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    Chemistry, linguistics, history, politics, Fire Emblem (duh!), real-time strategy (Hearts of Iron IV, Crusader Kings II), military theory
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  1. Yes, but only on the Eedjatsesoat planet. Where is the planet Eedjatsesoat?
  2. ... he'll start screaming about how "[he] DON'T LIKE 'EM PUTTIN' CHEMICALS IN THE WATER THAT TURN THE FRICKIN' FROGS GAY!" (What a crackpot!) If you give Arvis a Falchion...
  3. ... the liberal usage of surrealist stain-glass motifs, developed with advice from the Marquis de Púbol and various stain-glass connoisseurs. Having completed his work, Anri...
  4. ... she will hoard it. If you give a shabab clampingpong clongsos a cup of Bepsu,
  5. ... assembling into a chorus and belting out Tu vuò fà l'americano at 110% volume. Unfortunately, their plan was spoiled when...
  6. You have the right of it. I also won 46 out of 48 military engagements I was involved in. -- Probably. I assume he is a decent enough individual. I'd just warn him not to scare the children.
  7. It would have to be sentient, honest, and capable of disciplining people. If so, I don't care if it's a sentient dishwasher, it can babysit my kids.
  8. ... to laugh as they do, that is... The proper way to be utterly routed is...
  9. ... not to bother, because either CNN or Breitbart told you about them. The proper way to go commit not feeling so good is...
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