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  1. Some years back, I started a randomized run of FE7 on another forum. In the nearly four years since, I've updated through Chapter 4 and the original forum has effectively died. I'm migrating the previous updates here, and while I plan on having Chapters 5 and 6 done before the weekend is up, this is still going to be an infrequently-updated LP. The Format I've randomized basically everything but unit movement, and the extent to which I randomized certain numbers was more or less decided by RNG in itself. In the event that the game becomes unplayable before Lyn's story ends, I'll restart; otherwise it's the end of the playthrough (unless it's a simple fix). After unlocking Eliwood's story I might re-roll just to keep things fresh; if I'm really bored I might do HHM with some more ridiculous changes. By and large, updates will be pictures and gifs with text commentary below. This will, unfortunately, include my attempts at humor, which in general are less amusing than the scenario itself. Failed attempts at chapters may be posted as their own updates, as sidebars in the chapter completion update, or ignored altogether depending on my whims. At this point I'm still undecided on how to handle unit losses past Lyn's story, so anyone who wants to chime in is more than welcome to. Previous Updates
  2. Well, given that the changelog mentions chapters and only chapters... it's fair to assume the new patch includes chapters and only chapters, no?
  3. Finally starting to dick around with this. Probably the only person other than gringe screwing with FE6, mostly because it's the one I'm the least burned out on. Seems like there're still some flaws to work out? Invariably the narrative in Chapter 1 locks up shortly after Lilina enters the scene if lords are randomized (I don't know if some specific data is loaded into memory at that point or what) - after insisting she can fight too, the dialogue stops progressing, no arrow, just music; trying to skip the scene does nothing if I've already hit that point, but skipping it earlier progresses as normal. Additionally, at random the game will do a similar lock or a hard reset when an enemy tries to attack - I've had it happen both with randomized classes and randomized items enabled, both together and individually, with and without any extra settings for either. I've never seen any visual clues as to what might cause that to happen. If it doesn't happen the first turn it doesn't seem to happen at all, at least for that map, though. Could just be I'm doing something wrong that ought to be obvious. I'm using the v1.0 localization patch, and I start fresh every time I try to randomize.
  4. Serious question: Does this project actually achieve anything other than undermining potential US/EU sales (and in turn, risking future localizations)? If the goal was to thwart any potential censorship (the likes of which were minor and ultimately irrelevant in Awakening), wouldn't the better option be to create a patch to restore any affected content back into the NA/EU versions?
  5. Noticed a few bits of dialogue that could've been handled a bit better towards the end of Map 1 that I didn't think to write down, but other than that the early parts look good. Went to grab a drink after choosing an ally but before actually starting Map 2, and came back to a locked-up game. Apparently I forgot to save, too. On the bright side, I guess I'll remember to write down the bad text this time around. Also, it's been pointed out before, but this patch was to be applied to a specific ISO. Check the MD5 sum of the image before patching. The one that'd been on my drive for years had the wrong sum, but the PPF was still applied correctly; I didn't test it, but I assume it'd lead to the same errors others were having with the Lv40 characters and whatnot. The proper ISO's really not too hard to find.
  6. At least, one for the GBA games? My computer science course this semester is basically just a Java programming class, and I figured creating a small tool to calculate stat averages for a given character at a given level would be a pretty neat little way to keep myself occupied, especially in the event I need to show off some sort of project later down the line, but I don't want to waste the time if anything other than the charts or that Excel calculator exists. Just wondering, is all.
  7. Yeah, I figured something like that would come up. Extra/alternate tracks might be a bit harder to deal with, but I've already started to work with what I can find in the sound room.
  8. Eh. I wasn't entirely sure if I should put it here or in Hacking. Unless there's somewhere else to put it?
  10. Sorry to bug you about this, but do you plan on doing a full translation of the missing dialogue? If so, I might be interested, with your permission of course, in attempting to mess around with text insertion and seeing if a 'retranslation' is possible. It'd be something that someone would like, and it's incredibly easy for someone to back up an ISO, replace a couple files with Trucha, patch the files, and play the new file on the Wii- there's multiple softmod loaders out now, and FE works on both ones I tried. Just a thought.
  11. I just extracted the brstm music files(as well as the lolrific narration) from the iso, and I can play and convert them to mp3 just fine, but I have no idea what the file names actually should be. Some of them I know, like "fe10_bgm_evt_oliver1_32k.brstm" is Power-Hungry Fool, but the files seem to be in no discernible order. Anyone know what the "correct" file name for each file is, or know of some sort of guide?
  12. Thanks, that's a good enough starting point. Hopefully it won't take too long to figure out what I'm doing...
  13. Wait, users can change their display names without mod approval? That would be a very bad idea at most of the forums I go to, but I guess it's a bit more tame here. Although I did already read up on the "God" thing...
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