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  1. ...twice now, I end up in the brutally losing team with just two territories at the end of round. I guess that's what I get for saying I like this mode =/
  2. I love this mode. My problems with this mode are actually Rival Domains-related issues, not Grand Conquest-related issues (imbalance of TP+attack, maps skewed heavily over certain unit types, senselessness of infinite reinforcements, stupidly high effectiveness of facewalling etc). However I love the Risk-like elements. So far it seems I've been blessed with a rather good team (although people keep making the mistake of investing in areas that face both enemies at once, which is a bad idea) and we're 2 lands ahead, but it's still too early to tell. I generally go only for Lunatic (never gonna try Infernal in this hell mode). At this point I'm really unsure why people are saying saving the recharges is a good idea. More stamina spent early -> higher GC tier -> higher influence -> faster consolidation of nearby areas with each battle -> much less chance for the opponent to be able to do anything late game. If it wasn't for the influence mechanic, it wouldn't matter much and it might be a preferable strategy to burn recharges later on in order to capture key areas, but as it is...
  3. Kagero holds a special place in my roster as she was the first unit I manually upgraded to 5*, before SI was even a thing. It was before I knew natures were a thing, too, so I am rather lucky I randomly upgraded one with good IVs (+Spd -Def). She carried me through a lot of early game content. She doesn't see much use any more, but she's still a valuable counterpick in AA/SA against infantry threats. I use: Poison Dagger+, Moonbow, Ardent Sacrifice (to get into desperation range), L&D2 (all the L&D3 fodder I could spare have been fed to my Bladetome mages), Desperation and a blank C slot as she doesn't need it for the battles I'm using her for. Kagero's real value I think is that she's a very good budget unit for AA/SA that requires little investment to act her role as counterpick. But if you're looking for a main team dagger unit rather than a switch-in, there are better options now.
  4. Wing Sword is a pref weapon though (and I have already refined it on my +Spd Caeda for truly excellent performance)
  5. Alright, I need some advice. I have stockpiled 630 refining stones and I want to convert 400 of it to Divine Dew, in order to upgrade a couple of key units in my roster. Right now I would not like to raise units to 5* just to inherit their weapons, unless there is a serious power-jump (example: raising a Setsuna to give H!Jakob a Guard Bow). Therefore my question is simple: which heroes do you think get a significant boost from weapon refinery to push them into a competitive level with their original, non-legendary weapons? Feel free to recommend inheritance as well, but I am more skeptical about it, as I do not have too many feathers (200k). Please do not recommend dragons, as I have already refined the Breaths on all my available manaketes. For the rest of the units, anything is up for grabs - I have the vast majority of the cast including most seasonals. The units I do not have mostly have pref weapons anyway. EDIT: Also no healers, the only ones I use are already refined and I have no need for more
  6. Pft. 140 orbs for Neutral Summer Leo +SPD/-HP Legendary Ike +DEF/-HP Gunnthra I mean, I'm happy about getting a better IV than the free neutral Ike (means I can safely fodder off my neutral for WB), and I'm happy about a Leo for completionism purposes but... come on. Out of the 9 possible rolls (skipping colorless as I already have everything I need from there), they were the 3 least desired ones... I'm probably going to be able to do a couple more full pulls before the banner ends with the March orbs but... bleh.
  7. Vanguard Ike - don't have him, and though we'll be getting one for free, extra EB + potential WB fodder is nice Mia - don't have her Summer Leo - don't have him Legendary Ephraim - obviously my target Summer Corrin - don't have her, also really need mage flier Shiro - don't have him Gunnthra - got one, but mediocre IV Dorcas - don't have him Brave Ike - got one, but bad IV plus SB fodder Jaffar - got one, and all my heroes that need LAD3 have it already Performing Olivia - got one Summer Gaius - got one I'm rather happy with this lineup since I can pull for all colors except white, which I don't need at all. Can't really go wrong with red or blue, and worst I can get out of green are duplicate Bike and Gunnthra which, best case will be an improvement IV-wise, worst case will make good fodder / net me a Wind blessing. All-in-all, this is probably the first legendary banner I'm not gonna regret rolling for (sitting at a decent 140 orbs atm), although I probably shouldn't celebrate just yet with how easy it is to just get swarmed with multiple copies of one hero...
  8. So I'm saving up orbs for new announcements before committing (currently @250 F2P orbs though I may whale some if anniversary stuff proves exciting. Nonetheless I decided to go in the SS banner. My pref order was: Myrrh (flying + green + dragon = three very good things I want) > Eirika (I lack Leo so red horsemage helps me open up a lot more Horse emblem builds for AA) > L'Arachel (she has very little to offer to my roster as between Olwen, Ursula and Reinhardt another blue horsemage would be redundant, as I wouldn't have enough horse coverage to support her, I only want her because I like her as a character). First summon, 1 green 4 reds. I excitedly pull for green with the freebie but as usual Bartre appears. I pull for a red... and it's Eirika!! I was super-excited...... right before finding out she's -Atk +Res. If she'd been a good IVd one I'd have stopped right there and focused future pulls on green and blue, but I had to try and fish for something better... unfortunately a Fir, a Stahl and another swordie I don't remember joined their multitude of copies in the back of the barracks. Oh well. I think even this Eirika, I can make work somewhat by turning her into a red- and green-tome baiter and killer (w/ Red Tomebreaker). For her unfortunate bane, I can only hope Horse Emblem shenanigans will cover her up. If nothing else, I should have a 40% unit for the TT without dedicating more than 15 orbs for it, which I'm grateful for.
  9. For me the axe MVPs tend to be seasonals, unfortunately. PA Azura is of course the one I use most, due to Dance utility making her able to fit in any team (and I practically never run teams without a dancer). It helps that she is the best dancer, too. Summer Tiki is a very good unit, which I don't use as much exactly because I have Hector. But she works well as a more mobile physical tank. Brave Ike is also very strong, though for some reason I can't seem to build a proper team around him. I only use him when I run into a blue-oriented team in AA. Winter Lissa is mostly Hector lite, but I found she requires a PP-oriented Armor team, rather than an EP-oriented, so I don't use her much. Frederick and Minerva shine in Horse and Flier Emblem respectively. And finally there's Anna, who is neither bad nor awesome. With some dedication she can do very good, but I'm waiting for an Askr trio update before dedicating resources. Overall I've found the easiest Axe user to use for quests and such (assuming none of the above seasonals) is Frederick in a basic Horse emblem team.
  10. Guize pls e_e Can someone clarify if Divine Dew is available at this point in the game or just not at all? Because I can't see the option to create it in the Refinery even though the game states it should be there.
  11. Soo... the game says that you can buy Dew with Stones, but I'm not seeing any such option in the Refinery. Has anyone been able to obtain Dew yet and how?
  12. THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!! This is honestly my number one complaint. While I also have a problem with seasonals in terms of how often we are barraged with them and as a consequence often pulling my attention completely off the regular banners in an attempt to get the rare heroes, my main issue is that certain gameplay elements are locked behind these limited events. 3/3 ranged fliers, 2/2 ranged armors and 4/7 dancers are event-limited, meaning huge blows to those who want to build flier or armor teams - and having 7 unique dancers as opposed to only 3 makes AA and SA exponentially easier. It would be fine if these 'special' hero types were first introduced in limited banners and after a while moved to the regular summoning pool, but this hasn't happened yet and we haven't seen much of an indication that it will.
  13. Just make redundant tokens redeemable into Feathers, pretty much like extra Sacred Seals, and you have no problem. No, my main issue with merge tokens is that quite simply it should have already begun several months ago. I feel that now it is too late to initiate a token hunt, unless the token:merge ratio is high enough and/or token availability is high enough (in which case missing even a few tokens might be very punishing for someone who aspires to max out their heroes) That is why I generally feel that flat-out giving more copies through non-time limited story events / quests is preferable at least until we get to +3 or so. From there on we can have some alternate system.
  14. Oh I'm not arguing that it's good against killing armors, I'm only arguing that a pref +4 MT Armorslayer+ with the added effectiveness against dragons isn't that bad. That said, as mentioned I didn't really look at the unit's stats much, 37 attack is on the high side. @KiwiScribble Looking through the five dragons... I'm seeing some serious balance issues right off the bat. Edgar: his weapon is broken, it's literally just a green bow, I could accept it as a pref weapon but inheritability breaks it completely. His special is relatively ok, depending on if it works on current or max HP. Teal Tomebreaker... I'm worried about the amount of coverage dual-breaker B skills can give, maybe even moreso than I'm worried about dual effectiveness. Still I can probably give it a pass. His Equalizer is fair enough. With Ivy, while I like both Superior Lance and Shelter skills, I have issues with bother her passives. Her A skill is clearly meant to work just with her B skill, otherwise being too weak to consider. Her B skill on the other hand is ridiculous. With a Spd bane and her A skill she reaches 11 Spd which is the lowest a unit can get without debuffs - actually exactly 5 Spd less than the next highest Spd, ensuring that no unit can ever double her and she can always double her target. Such a skill working at all HP thresholds is beyond unacceptable and needs immediate redesign to only work at reasonably high HP (if you want to keep the same effect). Liam is alright, I like Hvitrwolf which is a neat original skill. I'm not sure about Sharpen Spd. It feels like an unnecessary step between Drive and Hone. Phelan on the other hand is a no-go. Bloodstone is ridiculous, literally negating triangle disadvantage as long as you can keep the unit healthy. Lifetaker will be instantly replaced with Fury to capitalize on his absurd offense. His B skill would have been alright if he didn't have such a high offensive statline. Yolanda is probably the most balanced of the bunch. Does Serrated Dagger's secondary effect last only until the end of that battle or until the end of foe's next action? So if I attack someone, both units take 6 dmg from Fury, then I dance Yolanda and attack another foe, will the first foe also take 6 damage from Fury again?
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