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  1. Totally agree on Villain set and especially the Lehran card. Aside from that another 1 and 4/3 cost Linus would be great to put both brothers on equal terms in playability. Would love Astrid to get a 5/3 or 4/2 promote 🤔. Hoping for an extra promote for Kent and Sain to. Lastly another Stefan promote.
  2. +1 breadamic +1 jiayejoe, great service! Thanks for helping finding solutions that really smooth the process :) +1 Kirie
  3. +1 to Mallow, great communication, fast and good shipping :).
  4. +1 ChibiToastExplosion - professional and communicatieve seller, had a great time buying from chibi and the cards were shipped fast and well protected. +1 LunartailSteffi - good shipping and great communication. -2 Originalprof - items have not arrived after 2 months and no replies. +1 LatiosG - items have arrived in good condition, fast shipping and good communication. haves B03 053 SR Azura B03 062 R Kana B03 083 R Silas B03 085 SR Flora B03 086 R Kana B03 095 R Velouria wants B04 063 SR Lucina (x3) B04 065 SR Robin (x2) B04 087 R Inigo (1x) B01 097 R Inigo (2x) B04 089 HN Brady (1x) B04 094 SR Severa (2x) B04 095 N Severa (2X) B01 094 HN Severa (1X) B04 092 R Cynthia (2X) B04 093 N Cynthia (1X) B01 054 SR Lucina (2X) B08 004 R Lucina (2X) B01 086 HN Henry (2X) B01 087 N Henry (2X) B04 084N Morgan F (2X) B04 076R Say'ri (1X) B04 077N Say'ri (2X)
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