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  1. Hi y'all!! With a little more than a month away until Three Houses comes out, I wanted to share the official /r/FireEmblemThreeHouses Discord Server! Since we've been getting more information on the game I thought it would be a good time to try and help our community grow. Our server includes good discussions, up-to-date info on the game, a friendly growing community and memes 😎 Invite link to the server! Feel free to stop on by, we're excited to meet everyone! 😁
  2. Forever a fan through and through 😂 (I have a Google calendar that helps me keep up with the birthdays LOL)
  3. Happy Birthday to Shigure!! You are the sweetest of all cinnamon rolls. 😭
  4. Azura, Flora, and Keaton are all up! Castle address is 14117-26525-38064-30683 😄 I’m NA region as well.
  5. Hmm, I hope they don't drastically change Edelgard's personality. Such a shame. I love Christina Vee and I am especially a fan of hers from Miraculous Ladybug and Sailor Moon (she voiced Mars). 😞
  6. Thanks! I just got him. Left some feedback ~
  7. Hi again! Anyone happen to have Bowfaire, Trample, or Life and Death on Niles?
  8. Thanks! I left you some feedback! :-) And to edit your signature (I'm on the mobile website btw), you just go to account settings and it should be under the overview section!
  9. Anyone happen to have Death Blow on Selena?
  10. For your question on Kagero, it really depends if you plan to make her more of an offensive or defensive unit. However, I would prefer Aether just for the more offensive tactic.
  11. I have axefaire on Camilla! Castle Address: 14117-26525-38064-30683
  12. Just recruited Midori! Does anyone have Hoshidan Unity, Salvage Blow, or Quixotic on her?
  13. Thank you!! I just seized for Percy today but I'll have to come back for Silas and Laslow for the next two days ^^"
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