training in the Arena and repairing their weapons. Each time Yves has managed to get surrounded and whaled on. I know this game doesn't have the two-roll system in place, but are the rolls this predetermined? I'm also no stranger to save state abuse so I'm aware that a lot of the moves are predetermined to a degree but ye gods. And I'd love to use Ethlyn to get some heals in, but she's always too far away to help. Physic would be nice here, for sure. (Thanks for the advice, regardless!)
  4. Hi! I'm Katie, and I got into FE through Heroes! I thought it was really cool, and wanted to see how in-depth the main series games went, so I jumped into Shadow Dragon, New Mystery, Sacred Stones, Blazing Blade, Binding Blade, Awakening, and Genealogy. That's right, I'm playing seven fire emblem games at once. Someone save me from myself. ^^; I genuinely have OCD/ADHD so please excuse me for rambling/getting over-eager, I do try to tone it down. I love this series though! I'm having a lot of fun researching and drawing fanart for it. I was always too anxious to join forums when I was a teen, in fact I only just made a Starmen.net account last year :,) But I'm grateful for these forums, the posts and responses I've seen have been pretty helpful! Personally I'm very into drawing and singing. I'm currently an art student in college hoping to make something of my passions! Commissions are still confusing to me, but as soon as I figure out that whole transaction process I'll be open to taking some, should anyone be interested. Nice to meet you!
  5. I'm playing through chapter 2 of Fe4 and I've tried about three times (not a lot, I know) to defeat all the Heirhein soldiers around Lachesis' castle before they kill Yves. I've failed each time. I know you can get the Knight Ring from her at the end if all three knights are still alive, but I'm not sure how I can keep that one from dying! It looks like a great item, but is it worth it? I'm tempted to reset in any event, but still.
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