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  1. It still lacks teachers and non-staff. At this point pretty much only Rhea isn't confirmed playable (yet we know she can be supported anyway). Voted for Dorothea, Dimitri and Leonie, but It annoys me I can't vote for best girl Catherine.
  2. Assuming there is "good" and "evil" side in first place. In war usually every side involved believes they are ones in right.
  3. Plus you will get spend more time on micro management as you rise your teacher level.
  4. I have hard time reconcile her sleek design and wild personality. For now color me bit disappointed.
  5. Catherine is confirmed playable. Screw students (actually NOT screw students), my first waifu is settled.
  6. And that's fine for him imho. But in the end I don't think any of protagonists will turn to be inherently correct and that include friendship route.
  7. She will growth just fine... into decesive and ruthless leader her nation needs. E3 trailer pretty much confirm that.
  8. ^^ It really depend on person. In my case if someone come to me with flattery, my instant reaction is: "Sorry pal I am not gonna lend you any money."
  9. It's not in worst possible way. She is future emperor so she need embrace that even further (and it suits her) . And that's fine, not everyone can be Disney princess like Claude.
  10. "Adrastian Empire Need You!" Darn someone please give Eldegard top hat.
  11. Is that really true? Her description says, she is ultimate doormat and given both of her competitors are capable, very assertive and at least equally attractive she is clearly loosing personality wise. She can obviously turn to be super awesome character, but we can't know it's the case.
  12. Team Sanaki ID: 346 109 3199 Support unit is winter Cecilia.
  13. Yeritza is is Char. Well, he could be Quattro instead, Either is possible.
  14. Do you really think having rational reason is excuse enough to stand between the man and his ship?!
  15. Limiting it to students is very... limiting. Let's be honest there is no student (or teacher on that matter) on pair with Catherine. But let's see BE: Dorothea > Eldegarde BL: Dimitri GD:Leonie/Hilda
  16. I hope that if he end to be Flame Emperor, he will also turn to be three time faster.
  17. Recently I am starting think Petra might be lot of fun as sniper. Especially if ai can give her some forged Killer Bow.
  18. Well, Mulagir make lot of sense, I actually blame FE7, they didn't. Hector welding Rax Hasta in other hand makes zero sense.
  19. Forehead > Armpits > Chicken winges Tellius for win (this time)!
  20. Got Laeg and with ideal IV to boot. I would like Eliwood too so I will take from SR until end of Legendary before attempting for Gunthra too.
  21. Well if not this would be probably first FE without Swordmaster class. Lol.
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