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  1. Been team Tharja since Julia usurped Sanaki throne and started her play pretend game of being empress. Sitting on 1300 flags.
  2. She is colorless magic DPS, that can be useful a lot in certain situations.
  3. Hey Julians, what's the big deal? You are shouting big words but when your time comes you can't even get lead! Where is you zeal, where are your flags? I was really hopping blow some flags this hour, but poor Julia the sow, apparently can't depend on her supporters. I guess it will be easy win for us then.
  4. Yay Julia has multiplier! Go for it team Julia. Overtake Tarja! We didn't get 3x for long time, so please work hard for next hour and give us opportunity spend some flags next.
  5. Nah, Robin remain single forever, he doesn't deserve girls.
  6. 910 feathers (+300 in quests), so yeah I still have some bullets (though I have intent shoot them all in this round. If necessary even without multiplication). Edit: flags, I meant flags. You confused me!
  7. My rank 820, score 265,500 ...oh and just 70 crests. You won. Feel free beat me even more, for glory of our camp!
  8. Loosing against Robin wouldn't make as solty, but he still is worse then the worst interpretation of Tarja. Plus she has blade..
  9. Request sent. I am generic Koran with Olwen as main.
  10. Rein is pretty easily countered, baiting him with Hector is pretty universal solution, though I myself prefer ORKO him with his sister instead. It doesn't get any easier than that.
  11. Yes, my bad. It was indeed meant to Lord-Zero.
  12. Sending request in second . Could you switch to something green or Rein. I am running Tarja instead my Olwen so enemy Rein and Robin are bad news for me.
  13. I think this game is getting me. Today I head dream I rolled 5* Wrys with Wrathful staff. And honestly I want that to be thing...
  14. Thank you for warm welcome. If you wish allow me offer you (and to anyone else from Tharja camp) my service. ID 346 109 3199 Can offer: -Death blow (3) Olwen +1 (Glacies) -Pivot Hector with (Sol) -Swordbreaker (2) Azura +1 (Luna) First two both served me as good Reinhard counter and can do other tasks as well! Just let me now and I switch them.
  15. Bwahahaha! Serve you right Julia, even with multiplier you still barely got "same" You bared your filthy fangs on real empress and now you will get taste of VENGEANCE! And be sure I will blow all my flags to make sure to bury you so deep they will have to make remake without you, even if it will hurt my ranking next round! Bwahahahaha! ...I think I finally get why I never disliked Tarja (still would ditch her if Pent or Cecilia were in gauntlet)
  16. I really hope Tharja win her match up so I can jinks that green sow if she dares hurt best empress.
  17. Owls are cool, but I can't see myself using them instead gronnblade and dire thunder. I will definitely roll for Genny, she should be great utility unit. I wonder if gravity can be inherited by someone else in case of need.
  18. OC from nonexistent direct sequel of FE7. It's lord, but not meant to be self insert. I would be happy hear some feedback.
  19. My first non-introductory post (hello there) and as Tharja supporter I might get on black list of many already Well with bit of luck Sanaki will win it all and I will not have to switch for sexy dark onee-san and face it's consequences...
  20. Hello, my name is Jakob and I will be thirty years old. I am long time fan of FE, though I didn't start catch up with all games until recently. My starter was Blazing Sword and it still is among all FEs one to my heart closest. Currently I am working in bakery, own cat and spent my time leisurely with books and computer and occasionally some not too frequent sport (like Marathon or so...) I am looking forward spent it here among you too.
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