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  1. To be honest whole this "zero artistic sense" felt too gimmicky for my taste.
  2. Given that I doubt people that you scout are likely actually change their countries they live, I think these could be possibly recruited in battle as enemies or visiting villages post time-skip
  3. I know it's too early discount it (that's why I said "if"), but honestly paired endings on A support would be good enough (I actually didn't consider that possibility) and I don't see difference between that and S rank personally. I really want go for Catherine so I hope there will access to paired endings for students too.
  4. possibly S support only for Byleth sound terrible, I really hope it's not the case.
  5. I decided! If other characters will not be able romance each other, Byleth will be solidary. Either everyone or noone. I do not aknowledge any special treatment for such stupid reason like being avatar.
  6. I think with limited professor level, you would need at least New Game+ to be able do so.
  7. It's your own fault for not having +10 blade, Close Counter Cecilia already. Where did your common sense go?
  8. Exactly, that's why Eldegard x Ferdinand will be my choice. Hopefully El will give up on throne peacefully, but if not poisoning someones mutton is much easier if you are close to your target.
  9. Pretty much this. I think if handled right fourth route would be more of climax then replacement of original three routes. Even if game is not out yet I dare say it already showed enough to not be put on same level as the Revelation My answer is optimistic yes.
  10. If it was the case he(?) would use plural wouldn't he?
  11. I really wanna know whether "that one person that dies no matter what" gonna be Jeralt or Rhea.
  12. Dimitri: "Alow me to introduce my precious childhood friends " Felix (crying in the corner) : "am I joke to you? "
  13. Game about incest... Do you mean Sacred Stones? Or maybe he is simply right, it happens even most derailed people at times.
  14. I think if shipping was main focus there wouldn't be any point to time-skip either. Members of FE cast are rarely adults and it never stopped them from getting together. Neither did age gap (Oswin X Serra for best couple). I don't see why after 15 installments it should suddenly become issue.
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