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  1. Thank you! Now I know I'm gonna have to be a bit more careful with my activity planning early on.
  2. Thanks for helping to confirm so many details on the mechanics! It's really helpful. Are you able to confirm something about the out of battle activities? Specifically, the activity points. From what I know there's separate activity points for weekly activities, and battles. The normal ones refresh each week, and the battle ones each month I think. What I want to know is if you're able to explore the monetarist and do activities on the same day you would go into battle, or if you can only do one per weekend.
  3. To my knowledge, there is no cap to how many you can recruit, with the only limits being Hubert, Dedue, and Hilda (though they may still be recruitable depending on story choices.) And just how well you're able to boost your stats/supports to recruit them.
  4. Doesn't include portraits or crest descriptions, but bells-marie on tumbr made a pretty useful chart, including some useful recruit recommendations per route https://drive.google.com/file/d/15EfeqUvHSp2bjgDSGFq5pj9Po_S1D_OJ/view
  5. For my first run, I think I'm gonna go Golden Deer and try to recruit as many of my favorites from the other houses as I can. Keeping the Archer line for Claude until I know what his possible unique promotion is. Going brigand to warrior for Hilda. Knight class line for Raphael. Gonna try to make Leonie a pegasus knight. Was originally thinking of making Ignatz another archer, but seeing he has potential for reason magic, I think I'll make him a mage. Lysiththea and Marianne are both gonna be magic users, and I'm torn between which of the two of them I'll make into a dancer, since they could both be good with swords as well. And Lorenz gets to be a cavalier. For recruits, in the Black Eagles, I wanna recruit Caspar, Linhardt and Petra. Mercenary for Caspar, as while he's only neutral with swords, hero seems like a fun fit for him. Linhardt seems like he'll make a fun dark mage. And swordmaster for Petra. And in the Blue Lions, I wanna recruit the trio of Felix, Sylvain and Ingrid. Felix, both in personality and personal skill, seems like a really good fit for thief to assassin. I /really/ wanna make Sylvain a wyvern rider. It feels like such a cool class for him, and it'd work well in pairing him up with Leonie. And for Ingrid, I think I'll make her another cavalier.
  6. Returning lost items and involving them in group activities like choir practice seems to boost supports as well. And since you can apparently have other students as a temporary recruit for a month, I imagine if you have them in battle, you'll gain supports that way as well.
  7. Edit: Just realized someone else posted the relevant info much more reliably, my bad!
  8. Sorry if there's an obvious answer to this elsewhere. I looked it up to the best of my (admittedly limited) ability and couldn't find the info I was looking for. Can characters use skills for weapons their class doesn't have access to? For example, let's say I have Faye use an iron sword until she gets the windswept skill as a villager, then promote her into a cleric. Or have Atlas use Astra until he gets the astral blow skill, then promote him into an archer. Will they have access to the skills they learned as villagers, even if they promote into classes that don't use swords?
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